The Dark Artifices playlist

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Young God // Halsey 

Drive // Halsey

Cake By The Ocean // DNCE

Eyelids // Pvris

YOUTH // Troye Sivan

Flaws // Bastille

Fire and the Flood // Vance Joy

FOOLS // Troye Sivan

Habits Of My Heart // Jaymes Young

Smile // Mikki Ekko

Kids In The Dark // All Time Low

Ride // Twenty One Pilots

Screen // Twenty One Pilots

Not Today // Twenty One Pilots

You Are Not Stubborn // Two Door Cinema Club

Into You // Ariana Grande 

Say My Name // Pekking Duck

Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) // The Neighbourhood

LOST BOY // Troye Sivan

Fossa // Daughter

Touch // Troye Sivan

Youth // Daughter

Monster // Starset

Am I Wrong // Nico & Vinz

for him. // Troye Sivan

Fun // Troye Sivan

The Currents // Bastille

Where’s My Love // Syml

Polarize // Twenty One Pilots

EASE // Troye Sivan

Bloodstream // Ed Sheeran 

Cool Kids // Echosmith

Demons // Imagine Dragons

I Walk The Line // Halsey

Sun // Two Door Cinema Club

Animal // Neon Trees

Final Song // MØ

Mirrors // Pvris

BITE // Troye Sivan

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anonymous asked:

kirugon mermaid au headcanons?

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

Oh, I didn’t think anyone else was really interested in this. Um, ok…

  1. Awkward Speech: Gon, though rather young for a fisherman, tends to talk like an “old man” according to his newly befriended mermaid friend Killua. Killua is a bit older than Gon himself, mermaids aging at a much slower pace than humans, so he’s used to listening in on old fishermen taking while out at sea. Gon grew up around such men though raised by his aunt, so he always laughs, a bit embarrassed, and concludes he must have just picked it up from them.
  2. Shaggy Look: Thanks to Killua, Gon is able to spend a lot more time at sea than regular fishermen. The mermaid helps him with food and supplies (though Gon isn’t particularly sure where exactly Killua gets it all from). Because of this Gon will spends weeks, sometimes months on end in his little boat out at sea. Killua finds it fascinating to see Gon growing a stubble, messy hair getting longer, golden skin growing tanner and each time Gon wearing less and less clothes. Killua will sometimes complain that Gon smells, which is actually something he picked up from watching wives greeting their fishermen husbands and complaining, since to Killua the ocean always smells like fish and Gon’s scent smells like the earth (land) so it him it’s actually rather pleasant.
  3.  Meeting: When Gon was around 6 a few fishermen had convinced his aunt to let him sail with them for the fishing season. They promised to stay near the shore and keep an eye on him but that year the largest storm to hit Whale Island happened and ended up destroying the little boat. Gon remembered falling into the ocean cold and confused. He knew how to swim but the current was too strong and though he kicked and pulled he could only feel himself sinking. His chest felt heavy as he gulped salty water, vision going dark. Something pulled him through the water, his head coming out of the water on occasion. He felt the cool sand under his hands, the waves now back to their gentle flow tickling his feet. Gon could hear voices, a worried boy asking someone for help, informing them that the “land boy” had swallowed water, The other said land people couldn’t live with water in their lungs. Soon after Gon felt a painful punch to his gut and a voice squealing telling the boy to be more careful. The boy grumbled, still frightened, but laid Gon on his back once more and started pressing against Gon’s chest. Gon spit out the salt water and took deep gulps of air. He could hear the stranger laughing with relief. With his vision returning Gon noticed the colorful, shimmering legs kneeling beside him. Scales covered the entire thighs and lessened as they went down the leg. Where there should be feet were translucent looking toes that looked like they were covered in slime, webbed and instead of nails there were nerves that formed the shape of a fin. Gon looked up to see the moon illuminating the stranger’s silver looking hair reminding Gon of starlight. Large blue eyes looked at him, a large smile greeting him. “Don’t worry, you’ll be ok land boy.” The boy whispered. The other voice Gon had heard urged the boy to return to the water before he lost his fins? Gon, too tired to move, watched the smile on the boy disappear. The boy turned to him once more, leaning in to whisper “be careful in the water”, his cold lips brushing against Gon’s ear. These same lips slid down to his neck where the boy gave him a quick but deep bite before slipping back into the ocean.
  4. Reunion: Twelve years after the fishing incident it had been near impossible to get Mito to allow him to go out into the ocean, especially in his little makeshift boats. As he grew he rebelled more until she couldn’t restrict him anymore but he always made sure to come back with a present for her and fulfill any request she had. While out relaxing in the ocean, away from where the fishermen and fairy boats docked, Gon was enjoying a nice sun bath taking a shallow nap while only wearing shorts to even his tan. in the distance he could hear a commotion, motors and paddles disrupting his peace. Gon cracked an eye open judging how far the men were before resuming his nap. The ruckus continued and he could feel the water moving, with an annoyed grunt Gon poked his head out of his little boat to see what all the commotion was about. The fishermen called out to each other, something about catching “it”. Gon searched the water to find what they were talking about but saw nothing but an odd shimmering something slithering just below the surface. Gon stared in disbelief by the speed of it as the creature slipped between the ships and boats before disappearing into the depth. Everything was once again still as all the men waited for something to happen. A plopping sound caught Gon’s attention and he turned to find a guy had slipped into his boat. He was about to demand who the guy was when he caught sight of the tail, the fleet of ships once again moving in their direction as someone had caught sight of the merman as he’d slipped towards Gon. As they came nearer Gon saw the fear in those large blue eyes that suddenly turned to him, his clammy body lunging onto Gon’s warm one, pulling him down to lay on top of him. A pair of cold lips stole a kiss from him, webbed fingers running through his hair. The first fishermen to reach them apologized and directed the others away from Gon’s boat saying not to disrupt the two “lovebirds”.
  5. Dirt: Though mermaids are conceived on land (more accurately by the shore where land and water meet) they are born in the ocean. In their youth children are born with finned legs and are able to breathe under water but may need to come up to take breaths of fresh air. During their youth mermaids can keep their tails and live in the water or go out on land where their fins will develop into legs (usually with a few scars remaining from the scales) where they can live as land people. It is very important for the mermaid to know how long their young bodies can be out on land otherwise they may be lost to the dry earth. However, once mature merpeople may still go onto land but to do this they much touch dirt/earth that has been “blessed” by a land person they have “marked” (usually befriended). The “blessed” earth is simple, they must have just touched it so fishermen who befriend merpeople tend to carry jars of dirt of their homeland. By touching this dirt merpeople are able to temporarily have legs but must return to the water before dusk. 

[[ just cuz i wanted to write it.]] 

Gon felt the cold tongue selfishly push through his trembling lips, tasting the tangy aftertaste of the orange he’d just eaten. He would have liked to say it was unpleasant, that it disgusted him to be kissed by a random guy who just so happened to sneak into his creaky old boat but the truth was that the cool body below him, the odd scaly feeling rubbing against his thighs, those wet hands playing with his hair and the dark blue eyes looking into his golden ones with alluring curiosity left him short of breath. 

The kiss ended but they did not pull away from each other, the merman licking his lips seeming rather satisfied. Aware of their position, and the reality of what had just happened finally sinking in, Gon pulled away so fast it must have looked like something had hurt him because the blue-eyed mermaid flinched, startled by Gon’s sudden movement. Gon glared wanting to be authoritative and ask who this stranger was but the curious merman was looking at him so innocently, as though this wasn’t strange at all, he just couldn’t bring himself to be cold towards him. 

“Who…what…argh,” Gon turned away rubbing his neck unable to look at the merman without blushing. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to say and his body felt way hotter than when he’d been basking in the sunlight, now it felt like the sun was burning from within him. “Did you…need any help?” Gon ended up muttering.

There was no response from the merman and Gon wondered if he could even understand him. The mermaid had a curious look in his eyes, like he was trying to remember something. Gon felt even more awkward being gazed at so intently. A sudden “AH!” made him snap his attention back to the mermaid just in time to see him smack his head against the little bench on the corner of the ship as he’d tried to sit up.

“A-are you ok?!”

“Oww~,” The mermaid whined while rubbing his nose. Gon’s dirty boot fell on the guys’ stomach making him grunt again, sand spilling onto him. “What the hell? Oh great.” 

The guy now seemed annoyed as he managed to sit up, resting his back against the bench letting the rest of the sand fall onto his wet body. 

“I’d imagined that if I ever met you again you’d be this handsome prince with a nice fashion sense like in Alluka’s books but just look at you sleeping out in the ocean in old boxers with sand in your boots.”

Gon watched in amazement as one by one the scales on the merman’s tail fell. His fins turned into toes, which the merman wiggled playfully. The tail disappeared, or shedded?, revealing a pair of naked pale legs.  

“Don’t just stare at me with that stupid look on your face. Aren’t you happy to see me?”  The merman got on his feet standing proudly before Gon basking in all his very naked glory. 

It took a couple of seconds for Gon to realize where his eye level fell to and he quickly looked away suddenly panicking for no apparent reason. 

“Wh-what do you mean? Do I know you?!!” Blindly Gon’s hands searched for his pants or shirt, anything to cover up the stranger. 

It ended up being useless though as that very stranger collapsed in between Gon’s legs (this guy must really not know anything about personal space) and looking at him with an irritated pout.

“You mean you don’t remember me? Magnificent me who saved your puny drowning ass.” The merman now seemed extremely offended, his frown growing more pronounced as Gon searched helplessly for answers in the deep blue eyes. Impatient the merman rolled his eyes gripping a fistful of the raven hair and forcing Gon’s head back. “This scare, don’t you remember, I’m the one who gave it to you.” He cooed.

Blurred memories came flooding back, a lost name echoing through his memory. It was so close yet distant, drowned out by reality and fiction. It couldn’t be…that night had really happened. That name he’d heard and grown so fond of…

“Killua.” Gon mumbled still not believing it as the name left his lips.

However, the smile he received couldn’t be denied. That name he’d heard being called out from the ocean, the boy with odd legs disappearing into the midnight sea, and the bleeding wound Gon had found himself with…it was all true.

“Hey there land boy. Long time no see.” 

MUSIC FOR CARS (@ night)

playlist by breathinginyourhair

~ for this playlist I picked out a bunch of songs that I could see myself blasting in my car at night with the windows rolled down on a long drive, hope you guys like it xxx ~

 → listen to the playlist on spotify: Music for Cars (@ night)

1. Intro - Swim Deep // 2. Wide Eyes - Local Natives // 3. A Dedication - Washed Out // 4. I Wanna Go - Summer Heart // 5. Into Black - Blouse // 6. Heart Out - The 1975 // 7. Echo of Love - The Shutes // 8. Peaches - In The Valley Below // 9. Ceilings - Local Natives // 10. Don’t Move - Phantogram // 11. Pressure - The 1975 // 12. New Theory - Washed Out // 13. We Move Like The Ocean - Bad Suns // 14. Youth - Beach Fossils // 15. On Your Side - The Radio Dept. // 16. Ghost - Sir Sly // 17. Medicine - The 1975 // 18. 20 Years - Bad Suns // 19. Mr. Quiche - Wildcat! Wildcat! // 20. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? - Tame Impala // 21. Head.Cars.Bending - The 1975 // 22. What A Pleasure - Beach Fossils // 23. She Changes The Weather - Swim Deep

Suburban Bore, a mix for when ur no chill conservative neighbourhood is killing ur vibe

1. Monotonia // The Growlers | 2. Freaks and Geeks // Plaided | 3. Haxel Princess // Cherry Glazerr | 4. No Waves // FIDLAR | 5. The Guesser // Temples | 6. I Need Fun in My Life // The Drums | 7. World Pleasure // Peace | 8. Any Emotions // Mini Mansions | 9. Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean Cover) // LIPS | 10. Youth // Beach Fossils | 11. The Sea // Swim Deep | 12. All The Time // Bahamas 

listen here

Imagine #85 Teenage!Chris [Requested]

A/N: Thank you to the anon that requested this. The feels were real when I was writing this, lol. Hope you enjoy it!

When Chris Argent lost his daughter, Allison, hefelt as if he’d lost his purpose in life. The beautiful and courageous brunette was the sole spirit that kept him grounded, kept his perspective on the motto he swore an oath to vindicate, kept him from evolving into a creature that he hunted to protect the lives of innocents. He prayed for salvation, pleading the heavens to give him guidance, to provide the hunter with another reason to continue living. When he awoke, it seemed his prayers had been answered; he’d been genetically rewound to his eighteen year old self. He was flabbergasted by the physical reversal, maybe it was a second chance at happiness or maybe it was to correct mistakes he’d made. Despite his plaguing curiosity, he’d decided to embrace the development and live this life with no regret.

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