oceanographers choice


The Mountain Goats - Oceanographer’s Choice request/rec by @wide—eyed—wanderer. Upon looking for a meaning for this song, I read about nitrogen narcosis, a delirium that accompanies deep sea pressures and causes divers to make irrational decisions in their euphoria. I agree that it’s a perfect representation of the Mormor relationship–thank you for the rec!

TOP 15 MOUNTAIN GOATS SONGS IN NO ORDER: A list that I gave myself exactly 5 minutes to make

  1. damn these vampires
  2. 1 john 4:16
  3. sax rohmer #1
  4. autoclave
  5. how to embrace a swamp creature
  6. dilaudid
  7. up the wolves
  8. hast thou considered the tetrapod
  9. palmcorder yajna
  10. your belgian things
  11. the best ever death metal band in denton
  12. idylls of the king
  13. no children
  14. oceanographer’s choice
  15. alpha rats nest

I was originally gonna give myself 10 minutes to do this list but it only took me 5

It should be noted that I have listened to like half of their extremely huge discography because ADHD brain makes listening to the same album over and over again very attractive