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Necropsy on endangered killer whale shows animal suffered blunt-force trauma

VANCOUVER — A necrospy on an endangered killer whale found floating off the coast of British Columbia showed the animal had blunt-force trauma to its head and neck, officials say.

The male orca, found in the water off the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver on Tuesday, also had a hematoma, indicating it was alive for a time after the injury, said Paul Cottrell, Pacific marine mammal co-ordinator with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

He said the damage may have been caused by a vessel strike or other “heavy contact,” but investigators are waiting on tissue tests and other results to determine exactly what happened.

“I think as we get more information back from the necropsy, it’ll help inform us going forward, for sure,” Cottrell said.

Investigators have also taken the animal’s skull to Vancouver, where a CT scan will be done to determine whether there were any fractures as a result of the blunt-force trauma.

The 18-year-old orca, known as J34, was part of the endangered southern resident killer whale population, which live in the waters off southern British Columbia and Washington state.

At least three other animals in the group have died this year, including a calf, a 23-year-old female called J28 and a male known as L95. Cottrell said there are now 79 whales left in the population.

The Center for Whale Research in Washington state said in a news release it has been voicing concerns for over a decade that the endangered whales are not getting enough salmon for their survival.

“We reported that J34 was looking skinny this past summer," it said.

Cottrell said the necropsy showed the almost seven-metre-long orca was in overall good condition with a thick layer of blubber.

There’s a lot of research going on to help protect the southern resident killer whales, and J34’s death will likely help that work progress, he said.

"There’s a big effort going on and of course, when we get a fresh carcass where we can get more information on cause of death and the details around that, we want to know what happened and why, and if it’s a human-caused issue, how we can mitigate that going forward is really important.”

The Sechelt First Nation, which helped retrieve the whale’s body, will keep the skeleton and plan to display it in the future, Cottrell said.

But first the carcass will be left outside for about a year so various organisms can strip it of all organic matter, he explained. Once clean, the bones will be reassembled and displayed.

“This is a beautiful specimen, 18 years old, in the prime of his life. His teeth and everything were in great shape. So this will be a great specimen for display,” Cottrell said.

Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Canadian Press


((I was gonna do the first expedition log for my standswap character, but I’m falling asleep. It’s like 5 am here. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

In the meantime, here. Have some drawings of Regan Starveling, the standswapped Star Platinum. He’s the navigator for an oceanic expedition vessel (that I have yet to name), and has an expertise in charting stars and constellations. His stand (standswapped Jotaro) is “Aquabat”, an armored maritime stand that can control water pressure and light up in the dark (and punch things really hard, should the need arise).

The mission of the research vessel he sails with is to document undiscovered forms of marine life, so the marine life posts I’m gonna do for this event will be done in the style of a 19th century explorer’s journal. I’m gonna use etchings from the time period instead of photographs, and I’ll try to sneak in mentions of old, weird diving technology used at the time. Probably some period science fiction too. I was obsessed with Jules Verne when I was younger, and I’m gonna try to put that to good use here.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing for the event. Better late than never, right?))

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"I never said that I want this!"

IDK What Happened But Here Have This. @equitumcaelum.

The way his face contorts, lips quirk, isn’t natural given Riku’s typical facial expressions ; it’s wicked, cunning, practically void of that precious Light that they all so seem to cherish.

Gold gleams in his eyes, sharp and almost deadly ; the ocean no longer rages in their depths, replaced, erased.

“Then what did you want?”

Peace and harmony, tranquility?
Probably ;
but such was the way of all people associated with the Light, with weakness.

Ahhhh ; teasing the Guardians could honestly be so entertaining.


Movie Time! As movies gained in popularity there was an idea to show films on the sea. Newer liners, such as the Aquitania had designated movie theaters, (top picture) while the older liners just decided to rearrange the furniture whenever they wanted to show a film. The bottom picture is of Olympic’s first class ‘movie’ lounge.

Because I promised you guys an AU modern Throne of Glass fanfic, here’s a preview of the first (and somewhat long) chapter! x

She licked her lips, dragging her pink tongue across the contours of her tea stained teeth. Her long legs were crossed dangerously beneath the oaken table, revealing scuffed boots and scars that stitched north of her knees. Dorian swept his eyes upward. Such a fragile face to be hosting such stormy azure eyes; like that of a siren or perhaps a Norse goddess on the war path. He swallowed.

Mistward was aptly named after the previous owner built the coffee shop on the fringe of Wendlyn’s shoreline, a city notorious for its bad weather. Everything smelt of brine and mildew. Although, he supposed that was a slight repercussion from living so close to an ocean. A network of vessels sailed in everyday from different parts of Erilea, some docking at the coastal city of Doranelle, others departing to venture north towards Terrasen or west near Adarlan.

The Havilliard brothers had just recently arrived from Rifthold, looking to take a futile yet very much needed break from their home lives. Both brothers reasoned they’d be back in two days’ time, so there would be no need to bare their father’s wrath.

Rolland slumped back down into the seat adjacent to Dorian, curling his pale fingers around the cold-brew coffee as if the mug were steaming warmth instead of floating ice-cubes. “Well don’t you look positively bewildered.”

The younger Havilliard didn’t pay any mind to his brother, instead staring out the bay window which breached through the heavy afternoon downpour. “You know,” Rolland continued, “I didn’t risk my ass coming here just to sit in this shanty and watch you brood even more than you usually do while in Adarlan. Did you forget to put sugar in your drink?”

Dorian turned a glare towards him. Rolland blinked, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Yes. Now please cease badgering me and drink your shitty coffee.”

“Gods above,” Rolland bemoaned, eyes alight with mirth, “he’s finally starting to act like a normal adolescent.” Dorian made a hand gesture as if to justify how right that statement truly was. Someone behind them, a mother by the embarrassed look that suddenly crossed Rolland’s face, cleared their throat. Dorian immediately dropped his hand, cheeks warming sheepishly. Both of them muttered apologies.

Glancing sideways, Dorian looked to see if the girl was still there. She was. And this time, she had company. She must’ve been waiting for him this whole time. Trying to hide his shock, Dorian twisted himself subtly to gain a better view without being too obvious that he was observing the pair. At the sight of the other man, his eyes widen slightly.

By the Wyrd. He was huge, with muscles cording beneath his loose grey shirt and a towering frame that suggested he ranged near six feet in height. Like the girl, he too wore a patchwork of bruises and scars, all lacing beneath his clothes, although his wounds somehow looked marginally more harrowing. The man’s hair was a shade brighter than the girl’s, making it appear nearly white as it fell against his shoulders. A tattoo peeked out from the collar of his shirt and twinned up his next, behind his right ear. Upon further notice, Dorian saw the girl had a similar marking running against her shoulders. Matching marks.

Dorian would’ve thought the man to be terrifying, if it weren’t for the soft expression he wore while looking at the girl, who smiled back at him with those damning eyes.

Rolland, who’d been quiet up until five minutes ago, followed his brother’s gaze to the couple near the hearth, a knowing grin on his lips. “Oh, so that’s what this is about.”

Dorian felt mortified and angered all at once. “Stop trying to make things more than they are.” He thought his words over and then added dumbly, “I was just looking at their tattoos.”

The tea he’d bought a half hour ago was still untouched. Rolland was now on his second coffee.

It wasn’t until thunder whipped the ground once more, causing the lights to topple out, that Dorian realized how awful this small vacation was. What the hell were they even thinking? Once word got out that the brothers had ran from home, their father would send out every contact in search for his missing sons while plotting their murder on the side. Not to mention their youngest brother, Hollin, was probably a sweating wreck around their distressed mother. He saw them depart at an ungodly hour and they made him swear to not speak a word. Dorian wondered how long he’d hold out.

Lights kindled as Emrys and his son, Luca, went around brandishing candles. While Rolland mentioned something about his crazed girlfriend Kaltain and blackouts, Dorian peered out of the corner of his eye.

He wanted to growl in frustration.

Another male, this one appearing as though he could be the girl’s twin, had settled himself between the two. Honey blonde hair curled into his cerulean eyes as he snagged a half-empty drink off the table and took a swig. Someone snarled. His feline lips curled upward. Then he sprawled into his seat and the trio bent forward to enclose their conversation.

Suddenly, there was a clang. Emrys cleared his throat as the remaining patrons twisted to face him. Luca stood off to the side, grimacing out the window. “Bad news, I’m afraid,” the old man called out. “Rain won’t stop ‘till midnight. The roads are flooded and an advisory has been posted.” Groans and cries of protest rebounded, but Rolland’s shoulders shook as he tried poorly to conceal his laughter.

Dorian raised a brow, “How is this funny, pray tell?”

Rolland said, “Because now you might get the chance to talk to that girl.”

Despite plenty, Dorian knew that Rolland wasn’t an idiot. His brother was bound to notice at some point the excessive amount of attention he’d been disturbing. However, watching as the two men pressed even closer to the girl, he knew his chances were slim to none.

At least, they were…until she stood up and began walking towards him. Staring right at him.

What happened to the Bluefin?

For a fandom who have made a catchphrase out of “Wings or it didn’t happen” regarding the death of angels, what proof do we really have that Delphine and the crew of the sub died as a result of her using the Hand of God and becoming a vessel for God’s power?

The fact that the sub was never seen nor heard from again seems flimsy evidence that they were completely annihilated by that power. No trace of wreckage was ever found. Might something else have happened to them? It does make Dean’s comment about the Hand of God being a “one hitter” (yet another baseball metaphor in this episode, oddly enough right after Lucifer’s comment about it being “kicked,” which is decidedly NOT baseball-related) seem especially relevant. All that power went somewhere, and it’s really hard to imagine it was only capable of blowing up one Nazi boat before expending itself, you know?

Also relevant to this, at the very end, Dean asks what happened to the German ship that “sank the Bluefin,” and Sam’s words seem very carefully chosen:

It went down. Unlike the sub, its wreckage was found. There was a giant hole ripped through the entire thing, something must have hit the fuel tanks, it exploded. But it burned, sank.

Both of these vessels apparently sank/were destroyed in the same location, yet only wreckage of the German boat was found. That seems incredibly improbable, you know?