They say
there is a rift in the human soul
which was not constructed to belong
entirely to life. Earth

asks us to deny this rift, a threat
disguised as suggestion—
as we have seen
in the tale of Persephone
which should be read

as an argument between the mother and the lover—
the daughter is just meat.

—  Louise Glück, excerpt of Persephone the Wanderer
Three fantastic fan fics!

You beautiful people keep ficin around my comics and it’s beautiful. I say, truly, I am not worthy of your doting, but I graciously accept it.

First up is a fic by @joasakura (it’s not letting me tag??) that happens before part 4.
A little McHanzo Bit.
          I really loved the tone of it and took some inspiration from it, as well as from @xofreakydeakox

Next is this bit by @goodluckdetective that happens immediately after part 4.
           I love how it’s both open ended and uses the noodles. Fantastic! Thank you so much, both of you!

And here’s one by @oldboyjensenhinglemeier for the Jesse and Reyes storyline. 
From This Day On
            This one gave me a bit of a tickle, I have to admit. Simple but powerful.