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Before Queen Mary could enter hotel service in Long Beach, she had to go through some renovations. Originally, Long Beach bought her to turn her into a maritime museum hotel combo. So the plan was to rip out literally everything below R deck to make space for 3 or 4 different museums. Unfortunately, the only thing to come of these original museum plans was the “Propeller Box” exhibit. All those rooms gutted remain empty to this day. Rumor says the only thing remaining in the former 3rd class and crew spaces is the carpeting.

SciArtFriday ~ Live Event with Cartoonist at Sea Lucy Bellwood
Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood discusses her participation in a mapping expedition aboard R/V Falkor and the result of her Artist-at-Sea experience, a comic book a...

It’s today! If you’ve got questions about the three-week residency I did this spring in the Pacific Ocean aboard Research Vessel Falkor (source of this post, far and away the most popular thing I have ever put on Tumblr), I’ll be taking them at 4pmPDT this afternoon. You can tweet at @SchmidtOcean with queries, reply to this post before 3:30PDT, or tune in live to watch the event at the link above.

What do you want to know about life on the open waves?


Went hOMe today to wash my skin in sand and Walt water 🌊

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