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Piano sketch of Dream Sweet in Sea Major with the ocean.

Never Let Me Go

Title : Never Let Me Go

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,817

Prompt : Song “Never Let Me Go” by Florence and the Machine

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You jerked awake and inhaled sharply as your arms whipped out to your sides savagely. You let out a moan as you looked around. You were in the bed of that beach-side hotel. You raised a hand to muss it through your hair in frustration. It had been one of those stupid dreams; the kind where you are falling and you jerk awake looking like a flailing pelican.

Honestly, it could have been worse; you had nightmares of all sorts, so the falling dreams weren’t too bad.

They were just annoying.

And they normally woke everybody up.

You looked around sheepishly, hoping you had been quiet enough to let the boys rest for the evening. The current case had taken you and the boys all the way to St. Augustine, Florida in search of a pair of shape shifters. Despite your efforts, you still hadn’t managed to nab the creatures, and the four of you, after days of tireless research and interviews, were pretty much burnt out. Dean and Sam were particularly exhausted, so you hoped you hadn’t woken either of the brothers up. God knows they needed rest if you were ever going to find those shape shifters by the end of the week.

You glanced over to the other bed. Sam was lying still on his back, his hands resting on his stomach, his lips parted in sleep, his hair splayed out behind his head. Dean let out a soft sigh in his sleep, mumbling something next to his brother, his arm hanging over the side of the bed as he slept on his stomach, hugging the pillow to his face. They were still asleep.

You let out a sigh of relief and sat up. You glanced at your bed. Next to you, the bed was cold and empty. Not that you were surprised, but you were slightly disappointed. Castiel never really slept, but you wouldn’t have minded waking up to his face, the warmth of him. But he was gone, as usual.

In fact, he had probably retreated to heaven for a few hours before the hunt commenced again in the morning.

You looked at the alarm clock on the hotel’s bed-side table. It was 3:40 in the morning. You sighed and rubbed your eyes and stood up. You got yourself a drink and took the water bottle with you to look out the window. You had to pull the curtains to the side to see out. The beach had been lively until late that night, you could hardly fall asleep with all the noise and the lights from the bonfires, but now it was finally dark and quiet out on the sand.

The beach was totally empty.

Suddenly, a slight movement caught your eye. A tiny figure was walking along the wooden dock to the end of the pier. You blinked in surprise. Even from the distance, you could recognize the absurd trench coat and messy black hair.

It was Castiel. You watched him for a few moments as he walked out to the end of the dock. Then he stood there, still and stoic, like a statue, his gaze fixed out on the dark, rippling surges of waves in the ocean.

You turned to grab your hoodie and went out after him, closing the door as quietly as you could behind you. You scampered along the sand in your bare feet, kicking up white dust that sprayed across you shorts with each step. You pulled on your hoodie as you went, enjoying the sound of the waves and the feel of the cool sand and the smell of the sea on the air. You finally made it to the dock and padded out to the end. The walk was long and the boards creaked under your feet, but you were smiling the whole way.

The stars were shining beautifully in the night sky, and the moon was reflecting on the ocean waves as they peaked on the black horizon in silver mounds of temporary light. You could see where the universe ended and the ocean began; the swirling silver sapphire of the night sky disappeared into a sea of solid darkness that was the water.

You padded up on the board behind Castiel with a smile, hugging yourself as a cold wind nipped at your neck, whipping your hair from your shoulders. “Hey.”

Cas stared straight ahead, almost as if he didn’t hear you. For a moment you thought you had disturbed him and you thought of backing away, but to your surprise you suddenly felt a warm hand slip into yours. “Look.”

You blinked, staring out into the waves where Cas pointed. “What?”

Cas raised his other hand and pointed. “Over there.”

You followed his finger. “I don’t see anything.”


You fell silent, focusing on the waves and the feeling of Castiel’s hand in yours. Just then you heard something add to the music of the ocean; a high, shrill note, a solemn hum. You blink as the water where Cas had pointed gave a great heave. Your lips parted in shock as you watched a large dark shape come humming out of the water, shining silver under the moon.

“It’s a whale…” You murmured breathlessly.

There was silence as the pair of you stared in silence as the whale’s back peaked over the waves and then slowly morphed back into the darkness. Its song, low and sweet, mingled with the rhythm of the waves, like music until it was silent again.

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Falling in love with God is like falling in love with Life, over and over again. Every sunrise is your first kiss; the rain, the grass and the ocean are miracles of Being. And every person is a sign of His love. And then you realize that He loves you this much, more than you can ever comprehend. Everything is still and calm, and peace is what He brings you.


Miracles are the natural way of the Universe -
our only job is to move our doubting minds aside
and let the miracles flow.