[Fic]: Hairdresser’s

OTP week 2017
Taichi and Yamato (Taiyama)
Prompt: Profession AU
Summary: Taichi: Yamato’s favourite hairdresser. Yamato: Taichi’s favourite client. Taiyama, Taito, AU, one-shot.


Here’s my second contribution to the profession AU (or, third, if you count the Jyoura one). This one’s shorter than my other OTP week fics and was written fairly quickly. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!


Yamato sighed in contentment as he settled into the leather chair. The chair was being tilted backwards until he could see a mass of chocolate-brown hair and the matching friendly eyes of his hairdresser.

Taichi smiled down at his client, moving his hands to cup the back to Yamato’s head. He pulled the shoulder-length silky strands out from under the protective cape Yamato was wearing and into the washing basin. He ran his fingers through the hair, teasing out the tangles. He ran them through again, just to be extra sure the hair was knot-free. Third time’s the charm, right?

Yamato’s eyelids had fallen shut, so he didn’t see Taichi’s expression when the other said:

“Your hair’s gotten long again.”

“Mmm, yeah, it tends to do that when I’m out of town.”

“You live out of town.”

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The Mountain Goats - Oceanographer’s Choice request/rec by @wide—eyed—wanderer. Upon looking for a meaning for this song, I read about nitrogen narcosis, a delirium that accompanies deep sea pressures and causes divers to make irrational decisions in their euphoria. I agree that it’s a perfect representation of the Mormor relationship–thank you for the rec!

‘We are rewriting the textbooks’: first dives to Amazon coral reef stun scientists

There is a flickering, bright glimmer of sky as the two-person submarine descends beneath the muddy equatorial waters to a place no human has ever seen – a vast, complex coral reef at the mouth of the world’s greatest river.

Thirty metres under the murky plume of the sediment-heavy Amazon, the sub enters a darker, richer world. A school of curious remora fish approaches the two-tonne machine. Crabs and starfish loom in its eerie lights. A metre-long amberjack swims past, then a two-metre ray.

At a depth of 80 metres, the pilot pauses to record large mounds of coral covered in rainbow-coloured pygmy angelfish, wrasses and parrotfish. There are sponges 30ft long.                     

At 120 metres the sub settles on the nearly level ocean floor in a field of soft coral, sea whips and fans. The pilot manoeuvres its remote cameras to within inches of the reef wall. It consists mainly of sponges and colourful rhodolith beds – masses of coral-like red algae – which are formed by chemical synthesis and thrive in the low light.

Most of the world’s shallow reefs are in trouble due to bleaching, climate change and fishing, but this one is pristine. Its wall is full of minute grooves and cracks, each hole and fissure home to something alive. Small, brave crabs approach the sub and raise their claws as if to defend themselves against this alien monster.

There are four Brazilian oceanographers, ecologists and marine scientists taking turns to dive in the sub from the Greenpeace boat Esperanza. For them, the chance to observe the reef, which they and others discovered three years ago after dredging brought up corals, is as thrilling as winning the World Cup.

Last year, based on chemical analysis of the plume and measurements of oxygen levels, they estimated the reef to be about 600 miles long, to cover 3,600 square miles, and be about 30 to 120 metres deep. They thought it was biologically relatively impoverished compared to other equatorial reefs, but nevertheless they recorded more than 60 species of sponge, 73 species of fish, spiny lobsters, stars and other reef life.

The Amazon reef: ‘a mega biome, a major ecological community of plants and animals with its own endemic species’. Photograph: Greenpeace

Sometimes life takes time

As a kid, I wanted to be one of two things: either a paleontologist or an astronaut. I dreamed of going to Space Camp. I loved dinosaurs and books about the La Brea Tar Pits. I was certifiably obsessed with both space and Earth’s history. As I went through school it was obvious that I was adept at both art and science. 

I was encouraged to pursue the art end of things by my mom; my dad supported me no matter what I did. I struggled a little with math near my senior year, though I was hardly failing and got As and Bs in all my classes, including precalc and physics. Still, I decided to pursue art.

I went to college out of high school on a full scholarship and attended SUNY Oswego for graphic design. I still had to take out some loans but I got my BFA. I took one freelance job and realized: I hated it. Art was fun and I was good at it but… I hated freelance work. 

My mom suggested I try becoming a teacher, so I did that. I got my teaching degree from Indian River Community College in Florida, which is a 7-week program because Florida is really desperate for teachers. I worked as a teaching assistant for a few years but… I was bored. Really bored. 

I went to Florida State University for one semester (again using loans), deciding I was going to become an oceanographer. But I failed college algebra and decided I was too stupid for science. 

Feeling like absolute shit about myself, I joined the Navy. I studied for the ASVAB and got a 97, almost the highest score possible even though that test has math on it. I ended up in a fairly technical job, repairing the electrical systems on F18s. I had to learn some math and some science for my job and noticed I was… actually pretty good at it. 

I spent 4 years in the Navy and got out, deciding I’d go back to school to become a teacher (again) but only as a backup, and my goal would be getting a Master’s and Doctorate in planetary geology. I came to Central Michigan University. I had to take college algebra again… and I aced it. Nearly got a 100%. I was floored. I took algebra II and also aced it. 

It was halfway through that second semester I decided to throw caution to the wind: fuck it all, I was going to become a scientist. So I dropped the teaching major and joined the Geology major. I proceeded to pass algebra II and  trigonometry with As. 

I’m now entering my fourth semester here at CMU. 

I’m taking calculus 1 this semester, calc II in the spring. I’m going to be picking up math as a minor beneath my geology major. I’m looking at grad schools and already planning where I want to go (University of Washington, I’m looking at you!). 

Life isn’t always linear. I’m 32 years old and halfway through a new bachelor’s degree, with at least 6 more years of school ahead of me before I’ll land my dream job of planetary geology, although I could still potentially switch to Earth-based geology (I do still love the ocean, don’t get me started on mid-ocean ridges). I’m keeping my options open at this point because I know that things may not turn out how I’ve planned them. Yes, I have some college debt but I’m ok with that. Yeah, I literally have -$300 in my bank account but I’m okay with that, this is my dream and it’s worth it. 

Do not feel like a loser if you’re 24 and not in your dream job. Don’t lose hope if you’re struggling, if your situation seems boring and endless. Don’t be afraid of student loan debt; I know some people are terrified of it for some reason but you really don’t have to be. Go out there and DO IT, if you can. If you’re in a place where you have to wait, then knuckle down and bear it out. I had to wait out 4 years in the Navy to get where I am. I had to get an entire degree that’s basically worthless to get where I am. I’ve literally lived three different lifetimes to get where I am: artist, teacher, military. 

I’m 32 and my life is just barely beginning. 

Contained within is a list of career path choices for each Zodiac sign.  This list pertains to having the zodiac sign on the 10th house cusp (midheaven) of your birth chart.  These can also work for overall sign dominance in a chart.  Your 2nd house cusp sign can also show areas where you can gain income with these signs for alternate possibilities.

Careers involving the military, protecting and serving
military, soldier. defense department, security
law enforcement, firefighter, emergency medical technician

Careers centering around sports and athletics
sports, competitive sports, coaching, training
athletic director

Careers involving physical force
industrial, construction, factory work, hunting, general labor

Careers involving working with metals
weapon making including design, manufacturing and testing,
engineering, mechanic, butcher (knives), steel worker,
iron worker, machinist, millwright, sheet-metal, welding,

Careers that involve initiative
Generally competitive careers, pioneering careers, business owner, sales

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs, manacurest

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
buying, selling, distributing music

Careers dealing with finance and money
banking, loan officer, title officer
administration, accounting

Careers working with sensual pleasure goods
clothes, shoes, seating, bedding, luxuries, perfumes
buying, selling, auctioning, or trading these goods

Careers involving home and gardening
landscape design, grounds keeping, gardening, green houses, flower shops, planet nurseries
interior design, home renovation, home design

Careers involving working with food
chef, pastry chef, pastry design, cupcake designer, restaurant management

Careers involving communication
Mass media, journalism, broadcasting,
radio, TV, telecommunications, announcing
sales, advertising, marketing, public relations,
teaching, acting, stenography
diplomats, politics, advisers

Career involving writing
writing, editing, blogging
copy-writing, secretary work

Career involving language
linguist, speaking, interpreting

Careers involving short distance travel, delivery and transportation
truck driver, cab driver, bus driver
post office, post man, courier

Dealing with the general public and nurturing others
social work , occupational therapist, Human resources, CEO, directors
careers involving medical nurturing at the forefront
being a nurse, therapist, hospital worker or doctor

Working with children, child care, teaching, preschool
nurturing children and taking care of them through pediatrics, babysitter or nanny

Careers with women in mind or feminine products or hygiene
being a midwife, OBGYN, working with and protecting abused women

Career dealing with water or working in a water environment
maritime industry, oceanographer
buying and selling boats, repairing boats, working on a dock, fishing
being in the navy, working in marine or navy engineering

Dealing with cooking and food
like a chef, short order cook, or working in a restaurant in general
catering and setting up social food engagements
working with baking or pastry design
may like to nature others’ lives by being involved with food
dietitian or a clinical dietitian who helps people in hospitals meet their needs

Working with things revolving around history
buying, Selling or Refurbishing Antiques
working as a historian, advocate, researcher, educator

Working with details relating to Home
buying and flipping real estate, selling real estate as an agent
homemaker, maid, butler
home based business

Careers centering around leadership
administration, government and politics, employees of a government service
management of various kinds, motivational speaker, CEO

Careers involving children
teach children, day care, nursery, preschool teacher, baby sitting, pediatrics

Careers involving hobbies, or fun
bring a hobby to their career
work with creative self expression professionally
being a consultant to some capacity

Careers involving Self Expression
art, acting, singing, music,
hairstylist, jeweler, clothes
movies, TV, radio, public personality, publicist

Careers centering gambling and speculation
Gamble professionally, Work in stock/day-trading, forecasting

Careers dealing with sports
play sports for a living, Work with sports in some capacity
be a sports manager, teaching sports

Careers involving detail oriented work
system analyst, archivist, statistician,
tax auditing, research, book keeping, librarian
auditor, financial planing, loan officer
executive assistance, executive director
mathematics, physics, surveying
public education, human resources

Careers involving critique
Film reviewer, music reviewer, art critic

Careers involving writing or use of the hands
editor, graphic design, welding, engineering

Careers centering around health and fitness
nutritionist, natruopathic, education and health research
health care worker, nurse, doctor, dentist, disease control,
environmental health, health advocacy, health education, community health organization
occupational therapist, fitness instructor, personal trainer,

Career working with animals and small pets
vet, vet technician, animal breeder, dog trainer, groomer

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer
desktop publisher,

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or Modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
Buying, selling, distributing music

Negotiations, diplomacy, mediation and law career fields
working in public relations, being a go-between, escrow, arbitrator
working in human resources, supervision, moderating
diplomats, consultant
being a Court room specialist, Paralegal who works with clients directly, court writer, A judge

Careers involving customer relations
customer Service, retail specialist, retail management

Working with marriage or relationships couples, or guidance in general
marriage counselor, relationship counselor
wedding design, planning, wedding photographer
guidance counselor, occupation or career therapist

Careers involving digging deep and research
police work, detective, private eye, criminal investigator
chemist, engineer, archaeology, paleontology
pharmacology, science research, military intelligence
information broker, technical writer, recycling researcher

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers that involve healing
doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist

careers involving positions of power or control
politics, presidency, prime minister

Careers involving intensity or protecting
security, firefighting, homeland security

Careers involving death
funeral director, coroner, mortician, embalmer, forensics

Careers involving transformation
recycling, Fixing up distressed properties, recycling product designer

Careers involving the taboo
occultist, secret society, astrology, witch, tarot reader
palm reader, alternative healer, psychic

Careers that involve sex
sex therapist, sexual educator, adult film industry

Careers that involve others resources
tax industry, tax collector, auditor
insurance, life insurance, inheritances
bill collection, economist, risk management

Careers involving higher education
teacher, college professor, tutoring

Careers involving long distance travel
travel industry, pilot, flight attendant, travel agent
tour guide,

Careers involving foreign culture
diplomat, foreign affairs, international commerce
imports and exports

Careers involving expansive communication
radio broadcasting, television host, salesman,
motivational speaking, promoter, marketing, advertising
interpreter, public relations, administration, comedian

Careers involving religion
theology, priest, preacher, clergy
missionary, minister

Careers involving philosophy
philosopher, working for non-profit organizations, public policy

Careers involving law
Lawyer, judge, paralegal

Careers involving the military
soldier, sniper, general

Careers involving publishing
writer, author, publisher

Careers involving animals and nature
animal husbandry, horse jockey
forest ranger, nature

Careers involving sports
athlete, coach, trainer, PE teacher
racing, broadcaster, reporter

Careers of being an authority
boss, management, ceo, chief executive, chairmen
chief economist, adminstrator, team management
entrepreneur, supervisor

Career involving government and politics
government officials, president, mayor
smithsonian instuation, national security agency
central intelligence agency, government accountability office
center for disease control, homeland security, parliament
public defense, criminal prosecution

Careers involving business
business owner, property management, landlords
market research analyst, business operations manager,
bookkeeping, marketing, compliance officer, management anaylst

Careers involving finance
dinancial planing, resource director, accounting
economnist, banking, appraisal, stockbroker

Careers involving history and time
historian, antique dealer, genealogist

Careers involving science and technology
IT, computer consultant, coding
science, researcher, analyst

Careers involving building structure
architect, real estate developer, engineer, contractor
masonry, construction, foreman, site manager, building inspector

Careers involving the Earth
mining, farming, agriculture, horticulture, forest and timber industry
earth science, geology, paleontology, space science, astronomer, geophysics

Careers involving science and technology
computers, IT fields, robotics, technical writer
astronomy, esoteric science, astrology,
physicist, rocket scientist, aeronautics
research scientist, architectural design,
communications, electrician

Careers in innovation and engineering
bio engineering, civil engineering, cryo engineering
material engineer, industrial engineer, safety engineer
environmental engineer, electrical engineer

Careers in politics
congress, government representative, political activist
entrepreneur, political commentator, state legislator
campaign worker, congressional research, public opinion analyst
city manager

Careers in humanitarianism and social reform
social worker, civil rights activist, mediator
aid worker, make a wish foundation, volunteer work
environmental activist, labor relations specialist
consumer advocate

Careers involving groups or teams
consultant work, advisory, performing in a music band, sports team, group project

Careers in creativity
art, music, actor, directing, creative writing
photography, digital art, digital business
Urban development, strategic planning

Careers dealing with creativity
artist, painter, photography, graphic editor
music, writing songs, music industry
creative writing, fantasy novelist, poet
acting, dancing, performing, choreographer
graphic design, video production, video game design
beautician, designer, decorator, stylist

Careers that involve computer visual arts
Digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design

Careers in hidden places of society and retreat
prisons, hospitals, monasteries, jails, penitentiaries
asylums, mental hospitals, rehabilitation clinics

Careers in spirituality and religion
theology, astrologer, mystic
priest, monk, minister, spiritual counselor

Careers in holistic healing
holistic healer, shaman, energy healer
acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy
herbalist, art therapist, music therapist

Careers that involve working with chemical substance
chemical engineer, chemist, pharmaceuticals,
alcohol, bar-tending

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers involving helping and serving others
psychologist, therapist, counselor, social work
Masseuse, caretaker, nurse, aid worker, non-profit career


In March 2015, by far the largest reported mass mortality of baleen whales took place in a gulf in Southern Chile. At that moment, researchers discovered 367 dead whales, from the sector of Gulf of Penas and Puerto Natales, in Magallanes region.  

In May the scientific journal PeerJ published the final study on the mass stranding event, most of them sei whale (Balaenoptera boreal), whale species which is endangered. According to the research, led by Vreni Häussermann, the event was related to the proliferation of toxic algae during the El Niño phenomenon.

While large mass mortality events are well known for toothed whales, they have been rare in baleen whales due to their less gregarious behavior. Although in most cases the cause of mortality has not been conclusively identified, some baleen whale mortality events have been linked to bio-oceanographic conditions 

According to the study if the frequency and magnitude of mass mortality events increase due to climate change this would have a significant impact on the local population and threaten the recovery of this endangered species, which in the Southern Hemisphere was reduced by whaling from about 100,000 to 24,000 individuals by 1980.

  • Reference:  Häussermann et al. 2017. Largest baleen whale mass mortality during strong El Niño event is likely related to harmful toxic algal bloom. PeerJ

The Disney That Almost Was: Port Disney/DisneySea 

From Port Disney’s preliminary master plan, which was released to the media in July of 1990:

Oceania, the architectural focal point of the park, would rise above the center of DisneySea in a series of futuristic bubbles, luring guests to a fascinating evolutionary journey through the world’s seas. Guests would walk through a state-of-the-art, two story aquarium.

The curious (could then exit Oceania and) … journey into the 21st century, visiting a Future Research Center where scientists from the world’s leading institutions would come together to conduct oceanographic stidies, in much the same fashion as researchers now gather at the “Living Seas” and “Land” pavilions at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. Adults and children alike would learn about the ocean and its diverse marine life in a hands-on exploratorium.

At Mysterious Island, guests would discover the lost City of Atlantis on a modern version of a Disneyland “E” Ticket. Children could follow clues to buried treasure on Pirate Island, while the more intrepid might dare to board Nemo’s Lava Cruiser and careen suspended through dangerous caverns.

Aqua-labyrinth, a challenging maze with walls made only of water, would serve as the entrance to Heroes’ Harbor, where the myths and the legends of teh sea come to life. Here guests would find rides themed to the adventures of Sinbad, Ulysses and other storied adventurers from the past.

On the edge of the Bay facing downtown, a boardwalk would recreate the nostalgia of the Long Beach oceanfront in its heyday. Nearby at Fleets of Fantasy, a harborful of fabled and fanciful ships, including outsized Chinese junks and Egyptian galleys, would disguise exciting rides and dining and entertainment.

Shoppers and diners will be intrigued by DisneySea’s themed environments – a Grecian village, an Asian marketplace, a Caribbean lagoon. Here guests might be seen surfing, snorkling, or wading through tropical reefs teeming with fish.

Some will experience the ultimate underwater adventure – being lowered in a steel cage into a tank full of sharks. At the rim of the American continent and the Pacific Ocean, DisneySea will be a place of magic and wonder offering a unique entertainment experience.

Wes Anderson

this post was requested after I asked you to give me themes for posts focusing on vocabulary and I had the idea while chatting with a follower to actually make you practise french by giving you french plots of movies!

Bottle Rocket (1996). 

Dans Bottle Rocket, une histoire hilarante et originale sur l'importance de l'amitié, trois amis poursuivent maladroitement une vie de crimes tout en partageant leurs rêves des vies qu'ils auraient aimé avoir. Anthony cherche le grand amour. Bob a désespérément envie de fonder une famille. Dignan poursuit une carrière criminelle distinguée. Après sa sortie d'un hôpital psychiatrique à la suite d'une dépression, Anthony, sans direction de vie, rejoint son ami Dignan qui a concocté le plan extravagant d'un crime qui implique son ancien patron, le soi-disant légendaire M. Henry. Avec l'aide de leur voisin pathétique et ami Bob, les trois s'embarquent dans l'aventure.

adventure : aventure (f) / friend : ami-e / psy ward : unité (f) psychiatrique  / depression : dépression (f) / mental illness : maladie (f) mentale / to escape (from prison) : s’évader / to run away : s’enfuir / to shoot : tirer / to steal : voler / to train : s’entraîner / car : voiture (f) / hold-up : braquage (m) / thief : voleur/euse / money : argent (m) / burglary : cambriolage (m) / criminal : criminel-le / gun : pistolet (m) / argument : dispute (f) / party : fête (f) / success : réussite (f) / failed : raté-e, échoué-e / failure : échec (m) / clumsy : maladroit-e / factory : usine (f) / warehouse : entrepôt (m) / frozen food : produits (m) surgelés / treachery : traîtrise (f) / traitor : traître-sse 

Rushmore (1998). 

Avec ses airs studieux, son blazer bleu marine et ses grosses lunettes, Max Fischer fait bien plus que ses 15 ans et passerait aisément pour le meilleur élève de la Rushmore Academy. Mais en réalité c’est un génie fougueux et brouillon que ses multiples activités détournent d’un cursus traditionnel. Animateur de nombreuses associations, il ne peut fournir qu’un minimum d’efforts à ses études et s’est résigné à devenir l’un des pires cancres de son établissement, devenant par là même régulièrement menacé d’exclusion. Tout est chamboulé dans le monde de Max le jour où il craque pour une charmante professeur. Mais la belle a également conquis le coeur de son meilleur ami - M. Blume, généreux mécène de l’académie. Max éprouve alors pour la première fois les affres de la jalousie, l’amertume d’un échec immérité et la perte cruelle d’un ami…

glasses : lunettes (f) / private school : école (f) privée / grant : bourse (f) / smart : intelligent-e / studious : studieux/euse / smartass : intello (fam) / best : meilleur-e / pupil : élève (ep) / family : famille (f) / imagination : imagination (f), fantaisie (f) / self-confidence : confiance en soi (f), aplomb (m) / school : école / genius : génie (m) / mourning : deuil (m) / busy : occupé-e / threat : menace (f) / activities : activités (f) / to meet : rencontrer / to fall in love : tomber amoureux/euse / teacher : professeur (ep) / heart : coeur (m) / sponsor : mécène (ep) / dunce : cancre (m) / expulsion : exclusion (f)

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beauty-ace-a-punch-in-the-face  asked:

Marine biology au!! (Kinda) Jack is the son of world renowned scuba diver Bob Zimmerman, who has the most recorded dive time &deepest dives ever. Jack started following in his footstep when an accident happened on a deep dive of his. Now he captains boats to take pple out scuba diving. Bitty used to be a free diver & did competitions, but now he's more interested in scuba diving, since you can stay down longer. Shitty does environmental law & likes hanging out on board (being naked in the) 1/??

2/?? (Being naked in the sea is chill, brah). shitty also dives a little so he can see what he’s protecting. Lardo doesn’t dive much, but she likes taking her inspiration from the sea & occasionally does sculptures out of the litter she finds while out on the boat. Ransom is a marine wildlife rehabilitator, & studies/cleans up coral reefs on the side w/ his best bro Holster, who monitors the coral reefs to see if they’re still healthy. Holster still likes referring to random as a coral reef in

3/?? As a coral reef in this au. Chowder is a shark biologist and he! loves! Sharks! (Both the hockey team and the animal, thinks both are misunderstood). Likes hanging out w/ lardo bc he can point out different species to her & give her pointers on what species to do pieces on to bring awareness to. (Also, in this au I hc farmer working in the same marine life rehab place as ransom). Dex is a lobster biologist!! Is v worried about them ok bc his family depends on them and they’re being over

4/?? And lobsters are being over fished!! Angry about the industry & helps does ship yard repairs on the side for that extra $$ (being a lobster scientist doesn’t pay very well ok). Nursey is a recreational hipster diver that uses jacks boats bc his old environmental studies buddy shitty recommended him. (Nursey was gonna become a oceanographer before he figured out he preferred writing about the ocean than reaaaally studying it. He writes books & dives so he can accurately describe underwater

5/?? Tango is someones (maybe dex’s? Chowders?) intern, and wants to know everything!! He just wants to learn ok. Whiskey works at jacks shipyard/dock/pier thing but hangs out with the douchey pple that own boats on the docks nearby. The Haus is jacks nicest diving boat. (John Johnson gave it to him as a gift/sold it to him @ a discounted price, saying something about how Jack would really come to love it). Ok I think I’m done!! Sorry that this is really long (also sorry if i forgot anyone <3

I accept this if it can have the aesthetics of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Southern scientist: What in causation?
Southern veterinarian: What in castration?
Southern aquarium enthusiast: What in filtration?
Southern economist: What in inflation?
Southern hot air balloon pilot: What in deflation?
Southern oceanographer: What in crustacean?

anonymous asked:

What would your Top 10 members of green color be in super sentai?

Oh, that’s a good one for today!  I won’t really get into much detail here as I am sadly pressed for time but here’s my list of the best 10 green heroes (or heroines) in the history of Super Sentai.

10. X-1 Mask from Hikari Sentai Maskman

He was only in one episode of 1987′s Sentai series but he made a pretty big impact.  You can view him as the trial run for adding an actual 6th man to the team, something that wouldn’t happen for another 5 years after his debut but that’s for another entry on this list.

9. Kyoryu Green from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

The swordsman of the team and a high school student, Souji had to balance the expectations of his Father, the pressures of his schoolwork, a blossoming romance with a classmate and the responsibility of helping save the world from the forces of the Deboss Army.  So, you know, no problems there.

8. Chameleon Green from Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

Honestly, Hammy should probably rank higher on this list.  She’s the first Green female heroine we’ve gotten in the series (I don’t count the one from the Ninninger special for reasons) and she’s just amazing.  I only place her this low because her series is still pretty new and we have yet to see a lot of focus episodes for her.  Here’s hoping for more though!  She’s great!

7. ToQ 4gou from Ressha Sentai ToQger

Though he often seems the most laid back member of the team and is kind of a quiet man, Hikari is actually very serious about his mission.  He is almost never without his green kendama and he is very skilled in its use.

6. Shinken Green from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

If there was ever a man less suited to being a loyal retainer, it would be Chiaki.  He’d rather be playing video games at the arcade than training with the others and his skills in calligraphy need serious work.  Still, he can become very serious when the moment arises and he casts off his lackadaisical attitude for the mantle of a true warrior.

5.  Green Sai (Rhinocerous) from Choujuu Sentai Liveman

One half of a duo who joined the Liveman team late in the series to get revenge on the Brain Army Volt for the death of their siblings, he is the younger brother of Mari who died in the first episode. He is very much the younger brother of the team and looks up to his partner Black Bison as a brother.  I love his outfit and mecha.  It’s a pity about what happens to him in episode 31.

4. Clover King from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

Bunta is a dead man walking, literally.  Originally an oceanographer who perished at the bottom of the ocean when he ran out of oxygen, Bunta was brought back to life as the cyborg Clover King to battle the evil force of CRIME.

3. Midoranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

The youngest member of the Goranger squad, Kenji was the only member to escape unscathed from the Black Cross Army’s original attack against EAGLE.  Though only a trainee at the time, he was chosen to become Midoranger and wields the power of his razor-sharp Midorang in battle.

2. Dragon Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

The original sixth man and one of the mostly fondly remembered and popular heroes in the entire history of the franchise (though a lot of that has to do with the American adaptation) Burai/Dragon Ranger brought a new element to the series that continues to this day.  Without him we wouldn’t have the extra heroes we know and love today!

1. Gokai Green from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Yep, Don Dogoier gets the top spot on this list.  Why?  Because he is both the best green ever and the anti-green being pretty much the worst member when it comes to straight combat.  Still, he’s the team cook, their housekeeper and the tech wiz who fixes their stuff when it breaks and comes up with new weapons.  He’s an IT professional, a culinary genius and a maintenance engineer all in one!


Jacques Cousteau, the world famous oceanographer and undersea explorer who invented the Aqua-Lung, dared to go where no one had gone before. 

He followed his passion to both protect and better understand our world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabited them. Cousteau was 65 at the time of this recording but he was still diving and hungry for more exploration and adventure. Here’s his story.

Castle Hill Lighthouse is located on Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island at the end of the historic Ocean Drive. It is an active navigation aid for vessels entering the East Passage between Conanicut Island and Aquidneck Island. The lighthouse was completed in 1890 on property formerly belonging to the naturalist, oceanographer, and zoologist Alexander Agassiz of Harvard University. Agassiz sold the land to the United States Government for the lighthouse for $1.00.


Skeleton found at the Antikythera shipwreck

  Divers have unearthed 2,000-year-old skeletal remains within the wreckage of a Roman-era cargo ship. Discovered by divers off the Greek island of Antikythera over 100 years ago, the shipwreck was where the famous Antikythera Mechanism - an ancient astronomical ‘computer’ - was found.

Now marine archaeologists working at the site have revealed that they have also uncovered the skeletal remains of one of the ship’s crew members.

The skeleton was found buried beneath sand and debris around 165ft below the surface and appears to be surprisingly well-preserved considering how long it has remained there.

If enough genetic material has survived intact it may even be possible for scientists to conduct a DNA analysis of the remains and learn a lot more about where this person originally came from.

“Archaeologists study the human past through the objects our ancestors created,” said marine archaeologist Brendan Foley of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

“With the Antikythera Shipwreck, we can now connect directly with this person who sailed and died aboard the Antikythera ship.”


Global sea level rise will disproportionately affect much of the US coastline

  • A new report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that, while sea levels are rising around the world, they’re rising faster than the global average along much of the U.S. coastline.
  • “The ocean is not rising like water would in a bathtub,” NOAA oceanographer and lead author William Sweet said. “For example, in some scenarios sea levels in the Pacific Northwest are expected to rise slower than the global average, but in the Northeast they are expected to rise faster.”
  • As CBS News reported Tuesday, “In the mildest projected scenario, global sea levels will rise by about one foot by the end of this century. In the worst-case scenario, global sea levels will rise by 8.2 feet … A lower rise of six feet would be enough swallow up the homes of about 6 million Americans.” Read more

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