arcade fire - ocean of noise

I feel better listening to this, I have to stop sulking and get things back to how they were somehow. I need to make things right.  <SONG MEANING BELOW>                             I think that this can be taken as descriptive of a relationship. Of course it could have other connotations to world affairs. But as far as the relationship aspect is concerned, I think there is substantial meaning. I really like the part “all of the reasons I gave were just lies, to by myself some time” (it is myself and not yourself - also logical because of all of the reasons “I” gave). It makes me think of a particular relationship of my own and the reasons he has given for us to be apart - which have not actually been articulated, but alluded to. This line is all the more descriptive of a person afraid of being lesser in a relationship given the context within the entire song. The song seems to indicate that the character in the song fell in love with a girl - he spotted her in a crowd, and for some reason she stood out among the rest - her voice was a bell, a pleasant sound against background nonsense and people. 

The character didn’t have a choice to not be with her, she was irresistable. But the character then got scared - perhaps as the relationship progressed. And he left in the middle of the night because he didn’t want to deal with the situation or have a conflict with this woman about not being enough for her. A typical male-commitment freak-out type of situation. 
Then it seems there was some kind of contact and he explained with some general garbage lies about why they couldn’t be together and he wanted to buy himself some time to instead figure out what he really wanted and to reconcile his insecurities - or his own issues - which also seems to be a possibility given the lyrics. 
The fact he left to an ocean of violence- and later refers to the same ocean of violence between you and I seems to indicate that his leaving is what caused what I interpret as a fight between them. And empty streets I take to mean as he left, but instead of feeling good about his decision he felt empty. This could also mean that he left for nothing. Leaving him searching empty streets and winding up at dead ends rather than being happy that he left. 
The fact that they both have their reasons to not be together - hers perhaps because he is sensitive or difficult - and his because he is afraid of commitment or has baggage or other problems indicated by the ocean of noise reference. 
So it seems that he has realized what was actually going on in his head this whole time and he wants to work it out with this person. He wants to work it out with this person as the lyrics suggest