☆ the name’s lance ☆

Made a Lance character study playlist on 8tracks so I have something to listen to while working on my fic!  I spent way too much time reading the lyrics of these songs, so I linked them in the tracklist below if anyone else wants to look at them.  All the songs have annotations.


  1. Try Everything // Shakira [x]
  2. The Listening Chair // Imogen Heap [x]
  3. The Dynamo of Volition // Jason Mraz [x]
  4. The Greatest // Sia [x]
  5. Fireflies // Owl City [x]
  6. Tightrope // Janelle Monáe [x]
  7. Don’t Stop Me Now // Queen [x]
  8. Wisdom // Mother Mother [x]
  9. Iron // Woodkid [x]
  10. I Was Here // Beyoncé [x]
  11. Here Comes a Thought // Rebecca Sugar [x]
  12. Look Up // Stars [x]
  13. We Are Golden // MIKA [x]
  14. Ocean Man // Ween [x]
  15. The Night Is Still Young // Nicki Minaj [x]
  16. Into the Stars // Tim Be Told [x]
gr33kg0ds replied to your post “I would be cool if percy had an Kraken tattoo since it’s an GIGANT…”

i love the ocean sm but giant squids scare me the most and if i ever saw one (even tho they’re like thousands of meters down lmao) my soul would ascend straight out of my body

i’ve always had such a weird fascination with giant squid bc i remember looking at that exhibit in the museum of natural history with the model squid like eating the whale and my dad was like “you know those are real right, they’re just so deep that we’ve never seen a live one” and it scared the shit out of me and then i remember in like 2013 the first spotting of the live one and it was,, chilling like man the ocean is fuxkin scary shit

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Colin: OCEAN MAN TAKE ME BY THE HAND Red: *JUST DUMPS A BUCKET OF WATER ON HIS HEAD* Colin: *short circuits* Sketch: YOU JUST KILLED HIM. Red: Yeah. Sketch: WHAT THE FUCK. Red: Yeah.

Y e a h