Yearly Valencia Happenings

I just researched a little bit about Valencia, and I found the following attractions:

Valencia Fallas  is a yearly happening which gets to its highest points about the nights Border district 19th subsequently acquiring opened up the start along Border district 15th using stunning cartonful typical monuments on nearly all nook, 30 minutes foresighted fireworks nightly, historical parades on the Moorish inside the avenues and the residents dressed up into their outdo brocade classic clothes in a very merry religious progression bringing bouquets towards the Virgin of the Unsheltered ( the particular Patron Apotheosis of Valencia).

Another ‘to not to miss’ permanent attraction may be the architecture that homes the actual now all over City of the Arts And Sciences. There are four main complexes:

- Oceanographic- with over forty-five,500 samples of 500 unlike varieties of underwater sprightliness which include its own cooler having sharks which you may base on balls nether.

- Museum of the Sciences Prince Philip- and be involved in all sorts of experiments and also practice a lot more just about biota and also genetic science.

- This Hemispheric- where one can sit back, take and luxuriate in one of the iii sound-optical exhibits, either at the Planetarium, the particular Laserium or perhaps for the mammoth blind observance documentaries where you tone you are a dynamic partially.

+ The Queen Sophia Palace of Arts – this is just open inch March the year 2005 while using bearing of the King. Here, entirely readers is going to be honored having playacting humanistic discipline in house, opera house and varieties of saltation events.
If you are intending to visit Valencia intended for any holiday at the conclusion involving next season, you will find oneself while using raw Valencia Zoo or BioPark  situated in a new green area and housing among other animals, over 250 species from the African savannah. Its to be 14 times bigger than the existing one and will take approximately six hours to see it all, but do not worry because the weather in Valencia is sunny and mild in the winter.This both new and experienced will be able to enjoy seeing the actual natural settings coming from all these kind of unlike animals that you commonly are not able to study unless you in reality travelling in that location.

Since  2006, there will also be to a greater extent blow over in addition to match backrounds while using the Americas Cup. Valencia can have three more Louis Vuitton Serves starting in English hawthorn in addition to continuing along in autumn. The main harbour area could have undergone an alteration and you can at leisure amble about to acquire a dummy up sight in the fighting ships. There is also the state store and mother the many water travel dress the spirit dreams.

Wonderful these kinds of new actions, the actual Valencia Drome may be making crucial upgrades and it has also been gradually increasing the fling involving plane tickets through across the world. You will find young resorts as well as best transport for all who wish to live an important part associated with Valencia Spain.


Water Wave Celerity

The three-dimensional behaviour of surface water waves as they interact with wind, bottom, obstructions, currents, and each other is very complex. Much insight into the general behaviour of waves can be obtained by first studying two-dimensional, monochromatic, progressive waves using the so-called small amplitude wave theory. The figure below defines the terms most commonly used in discussions of water waves:.

As waves pass some fixed point, the time between consecutive crests is the wave period T. The speed of the wave, or its celerity, C, (as ocean engineers refer to it), is the distance travelled by a crest per unit time, or

C = L/T Equation 1

The small amplitude theory requires that both a/L and a/d be small. Using this assumption and solving the equation of motion for small amplitude waves yields the following expression for the wave celerity: Fig.

where g is the gravitational acceleration.

It is clear from Equation 2 that the wave celerity is a function of both the wave length (L) and the water’s relative depth d/L. Since the hyperbolic tangent function (tanh) has simple limiting forms for both small and large values of its argument, it is useful to classify waves according to the relative depth, as follows:

Note that in deep water the celerity is independent of water depth, which is not surprising in view of the fact that the waves do not interact with the bottom. What is interesting, however, is that the celerity depends on the wave length. Water is therefore a dispersive medium with respect to deep water surface waves, in much the same way that it is a dispersive medium for light waves. Shallow water surface waves, on the other hand, do feel the bottom, and slow down as the square root of the depth. Their speed is not a function of the wave length.

As surface waves travel across various depths of water their period T does not change (for a proof see the article entitled “Constancy of Wave Period”). In deep water, therefore, the wave length is constant, but as waves approach a beach the wave length decreases as the square root of the depth.

Wind-generated waves typically have periods from 1 to 25 seconds, wave lengths from 1 to 1000 meters, speeds from 1 to 40 m/s, and heights less than 3 meters. Seismic waves, or tsunamis, have periods typically from 10 minutes to one hour, wave lengths of several hundreds of kilometers, and mid-ocean heights usually less than half a meter. Because of their long wavelengths, tsunamis often satisfy the criterion for shallow-water waves. For example, when a tsunami with a wave length of 200 km passes over a depth of 4 km (the average depth of the oceans) the relative depth is d/L=.02. Since this is less than .05, this tsunami is a “shallow-water wave”, and its celerity depends only on the water depth.


Robert M. Sorensen, “Basic Wave Mechanics for Coastal and Ocean Engineers” (John Wiley & Sons, 1993), Chapter 2.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm writing a fanfic about the 7 + Reyna and Nico in college and I can't really come up with ideas about what their majors would be. Do you have any ideas?

  • Annabeth is painfully obvious 
  • I myself am a sucker for oceanographer Percy so Marine Biology is usually my go to for him 
  • Jason I could see as a History major with either a double major or minor in Poli Sci 
  • Piper I love as a journalism major, but that’s just personal preference 
  • Leo as a mechanical engineering major 
  • Hazel I could see being a sociology major (I am completely unbiased here) or maybe psychology cause she always wanted to understand her mom more growing up and so that kind of calls to her… idk 
  • Frank I could see as a biology or anatomy major because I envision him becoming a physical therapist of sorts so he would need a foundational science for that
  • Nico… idk I’ve always liked the idea of him going to art school for some reason?? idk just the idea of him finding art as an outlet for the feelings he has such a hard time talking about is cool to me but other than that maybe an archeologist // anthropologist 
  • Reyna is hard cause we don’t really know a ton of her interests outside of the Legion but I could see her as a Poli Sci major, like her and Jason in some of the same classes and always having very intelligent debates about leaders of the past and all that jazz :) 

hopefully this helped a bit??? good luck with your fic, I’m sure it’ll be great!! 

“The Light of September” – New Audio Drama Featuring Sylvester McCoy and Many More! | (Re)Generation Who : The Mid-Atlantic's Doctor Who Convention
Fans of audio drama are in for a treat on February 4th, when Radio Static launches its latest crowdfunded project, "The Light of September." Brought to you

Whovians and fans of ‘The Minister of Chance,’ heads up: Radio Static is bringing you a new audio drama starting 4 February called ‘The Light of September.’ With an all-star cast including Robert Picardo, Tamsin Greig, and Sylvester McCoy, this ten-part sci-fi series follows the exploits of an oceanographic research vessel in the wake of faster-than-light travel.

Follow the link to find out more and learn how you can help support the project and get some cool swag!

This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock powered by electricity generated by the public power monopoly regulated by the US Department of Energy. I then took a shower in the clean water provided by the Municipal Water Utility. After that, I turned on the TV to one of the FCC regulated channels to see the national weather service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration determined the weather was going to be like using satellites designed, built and launched by the national aeronautics and space administration. I watched this while eating my breakfast of US Department of Agriculture inspected food and taking drugs which have been determined as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

At the appropriate time as regulated by the US Congress and kept accurate by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the US Naval Observatory. I get into my national highway traffic safety administration approved automobile and set out to work on the roads built by the local, state and federal departments of transportation, possibly stopping to purchase additional fuel of a quality level determined by the Environmental Protection Agency, using legal tender issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. On the way out the door, I deposit any mail i have to send out via the US Postal Service and drop the kids off at the public school.

After work, I drive my NHTSA car back home on the DOT roads, to my house which has not been burned down in my absence because the state and local building codes and fire marshals inspection, and which has not been plundered of all it’s valuables thanks to the local municipal police department.

Then I log onto the internet which was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration and read on  Fox News forums about how Bernie Sanders is a filthy SOCIALIST and how Socialized Medicine is BAD because the government can’t do anything right.

Why didn’t anyone tell me The Light of September coming out in less than two weeks?  

I mean, the story looks awesome:

Einstein said that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In the near future, a  probe  does  just  that.  On  Earth,  the  crew  of  the oceanographic research vessel Venus begin to experience the results: a passing brigantine spews murder from its hold; strange creatures  roam  the  seas,  and  the crew are  shocked  to  learn  that  their  chief  scientist  is dead:  none  more so  than the  Chief  Scientist  himself.  Only  a passing American  ship  can help, though it may not be from America…

There are so many great people doing it (apart from the two dorks in the picture), and it’s written by the people behind The Minister of Chance (which no one has apparently heard about either, go and listen to it, it’s brilliant).  

So, let the countdown begin.

unconventionalheroes asked:

so aline im not sure if this has been discussed yet; i actually think it has--but even so I propose we talk about it again bc I love it--but pirate!AU???? Give me pIrAtE FISK beIng dark and angsty and Michael just being human ray of sunshine before I start crying (PS I love you. How are you doing?? <3)

All right, so. Pirates.

First off, there are lots of ways to do this, and I’ve considered them all so. Canon universe pirates. Fisk is the son of a poor fisherman/would-be oceanographer. Jack is the pirate who takes him on as cabin boy, lets him work his way up to first mate / right hand man. And then he sells Fisk out - two ways this could go. One, Michael saves Fisk from the gallows bcuz everyone knows that the ship he served on (Jack’s ship) doesn’t kill people, precisely to avoid hanging. Two, Fisk is a wanted man in damn near every port, bc everything he ever did with Jack has been ascribed solely to him, which gives us Fisk as this widely feared and respected pirate who would honestly just love to find a port with a library and a soft bed. And then there’s Michael, bored to tears supervising a shipment from his family’s estate, or Michael working his way across the sea while on general knight errantry business, and either way, Fisk is backed into a corner by his own reputation, and so he has little choice but to take the handsome fourth son of a nobleman as a captive. Spoiler alert: Baron Sevenson doesn’t pay. It’s not a debt he can use to bend Michael to his will, and he can just shrug it off socially bc a) none of his neighbors like Michael much and b) there’s no proof his son is alive. And Fisk offers him a job. (Okay, so, it’s more like “well. Your dad sucks. I’ll take you back to land, but you have to work your way, and if you cross me, I’ll let you try swimming back.”) And once Michael and Fisk start to trust each other, they rob Michael’s father’s ships together. And Michael gives away his share to the needy and then goes “welp, look at that, I still don’t have enough money to get home, guess I’ll have to keep working on the ship”.

Option #2: Fisk is the one whose past remains very much the same, and Michael is the disillusioned, disowned, unredeemed son of a nobleman who was like “fuck you, fuck classism, fuck wealth disparity, I’m gonna Robin Hood this shit”. Cut to: Michael bringing Fisk aboard after the same “pays Fisk’s debt” dealio bc he needs a first mate and also he figures an actual criminal could be useful, and then it’s nonstop bickering about whether Fisk is on the same moral ground as Michael  (“I steal for the poor, Fisk, you stole for your own gain. But you’re a good person, I believe you can change.” “I’m poor! And also, you help the poor for your own gratification, I help me for my own gratification, we’re both bad people, everyone sucks, which is why I don’t feel bad about swindling them.”), and Fisk bitching about how ridiculous it is to have a ship dog (chant and tipple are ship cats. Chant meows to wake the gorram dead, Tipple likes to knock tankers of ale off the tables.) And also the fact that Michael’s crew is mainly bloodthirsty orphans, a madman, and a down on their luck player’s troupe with a playwright who tends towards the snarky political material that Fisk not so secretly loves, and Michael fully embodies. (“THIS ISN’T A CREW, MICHAEL, THIS IS THE OPENING OF A BAD JOKE ABOUT A PUB.”) Also: “good captain” instead of noble sir. And they also run into wreckers, because Michael’s not happy just making enemies of every lord, baron, mayor, and the high liege himself - no, he has to fight his fellow seafaring criminals, too. (Michael is ALWAYS ready to fight in every au tbh) and of course Jack is helping the wreckers. CUE THE HELLA DOPE SWORD FIGHTS, GUYS.

Historical fiction style: …the same, tbh, except Jack is a con artist turned privateer and Tony Rose is a shady af governor of a British province who uses his privateers as his own personal mercenaries and thieves, and Michael is a fool knight errant SEVERAL CENTURIES TOO LATE, and no matter which of the two premises you look at above in this AU, Fisk spends the whole time making references to El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote De la Mancha and Plutarch’s account of Caesar. And the jeweler is still crazy but not magical, depending who you ask.

And finally : there’s pirate Fisk who’s doing illegal salvage across half the ‘verse when his ship’s mechanic suggests her cousin Kathy as a passenger, and Kathy comes with a package deal of Michael, the superpowered outcome of illegal government experimentation, and also an Alliance tail, and somehow Captain “I’m not a gorram hero” Fisk is helping fugitives evade the Alliance. For purely selfish reasons, like spite because he lost the war, or the pay Kathy is giving him, or the jobs the two of them hatch with surprising skill for rich bastards. Totally not because he’s becoming best friends with them.

And I’m glad to be back - certain RL developments took the wind out of my sails (pun intended) last August, in terms of K&R, but I’m starting to get things back on solid ground. How about you, Leslie?

Paid Notice: Deaths KELLER, DOLORES by Unknown Author

By Unknown Author

KELLER–Dolores Elaine, Ph.D. (nee Greenstein) of Piermont NY, born October 29, 1926, died January 29, 2016. Dr. Keller’s Ph.D. from NYU, Chair of Biology, Pace University; taught Animal Behavior & Human Sexuality; pioneering Sex Therapist;…

Published: January 31, 2016 at 01:59PM

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

The fourth film from director Wes Anderson is a nuanced portrait of an aging oceanographer, Steve Zissou (played by a brilliantly contained Bill Murray). Steve has recently lost his best friend to a giant, mystical beast dubbed the Jaguar Shark, and he begins an expedition of revenge - or at least an expedition to prove the existence of his shark to the scientific community. On this expedition he brings one of the best ensemble casts ever assembled: Anjelica Huston as Steve’s wife, Willem Dafoe as his first mate, Cate Blanchett as a reporter covering the expedition, and Owen Wilson as a Kentucky pilot who may or may not be Zissou’s son. The rest of the supporting cast delievers the typical dry yet deep Anderson performances, and Jeff Goldblum is lovely (per usual) as Zissou’s nemesis Alistair Hennessey.

The soundtrack is fantastic (I’m looking at you, Sigur Rós… also you, acoustic covers of David Bowie songs in Portuguese). The cinematography is classic Robert Yeoman; almost every frame has something moving in the background (most memorably an orca whale). The color scheme is absolutely magnificent (I know, I always rant about color schemes… apologies).

Some would criticize the random and unnecessary events in the movie, but Life Aquatic is really an oceanic fantasy akin to the Odyssey. First off, all of the fauna in the movie is fictional and stop motion, adding a very fanciful quality. But also the movie is not really about the plot, it’s more about the characters. Each event gives the characters a new situation and a new moment within it. Slight Spoilers (if you don’t even want hints to events in the story, skip to the next paragraph): Investigating the Phantom Signal, for instance, seems irrelevant, but it provides an important moment for Ned and Steve, and many of the plot points in the movie follow suit.

Life Aquatic is a touching story that delivers many sweet, sincere moments, but it is also a comedy with many fantastic visual gags. This well-rounded movie has something for everybody and is one of Anderson’s best.

- T. Malcolm

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