Pollution Sucks Tee by BLACKMAGIKA

This logo was designed in 1989 by a family member in protest of the Exxon Valdez oil spill that happened in March of that year in Prince William Sound Alaska, just east of Anchorage. That spill destroyed ocean habitat in Alaska and has affected BC and the whole pacific coast. We have decided to reprint it using the last known original and have added the printing on the back.

All profits from the sales of this shirt are going to be donated to small shore clean ups on Vancouver Island and if it does well I’m planning to donate to shore clean up efforts in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

Daily Prompt: Eyes
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Your eyes I could stare at forever  there the color blue like a breathtaking  view of a clear clean ocean. They light up when you smile and dim to really dark blue when your mad or sad. You look at everyone with so much openness with those eyes of yours. You never seem to want to hide your emotions behind these eyes. You’re not afraid of being emotional and yet you are the strongest guy I know.…

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