oceanic mansion

“The number Seven followed you in the death too; remember? you said that was your lucky number, and the day 27 you left me and your son… I’ve mantained my promise, can you see from above how known, strong and famous he became Ocean?

You nasty bastard… why you’ve decided to left him, your son, an me, your best friend and rival?! WHY?!”

“As always, I’ll light a candle for you… And honestly… I’m happy that your son is a baby now, at least he’ll not suffer today…

You, you that are reading my letter, please, light a candle for him.. Light a candle for a great Captain, a valent Pirate… And a wonderful Friend…

Thank you; Captain Black Daemon”

Darren Criss pictured as Andrew Cunanan who gunned down Gianni Versace

Filming is underway on the third American Crime Story anthology series that details the killing of Gianni Versace by drifter and hustler Andrew Cunanan in 1997.

Glee alum Darren Criss was spotted in character as Cunanan as cameras rolled on location in Miami Beach on Tuesday.

The Ryan Murphy project for FX explores the events leading up to the famous designer’s murder on the steps of his Ocean Drive mansion and the manhunt for Cunanan that ended when he took his own life while hiding out on a houseboat.

Criss, 30, is clearly excited about the role, posting to Instagram a shot of the cover of his script for the show.

‘It begins,’ he wrote alongside the photo.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, who plays Versace, shared a image of an ornate fountain and pool at the former Versace Mansion, which is now a boutique hotel, The Villa Casa Casuarina.

The shocking killing of the Italian fashion leader brought together a host of celebrities for his memorial in his home town of Milan including Princess Diana, Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Karl Lagerfeld, Georgio Armani and Sting.

Criss as Cunanan was seen driving a red pickup truck similar to the one the spree killer stole after shooting dead his fourth victim, a cemetery caretaker  in New Jersey.

He wears baggy faded blue jeans with black belt and a short-sleeved dark blue cotton shirt.

He sports the same kind of round rimmed spectacles that Cunanan was seen wearing in a photo released by the FBI as the manhunt for the killer continued.

In another scene shot by the ocean, Criss looks more disheveled in a gray t-shirt with red baseball cap as he walked on the sand carrying a black backpack and his sneakers.

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Of Roses and Cigarettes - Sam x Reader

(You guys have sent in some asks about Sam which put him back in my mind. I got this idea this morning and when I couldn’t shake it, I knew it was worth writing. Funny how things work out like that lmao.)

Description: A chance encounter allows you one final meeting with your ex-lover.

Warnings: Angst.

Word count: 1,611 total - one shot.

Read at AO3 here or below:

               He is here, slinking around like a cat; thinking that no one has noticed him.

               But you have.

               How could you not?

               After everything that you have gone through with him, you still know his scent: cigarette smoke clinging to his clothes and his cheap aftershave. At one point, you had found it endearing. Now, it brings back a swirl of memories.

               Do you seek him out? To what end? The two of you have disintegrated – there is nothing left to be collected. You find yourself scanning the room for the confirmation of what you already know: your ex, Sam Drake, is here.

               In hindsight, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is an auction, after all, and there is probably an item to lift or some sort of information to recover. That has always been the problem with Sam…and one of the things that had made you fall in love with him. You hover by the balcony. He is probably out here, smoking. Waiting for whatever it is that he has come to collect.

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