Capricorn and Nature

Capricorn has a very interesting relationship with nature. Like the earth signs they have a lot of associations with nature. While Taurus lives beside nature and keeps her secrets, Virgo utilizes nature, Capricorn actually protects it. This is ironic considering Capricorn is associated with industrialization, business, Darwinism, and the death of things. But because of this many Capricorns understand how bad things can turn out for nature also Capricorn understands that when you cut down the forest no more paper and medicine can be made. Capricorn is supportive of reserves and national parks and might be in the forefront of fighting for rain forest conservation and ocean clean ups. Capricorn can be protective of a camping site they frequently visit and is one to scold a litterer. It is very possible for a Capricorn to forget about their earth roots and can not care about the earth at all and is all about making a profit for the here and now.

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translated by m0yo @ tsukipro-en

While SOARA was at the ocean ☆

Mamoru: Big clean up♪ Kou-kun’s house is~ always so pretty~ Because I was~ told~ “The one who made it dirty is~ Mamoru, right?” Cleaning up… Hm?


Mamoru: Something fell………… !!??
Koki: …We disguised ourselves as women for a project

Giant: Ch. 16

Be gentle with me
I might not be ready
I am learning to love
I am learning to let myself be loved
How did I miss this lesson when I was young?

The cover of CatCo magazine stared back at her in the waiting room of the federal jail. Kara squeezed her hand and flipped a page in her copy of the magazine, not trying to pay much attention to anything at all. Even though it was a few months old, it was still the newest magazine in the place, which was terrifying enough in its own right.

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Earth is Dying - and it's Our Fault.

I need to fully develop my conservation blog and post things like this there. But here’s the deal.

We are in the midst of the planet’s sixth mass extinction.

These are incredibly rare, and yes, it is what you think it is - when hundreds, thousands of species go extinct within a short period of time. But if it’s happened before, why is this one so bad?

Because the five before this have been due to completely natural causes. The warming or cooling of the planet, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts…

But this time, HUMANS are the primary problem. That’s right, us. You and I.

Sure, we are not the only reason for species going extinct, but everything we do harms the environment. Our hunger for expansion and a higher standard of living has caused us to keep destroying nature just so we can build on it.

So, habitat destruction is a HUGE problem. Along with littering, overpopulation, overusage of water, fragmentation, and carbon emissions (which contribute to global warming). We are invading and destroying rainforests - even the protected biodiversity hotspots are difficult to preserve - and disaster falls.

We are wiping out keystone species, plants and animals that could trigger the collapse of an entire ecosystem because they’re so important. We are losing species of plants that may have undiscovered medicinal value (like a cure for cancer).

Species are disappearing faster than we can blink. What will we do when the bees are gone? The sea turtles, the sharks? What happens when you wake up in the morning and the birds aren’t singing, what happens when you go to the beach and instead of clean sand and rocks, it’s filled with litter and trash?

So, yes. We are destroying our planet and ensuring the downfall of both us and future generations.

So how can we stop this?
1.) Conserve resources. The lower the demand is for products, the less people will go out and harvest them. Try and save water, drive less (public transportation may be a better option for example), save electricity by turning lights off. The littlest things can help.

2.) Don’t litter. This should be easy. But apparently, people haven’t been getting the message. Those garbage patches in the ocean can’t just be cleaned up.

3.) RECYCLE!! This is so important, and so easy! I’m astonished at the amount of people I know who don’t recycle. Please encourage everyone you know to participate, too.

4.) Educate. We have the world at our fingertips. Visit the IUCN red list, which documents all species of animals, and names their status. Look at other websites. Learn. Teach people. Let them know what’s happening.

5.) Donate. This can be the hardest to do because, well - money is hard to come by. But I urge you all to send this money to a good cause. There are soooo many environmental and conservation groups out there to donate to. Your money will be well spent. Just make sure you research each project before donating to ensure it’s not a scam.

Thank you for listening - and I urge you all to speak up about this. We need this planet. It doesn’t need us.

Six notes from Earth

1. Hi everyone, just a friendly note, when you use the oceans could you clean up after yourself. Ive noticed not everyone is doing this, they are a communal resource and if this continues we may have to stop providing them. Thx, Earth. Also, could you stop turning up the thermostat, it’s bleaching my coral.
2. Hi all, can you check first before taking items out of the crust. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone else has taken my petroleum. I’m keeping it in there for a reason guys, if you need the energy so much you can go get your own.
3. Seriously all, could you please stop messing with the thermostat. If you’re cold then WEAR A JUMPER.
4. Hi everyone, can you check no-one else is using an area before putting concrete down please, I’ve had lots of complaints from birds and other mammals that they’ve booked a space and come back from migration or hibernation to find someone has put up a housing estate there, just so as you know this is not OK. Remeber this is a communal resource and if this continues we may have to stop providing the booking system.
5. To whoever keeps on taking all the animals. Sooner or later we are going to need one of those extinct species or don’t you remember the issue with the bees. Also we all know which species is responsible, you should stop before you embarrass yourself even more. Have a nice day, Earth.
6. Hi all, thanks for pointing out the issue with the hurricanes, this is a medical issue and I cannot help it. Also for the last time could you STOP turning up the thermostat, it is way too hot in here and it makes them worse. Thx, Earth.

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Fic Request: "Who do you think taught Mazikeen?"

MY DAY HAS COME. I’ve had this headcanon for so long and I’m so excited to finally write something about it!

Having to call Maze into the office was always a little chaotic for the rest of the staff.

Most of the other officers had seen, or at least heard, about her in action and they usually parted like the Red Sea wherever she went. So of course it made perfect sense that Dan and Chloe were the ones to keep an eye on her. Not Lucifer, no why would Olivia send Maze’s friend to look after Maze?

Actually, Lucifer was supposed to be here, but for whatever reason was running late. His nasally voice filled Dan’s head and corrected him: five reasons, douche.

Even in Dan’s head the guy was still an asshole.

He sighed and leaned against the wall of the precinct’s gym. Chloe stood next to him. They both watched Maze be well…Maze.

She had her crescent-shaped blades in hand and was going through a series of impossible positions before flinging them into the corkboard on the far wall. Each time, the curved blades sang through the air and buried themselves in the direct center, one right after the other. And each time Maze would stalk up, rip them out, and start again.

“Who do you think taught Maze how to fight?” Dan wondered aloud.

In the corner of his eye he saw Chloe shrug.

“It’s probably better that we don’t know.”

As if making the point, another thump of a blade hitting the board rang through the room. Dan resisted a cringe.

If she wanted to, Maze could break him into pieces. Very painful, very tiny pieces. If she was feeling particularly in a mood, she would probably throw said pieces into the ocean and clean up all evidence of the metaphorical murder with ease.

Dan gulped.


A door opening drew their attention away from the bounty hunter and to the door on the right.

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Green :)

green: what’s your favorite thing to do outside? do you like camping? what would you spend $1,000 on? what’s your job, or what do you want to do as your job? what’s your favorite article of clothing?

hike, explore, and forage mushrooms.

i do! i can’t wait to test out my tent in the wild. my friends sold me their gently used tent and it’s so spacious. :3

probably travel. 

my job is boring, stressful, and uneventful, but i’m leaving in two weeks so i can pursue sustainable agriculture. i found an opportunity of a lifetime in maui, and i’ll be volunteering in a food forest to learn the ropes of sustainable agriculture. i’ll also be volunteering my free time at the beach for beach and ocean clean ups. if i could get a job doing that, that would be a dream come true.

i have this slouchy black dress i love love love so much. 

Fourth of July weekend represents one of the busiest weekends for our nation’s coastlines – and as you work to find the perfect perch on the beach this weekend, don’t forget the animals who call those beaches home! 

Amidst all the holiday fun, it can be easy to forget to pick up those plastic soda bottles, lighters, food wrappers and straws you brought with you to the beach. The trash and debris we leave behind can easily make it into our ocean – and into the lives of the marine wildlife that calls it home. Trash is a major threat to ocean life and ecosystems, so doing your part to pick up after yourself on the beach can have a profound, positive impact on the lives of animals like this Laysan albatross and chick inspecting a pile of disposable cigarette lighters picked up during a single beach cleanup event in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. 

This weekend, save some plastic and save a life! Opt to bring re-usable containers and pick up your trash as you leave the beach. 

(Photo: David Slater/NOAA)

The Origin Of Ocean Garbage Patches

by Patricia Waldron, Inside Science

If you toss a message in a bottle into the ocean, instead of washing up on a distant shore, it will probably end up in one of the world’s five major floating garbage patches – but which one?

By using models of ocean currents, researchers have calculated the boundaries of each section of the ocean, which can extend beyond the traditionally defined borders. In the process, they found that they can predict which garbage patch will receive a piece of plastic depending on where the litter is tossed. The research may one day pinpoint areas where wildlife interacts with the moving trash. It may also help identify the biggest plastic polluters, which contribute to garbage patches that some researchers estimate to be twice the size of Texas.

“We’ve redefined how one should draw the borders of the oceans,” said coauthor and mathematician Gary Froyland, at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. “It’s more scientifically meaningful to draw the boundaries according to where the water moves as opposed to just the legal, geographical boundaries.”

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I love all your OCs and how they're all so different...but they also all seem real. How do you do that? I'm struggling to make my own characters feel real.

Thank you so much!

I do have advice. And let me start out that advice by saying that I’ve not had much formal fiction training (and what I did, I don’t remember), so this is all pieces that I’ve gathered over 15 years of RP and writing fanfic and may actually be absolute garbage. But it’s worked for me, so here we go.

Five main bits:

1. Solidity

2. People do not exist in a vacuum

3. Everyone has flaws

4. Every relationship has flaws

5. Pull on your own experiences

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Nash Grier Smut Imagine for Tara

Me and my boyfriend Nash were currently at a private beach which he hired out for the day for our 1 year anniversary. We were laying on the sand sunbathing and talking. “I can’t believe you hired this whole beach out for us babe, it’s amazing.” I said, gratefully. “Its my pleasure Tara, only the best for you babe.” Nash said, while winking. I chuckled at his cheesy line and looked out to the sea. “Ya know babe, if you wanna pay me back, I think I know a great way for you to do so.” Nash said suggestively while picking me up and putting me on top of him so I was straddling him. “Mm baby, what a good idea.” I replied before reaching down to give him a long passionate kiss.

He took my bikini off and I took his swim trunks off before crawling down his body and looking at his length. I looked up to him while smirking before I put his length into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down so fast, to give him maximum pleasure. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and guided me up and down his massive cock. “Mm T-Tara baby, just like that.” he mumbled. Just before he could cum, I released him from my mouth with a pop and quickly say down on his long length and began riding him fast. “Oh god!” I moaned out. “Yes Tara, keep going babe!” Nash yelled. We both cummed and I swear it was the best orgasm of my life. We both got back into our swim wear. “That was amazing baby.” Nash said while pecking me on the lips. “Anytime sweetcheeks.” I winked at him, before running off into the ocean to clean up.

(A/N here you are Tara, this one gave me major nash feels omg, hope you like it (: )