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Did Wei or Wu ever tried attacking each other through the East China Sea? If not, why?

Naval warfare wasn’t really a part of Han culture.

Han warships were built for riverine warfare. They were designed to protect the crossings of rivers - ram-ships to intercept those crossing, tower-ships for support. The kind of technology needed for a seaborn assault simply didn’t exist in Han culture.

European culture and warfare developed influenced by seas and oceans. The Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Adriatic, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean. Naval warfare was necessary for survival. The great states of ancient Europe were thalassocratic. Han culture grew up along the Yellow River and was always riverine and terrestrial. Their enemies and great powers were terrestrial. The need for seaborn warriors never developed.

There were merchant ships, of course. While these could theoretically have been outfitted for war, it would have taken great time, expense, and expertise that didn’t really exist. And while there were a few seaports along the cost of Eastern China, there was nothing that would be suitable as the starting point of an invasion or campaign. Even if there had been, the technology to successfully capture and hold it didn’t exist. Even had that technology been adapted, the logistical support required to maintain an invasion by sea would have been a nightmare.

There were still a handful of naval expeditions, but no major campaigns were ever attempted by sea. That simply wasn’t how the Han people made war.


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