ocean's thirteen*

[Peter is talking to his Aunt May on the phone at the Avenger’s compound]

Peter: No, Aunt May. It will work.

[Tony puts his hand out for the phone]

Peter: No Aunt May, I won’t put Tony on.

[Steve puts his hand out for the phone]

Peter: Or Steve.


Danny Ocean: What are you doing?
Rusty Ryan: Sleeping. Why are you dressed?
Danny Ocean: It’s 5:30, day of. Gotta go, let’s go!
Rusty Ryan: It’s 11:30. The night before.
Danny Ocean: [realizes he was given a prank wake-up call by Toulour]
Rusty Ryan: Oh! Oh he’s mean. He’s just mean spirited. All right, how many espressos have you had?
Danny Ocean: Five.

Ocean’s Twelve(2004)
dir.Steven Soderbergh

Nothing But You

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Casey Affleck X Reader. 

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of divorce. 

Summary: You and Casey are divorced, there’s little relationship shared between you other than you daughter. The night of the Golden Globe awards, you go not particularly for him but also not for any other reason. 

The room was decadent, breathtakingly beautiful. Tables decorated to a ‘T.’ The chandeliers looked as though they would cost an arm or a leg. The stage was a whole other ballgame, just pure beauty. Everything looked so much better in person. It had been a little over four years since you attended the Golden Globes or even spruced yourself up. 

You found your name almost immediately, written in calligraphy on a small name card placed in the middle of a plate. There was no one too fancy near you, Chris Pine was seated next to you which you were thankful for. He was a longtime friend and tonight you may have need his shoulder to lean on. 

Yet before you could sit down, you felt him. That physically sensation that he was near. There was no explanation for it, it wasn’t like he held a different aura around him, you just knew. You turned around, attempting to disguise it as looking at the stage once more but your eyes were on him. 

Your ex-husband, your ex-lover, the father of your child. He stood deep in conversation with his longtime friend Matt, his beard was grown out completely, sporting areas of grey and his hair was pulled up in a bun. Yet even with all of these changes to his hair and face, he still looked the same as the day you meet him… and the day you left. 

It’s been a long time since you seen him even with the sharing of a child with him, the day you left was the last real conversation you’d had with him. Even during the divorce, he kept his talks to a minimum. He didn’t ask for much, he didn’t even ask for joint custody of your daughter, Emma. He gave you what you wanted without a fight and you both went your separate ways. 

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matt is so fucking adorable omg