Frank Ocean derailed an important conversation about race in the music industry by singling out and blaming Taylor Swift. The headlines are now ‘Frank Ocean shaded Taylor Swift’ instead of anything substantive.

@fallenkitty123 said: Can you write a one shot where kitty is going on there first date?

omg absolutely (writing it cassandra-clare-answer-style bc my broken laptop is acting weird)

spoiler free ofc! this is really short and bad i’m sorry but these two are just really cute so :))

“Ty, stop tugging on your sweater, youre gonna stretch it out. And that thing was expensive.”

Ty stood in front of his mirror, pulling and tugging at his top, needing something to calm his nerves. His twin walked over to him, roping her arms around his neck and placing her chin on his shoulder.

“You’ll be fine,” Livvy said. “You’re gonna have fun! Just think of this as just a regular hang out, except with, like, more kissing.”


“I mean I would hope so. Might help release some of the sexual tension between you two. ‘Cause whoo, man!” She poked him in the stomach, bringing laughter bubbling up ftom him, despite the nerves. “You could cut it with my sabre!”

Livvy smiled brightly at him in the mirror before turning away. She sat down at her computer just as a knock rang throughout the room.

“That’s him!” Livvy mouthed. She stood back up and went over to the door, winking at Ty before opening the door.

“Hey, Kit!” she said enthusiastically. “Yoooooou ready?”

Kit gave a little nod and a smile. “As I’ll ever be.” He spotted Ty over Livvy’s shoulder. “Hey,” he said.

Ty returned a nervous smile.


They left with Livvy wishing them a happy first date, enthusiastically waving from the front steps of the Institute. They’d gone down to a small resturant on the beach. It was nice and they’d had an ocean view. The conversation whas awkward, though, and despite his best efforts, Ty couldn’t relax and make it feel like a casual hang out. Later on they’d gotten frozen yougurt and decided just to walk back to the institute along the water.

Thy strolled along the side of the ocean, bursts of awkward conversation coming and going. The Institute was just in sight when kit piped up.

“You know, I was really excited when you’d agreed to this, Ty. I honestly didn’t think you’d ever want to go on a date with me, of all people.” Kis eyes were down on the sand, his shoes in his hand swinging at his side.

“What? Why wouldn’t I?” Ty was dumbfounded.

“Well, I mean…” He smiled softly. “I guess I just never thought someone like me could get the guy.”

“Of course you can, Christopher. Why would you think otherwise?”

“My whole life is one missfortunal screw up after another. Nothing like this ever works out for me, never this good. I mean, you, a smart, cute boy ending up actually liking me? What are the odds?”

“Of course i like you. I think I have for a while.” Ty felt the blood rush to his face. “But I never thought you liked me. I always thought you probably liked Livvy.”

“Livvy?” Kit laughed. “I mean, she’s nice and pretty and all but Ty, you, you’re…” He trailed off.

“What?” Ty asked.

Kit raised his eyes to meet Ty’s. There was small smile playing at the corners of Ty’s mouth and Kit seemed almost to loose himself. “Extraordinary,” he said finally.

Ty broke the eye contact. “Thank you,” he said sheepishly.

“Tiberius…” Kit placed a hand under his chin and lifted his face so he was looking directly at him. He slowly brought his face closer to his, until their lips were touching. Kit wrapped his arms around Ty’s neckt and pressed his body close to his. Ty tangled his finger in Kit’s hair. Kit had to stand on his toes to reach his lips. 

The kiss broke, and both boys pulled away, huge smiles on their faces. They walked back to the institute, hand in hand, comfortable silence and the sound of the waves filling the air between them. They reached the front steps and saw Livvy sitting in wait.

“There you two are!” she called. “No kissing on the first date, right?”

He chose Erwin

After Erwin’s death a lot have been saying that levi chose Armin because he heard the ocean conversation between Him and Eren.But that’s not true Levi’s choice has and will Always be Erwin, his priority is Erwin .

Here he was determinant to inject Erwin with the serum ,even called Eren a brat who needs growing up , punched him for standing in his way .

But look what happens next 

Erwin pushed levi’s hand before he could even introduce the injection in his body.

Look at Levi’s face expression , he was not expecting Erwin to open his eyes or even move but he did .Erwin opened his eyes , pushed his hand and whispered something about his dream as a kid , thanked levi and then passed away.

Erwin whispered something to levi before dying , Levi looked at him in disbelief “ERWIN?” like “GONNA GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM?” but Erwin simply thanked him and died peacefully . 

This is not the face of someone who would choose Armin tbh , he looks rather schocked and startled by Erwin’s words. I think Erwin asked him to give the injection to Armin, and so levi had to grant him his last wish . and he was left to face the pain .

Erwin died a very peaceful and beautiful death , yet even if levi injected Armin with the serum his choice is still Erwinn.It was Erwin’s wish he granted, he needed peace after all the suffering , after all the painhe went through .And Levi gave him that peace andrest he needed .”Thank you Levi” were his last words.

special thanks to @fuku-shuu translation.

could i have the mera mera brothers and sanji with a shy s.o? (im a bit timid and wary of people in general bcs of  traumas+anxiety and bad experiences but once im comfy with someone i make so many jokes and innuendos and other times im deep as the ocean with conversations about life trying to solve mysteries of the humanity, and yeah. im a goofy nerd at times. i like to make silly faces to make others laugh, specially kids. im weird. but if i could have headcanons on a s.o like that… thanks ~     

A/N: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Their reaction to a shy s/o, who is also bubbly if comfortable


  • Sabo would like someone who is a bit shy, I just feel like he thinks it’s very charming
  • If he was with his s/o while you guys met new people, he’d just secretly smile at your behaviour
  • He would make sure you feel comfortable tho
  • If he notices you being a bit tense and avoid the gazes of the other people, he might take your hand in his and softly stroke the back of your hand
  • Might even lean down to you and whisper,
  • “Are you okay? Do you want to leave? It’s okay, if you want to.”
  • Also, he makes sure you don’t have to do something public all alone
  • Like, idk if Dragon says you have to find XY and tell them certain things, but XY is very… touchey…. then Sabo would either come with you or sent Koala/someone else with you I don’t know man lol
  • It surprises him every time how you can change from shy/quiet to bubbly/open
  • He makes sure you’re always comfortable, he is just such a cutie..
  • Like I said, Sabo thinks you’re very charming and doesn’t mind you being shy at all


  • Ace would react similar like his brother
  • When he first found out you were rather… shy around new people, he was shocked
  • He couldn’t believe that you, the one who always made jokes and was so comfortable with all of his friends/family was actually shy
  • He’d think you were one of the cutest people he has ever met
  • Also, Ace might think it’s a special thing, because you only open up to people you know and you opened up to him, that means you’re comfortable with him, hell yeah!
  • Like Sabo, he will make sure you always feel safe
  • If he sees you struggling with talking to other people, he’ll just join the conversation, put an arm around you and handle the situation like a hero
  • at least that’s what he thinks he is
  • And then, when you get to know everyone better and start to get bubbly again, he just stares at you in awe and thinks wow
  • He won’t mind you being shy, it just makes him like you a bit more, because he thinks you’re too cute


  • “Y/N- swaaan!!” -“Stop talking to my beautiful Y/N- swan, you’re making them uncomfortable!!”
  • Like the ones above, Snooji would think it’s very charming that you’re shy, it just makes his eyes turn into hearts and his heart jump out of his chest
  • I mean, at the same time, everything you do makes him go heart eyes and heart jump-jump
  • His ideal type is someone who is a bit shy, so you just hit 100 points
  • If he sees you struggling with something, because of your shyness, he will smile at you in such a loving way… wow
  • He wants you to know that he’s always around and that there’s nothing to be uncomfortable with, as long as he’s there, there’s no need to worry
  • If you turn into the bubbly/open person again, he just stops and stares
  • “You surprise me everytime, my love…”
  • Might take your hand, kiss your fingertips in such a loving way… damn he’s a true gentleman……
  • If he sees you struggling a lot tho and the person who talks to you does not seem to get the message, he will just walk up to you, smile at you :), turn to the other person and go,
  •  “Piss off.”  >:(
  • Man, Snooji is great I love this dude 10/10

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Hey could you write a blurb based on the video that Mitchy posted in his story of Luke? Like we're on the way home and Luke notices his iPhone isn't there and then like we drive back from where we came from and he finds it in a garbage can and then I make fun of it and then he just punishes me for making fun of that. I'm sorry if it's not understandable and if you can't do that now it's ok too.:)

+cont. or without the punishment and just cute fluff. Do what you feel more comfortable to write.☺️

girl, i can do both aha x 

so i m a g i n e just driving in the large black crossover, away from the party you all were hanging out at. You all had more plans for the night, so you all called night at that party. But as soon as you all were somewhat far, Luke starts patting himself down for his phone. 

“Shit dude, I don’t have my phone,” Luke announced, having you look worrisome with the boy in the back seat. You check around the back with him while Mitchy and the others look around in the seats in front of yours. But his phone was nowhere to be found in the vehicle. 

“Mate, do we have to turn around?” Calum groaned from the front, having you drop your forehead in your hand in pure defeat when Luke replies ‘yes.’ So Mitchy turns the car around, having you notice a mischievous smirk playing at the corner of his lips as he did so. Returning to the area, you left the car with Luke and Mitchy, only to hear Mitchy begin to laugh really loud. 

“Oh my fuck, Mitchy, where is it?” Luke huffed, clinking his brown cowboy boots on the road as Mitchy began filming the recyclables trash can. You cupped your mouth, concealing your laughter as Luke tried playing off his vexation with laughter. 

“Hey Luke, where’s your phone?” Mitchy teases, having Luke completely in disbelief as he grabs his phone from inside the blue container. Luke presents his phone to the recording phone as he begins walking back. You quickly scram back into the car, awaiting the two to go back inside. 

You hear an ‘I hate you’ before Mitchy and Luke return to the car. 

“Where the fuck was it?” Ashton began, twisting his torso to look back at Luke. 

“He put it in the fucking trash,” Luke exclaimed, chuckling as he wipes the phone on his skinny jeans. Ashton brings his hand to his hair and ruffles the blonde locks in amusement, seeing as Luke was being playfully frustrated. Luke swatted him away before putting the phone safely in his pocket. 

“Luke, don’t be so mad!” Mitchy hummed as he pulled the car away from the curb and back to where you guys were headed. 

“Fuck off,” Luke said through laughter, having everyone else laugh in the car. You smiled at Luke, amused at his fake laughter. You then bring your hand up to pinch his chin between your fingers. He faces you, his laughter slowly dissolving as everyone returned to their conversations. His ocean blue eyes stared at you, though it was difficult to see the blue as the car was dim. You snickered at him, giving him a grin in amusement. 

“Why you so mad, baby?” You teased, puckering your lips to give him several air kisses. He just stared at you, rolling his eyes as you giggled. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.” You laughed some more, having Luke quickly take your face between his hands.

“Thank it’s funny, do you?” Luke hummed, his voice much quieter than before. You found yourself going stern, staring into him with awe as his face became just as serious. “Do you, baby girl?” 

“Just a tad…” You whispered, having Luke’s rouge lips slightly part. He brings his tongue out and swipes them both, making them shiny and moist. His thumb brushes both cheeks, making you curious of his intentions. But then he brought his face close, guiding his lips towards your ear until you could feel his hot breath. 

“Don’t make a sound,” Luke said quietly, having you nod in confusion but firmly. Luke then lowered his thumbs to the underside of your chin and tilted your head up. Without warning, Luke latches his lips on your neck, having you take your lips into your mouth to bite them down with your teeth. You could feel his pearly whites gently gnaw at your neck, his hot breath and cool tongue bringing contradictory pleasure to it. 

“Luke,” you emit in a whisper, your hands subconsciously being brought up to weave your fingers through his blonde locks. His tongue grazes along to different spots of your neck, feeling him suck and tug at the splotches of flesh he selects. It became hard to contain your noises, but you did keep them at very quiet breaths. Nobody suspected a thing, seeing as they were far too engaged in their talk about the party to be asked. 

“Don’t make fun of me,” Luke spoke lowly to your neck, peppering soft kisses all over before pulling away. He tugs your face over to his and plants a kiss on your lips before planting a kiss on both of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your forehead. “Okay, loser?” 

“Yeah, yeah,” you said quietly, bringing your hand up to wipe away Luke’s trail of saliva left attempting to dry on your neck. “Gosh, you’re so gross. Your hands were in the trash and now I have your slobber all over.” 

“You love me really,” Luke teases, stealing you into an embrace as you rolled your eyes. 

“Uh huh,” you hummed sarcastically, feeling as he began cradling you lovingly. 

luke blurbs :)) 

A MerMay dabble on the last week of May because why not? 

Sabo had a secret, one that he guarded with his life since he was five and only told his baby brother Luffy and his pirate crew about it.  

Said secret was half the reason he set out to sea, at the age of seventeen, to be near it. It followed the ship at a safe distance, members of Sabo’s crew always a little wary of it but they didn’t doubt their captain when he said it would never harm them. 

“La la la, laaaa laaaaaa….”   

Still a few of the newbies couldn’t sleep at night as it sang, worried it would take them to the bottom of the sea if they let their guard down. 

“La la la, laaaaa laaaaa, la la- Sabo!”  

The members of the Dragon crew jumped out of their skins when it suddenly cut off its haunting song. It’s voice when speaking was always a bit hard to adjust to. When the creature sang it was smooth, hypnotizingly clear but while speaking it was rough and echoing.

Sometimes it sounded like death itself.

“Sabo! Sabo! Sabo!” 

The crew rushed out of their beds worried that something may have happened to the captain- it sounded distressed. Once they burst through the door of their sleeping quarters they were shocked to see it onboard.

It never left the waters, always peering up at them from the waves along side the boat, silver eyes shining and curious but never close enough to touch. 

The moonlight shone down on the Blue Flame beautifully, highlighting the ship’s many well-done carvings around the railing. It bathed two figures of the left side deck.

An unfamiliar blond man, half drowned it seemed and the secret of the captain.

“What’s wrong Ace?!”  Sabo shouted from the captain’s room. 

He looked around confused before Rae shouted down at him

“He’s on the deck Cap!”

Sabo looked at her confused for a few seconds before rushing back into his room and climbing up the ladder. 

The reason this ship was so important was that the captain’s room was build at the bottom of the boat little ways above the kneel.

It had cost the crew a fine penny to pay but it served its purpose. The little room had a window that could be opened from the inside, and a foldable balcony too. It was right above the water, and the captain could be in reaching distance of his secret whenever he wanted this way.  

Usually, the crew could find him there, feet dipped in the ocean while conversing with the creature that leaned on his thighs. Staring at Sabo like he was the one to put the stars in the sky at night and raise the sun each morning. 

“Help…not breathing…need air..” The creature said pushing on the blond man’s chest, trying to get the water out. The crew gave each other an awkward glance- Ace couldn’t produce oxygen, he could somehow survive in it but not make his own- until Foster stepped forward.

“I’ll give him CPR Ace…please step-er  shimmy away from him.” 

Slivers eyes turn to look at him confused until understanding drew on his face. The crew bites back a wince when its eyes grew sad but flopped away from the blond man.

They always felt bad asking it to move away from them but no one wanted to touch the creature in fear of falling under a charm. The captain was the only known person brave enough to make skin contact. 

Once Ace was a foot away Foster rushed forward and got to work. The man had taken a lot of water but there was still time to save him. Pushing against the chest with laced fingers the doctor counted a number of presses before placing his lips on the blond man and breathing.

Ace watched from the side hurt and lonely as the male he rescued got saved by the land dwellers.

“Ace?” A voice asked from his right. The sea creature turns to see Sabo- still dressed in his blue pajamas-giving him a worried look. The blond man reached out a hand running it through his sea damaged hair, before bringing him in for a warm hug.

Ace felt better already.

Even if the blond’s crew was staring at them in bewilderment like they always do whenever Sabo touched him. 

“He fell from…sky…” Ace stumbled to explain. Words were hard to make above water.  “I saw…and brought..to Sabo..”

“Then I have you to thank for saving my life little siren.” The new voice makes everyone jump- though not as high as Foster- and they whip around to see the blond man standing from his near drowning nonchalantly. 

He gives the shocked Ace a friendly smile walking over to him with a hand out for a handshake. The siren stares at it in wonder, and everyone on board hates how he seems like he isn’t sure if he’s allowed to take it.  “I’m Marco and you are?”

Sabo nudges his side, and Ace wraps his gils covered fingers around the hand shaking it rapidly. So obviously happy that someone is talking to him without fear.

”Ace!” He chirps. He then tilts his head studying the blond with intelligent eyes until he nods sure. “Phoenix.” 

The blond grins. “I am a Phoenix. It’s nice to meet other magical dwellers. It’s been years since I last saw a half-breed.”

Sabo jerks as Ace blinks.  “You know what he is?”

Marco’s grin turns into a soft smile. “Half siren half human I’m guessing? Completely harmless to anyone and yet able to charm at his will. “A gift to this world” as they are usually called in the New World yoi.”

Ace looks like he’s going to cry.     

@cupidjuice‘s Mallow invited Cinnamon to a party at the Bluffs and then promptly abandoned her there, so she struck up a conversation with Ocean while Pancake checked her out.

@glitchysims (Been), @blarffy (Caleb), @bratsims (Flora), @cabsim (Pancake), @zauglom (Ocean).

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Flint tucks Silver's hair behind his ear before kissing him.

We all know Flint loves Silver’s curls that is just a given.


They’re in Flint’s office, they were poring over lists and manuscripts, and their conversation slowly started to drift, first to the going-ons of the ship, then to books and sonnets, they’re in the middle of discussing Shakespeare and drinking watered down rum while looking at the sunset dance off the ocean when the conversation dies down. They become aware of how close they are, bodies turned toward each other, leaning into each other’s space, shoulder’s touching, hands occasionally brushing as they refill their cups. 

It happens slowly, the light is reflecting off of Silver’s face, and it is intoxicating. Flint shifts the cup to his right hand before reaching out to tuck that one unruly curl behind his ear, his hand moves to cup Silver’s jaw, it take one breath before their lips meet.


Send Me Silverflint Headcanons (I sometimes write things)

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