ocean roots

Give me today,
I will take tomorrow like it never happened.
I will pull down what has built its roots
like dogwood blooms in my heaven.
I will carve out the pit of the muscle,
I will tell it to joint differently.
I will say it has listened.

Give me today,
I will make myself a time capsule
and if I must
I will bury myself with it.
Each day stays today, that way.

I will root and root until I cannot
pull myself out from the ground
without using sharp tools,
without clipping off pieces of my
bones in the process.

Give me today to drown,
I will make certain I am not
the water. I will make certain
I am the bottom of the ocean,
coarse root waiting
to be softened enough
to wash up on land
where no one thinks
much of old roughness,

Give me today.
And each day
will be the
monster of

—  “ON HABIT” by Emma Bleker

Just as the establishment of worlds
Cannot be achieved by one cause or condition,
And countless appropriate causes and conditions
Form this billion-world universe,
The manifestation of Buddha is also like this,
Only accomplished through infinite virtues;
The (number of) atoms of lands and thoughts of minds may be known,
But the productive causes of the Ten-powered none can measure.

Just as clouds pour rain at the start of one eon,
And create four great (oceans),
And the roots of goodness of sentient beings and the power of bodhisattvas
Establish the billion worlds securely,
So do the clouds of teaching of the Ten-powered
Produce (oceans) of knowledge, pure minds,
Guiding beings to (that) which they were previously dedicated
To fulfillment of the highest reward.

Just as there is a great deluge
Which no place can contain
Except the great wind-force in pure space
At the beginning of the universe,
So also is the Buddha’s manifestation,
Showering the rain of truth filling the cosmos
Which the weak-minded cannot bear,
Only those pure and broad minds.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 981

Note on the image: Chenrezig (Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara) Mandala

Deyaenus Aesthetics

BOLD what applies to your muse.

Feel free to add to the list.

[ COLOR ] red. brown. orange. yellow. green. blue. purple. pink. black. white. teal. silver. gold. grey. lilac. metallic. matte. royal blue. strawberry red. charcoal grey. forest green. apple red. navy blue. crimson. cream. mint green. magenta. pastels. dark. bubblegum pink. blood red. ivory.

[ ELEMENTAL ] fire. ice. water. air. earth. rain. snow. wind. moon. stars. sun. heat. cold. steam. frost. lightning. sunlight. moonlight. dawn. dusk. twilight. midnight. sunrise. sunset. dewdrops. clouds.

[ BODY ] claws. long fingers. fangs. teeth. wings. tails. lips. bare feet. freckles. bruises. canine. scars. scratches. ears. wounds. burns. spikes. feathers. webs. eyes. hands. sweat. tears. feline. chubby. curvy. short. tall. normal height. muscular. slender. trained. piercings. tattoos. strong. weak. shapeshifting. junoesque. svelte. long hair. short hair. dark circles. big. small. prosthetics. experimented. cyborg. halos. horns. wolfish. hooves. withered. old. young.

[ WEAPONRY ] fists. sword. dagger. spear. scythe. bow and arrow. hammer. shield. poison. guns. axes. throwing axes. whips. knives. throwing knives. pepper sprays. tasers. machine guns. slingshots. katanas. maces. staffs. wands. powers. magical items. magic. rocks. power loader. flamethrower .metal rod. shotguns. needles.

[ MATERIAL ] gold. silver. platinum. titanium. diamonds. pearls. rubies. sapphires. emeralds. amethyst. metal. iron. rust. steel. glass. wood. porcelain. paper. wool. fur. lace. leather. copper. silk. velvet. denim. linen. cotton. charcoal. clay. stone. asphalt. brick. marble. dust. glitter. blood. dirt. mud. smoke. ash. shadow. carbonate. rubber. synthetics. yarn. slime. ivory. electrum.

[ NATURE ] grass. leaves. trees. bark. roses. daisies. tulips. holly. lavender. lilies. petals.thorns. sunflowers. seeds. hay. sand. rocks. ice. roots. flowers. ocean. river. lake. meadow. forest. desert. tundra. savanna. rain forest. swamp. caves. underwater. coral reef. beach. waves. space. mountains. fungi. cliffs.

[ ANIMALS ]  lions. wolves. black panther. eagles. owls. falcons. hawks. swans. snakes. turtles. ducks. bugs. roaches. spiders. birds. whales. dolphins. fish. sharks. horses. cats. dogs. bunnies. praying mantis. crows. ravens. mice. lizards. frogs. bears. werewolves. unicorns. pegasus. dinosaurs. dragons. felines. foxes. centaurs.

[ FOOD & DRINK ]  sugar. salt. water. candy. bubblegum. wine. champagne. hard liquor. beer. coffee. tea. spices. herbs. apple. orange. lemon. cherry. strawberry. watermelon. vegetables. fruits. meat. fish. pies. desserts. chocolate. cream. caramel. berries. nuts. cinnamon. honey.

[ HOBBIES ] music. art. piercing. watercolors. gardening. knitting. smithing. sculpting. painting. sketching. fighting. fencing. riding. writing. composing. cooking. sewing. training. dancing. acting. singing. martial arts. self-defense. technology. theater. libraries. books. magazines. poetry. philosophy. eating. climbing. tree climbing. running. vivisection. opera.

[ STYLE ] lingerie. armor. cape. dress. robes. suit. tunic. vest. shirt. boots. heels. leggings. trousers. jeans. skirt. shorts. jewelry. earrings. necklace. bracelet. ring. pendant. hat. crown. circlet. helmet. scarf. neck tie. brocade. cloaks. corsets. doublet. chest plate. gorget. bracers. belt. sash. coat. jacket. hood. gloves. socks. masks. cowls. braces. watches. glasses. sunglasses. visor. eye contacts. makeup. pantyhose. stockings. thigh highs.

[ MISC ] landscape. light. dark. candles. war. peace. money. power. percussion. clocks. photos. mirrors. pets. diary. madness. sanity. sadness. happiness. optimism. pessimism. realism. loneliness. anger. family. friends. co-workers. enemies. lovers. loyalty. smoking. alcohol. drugs. kindness. love. embracing. graveyard. protector. custodian.


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I was doing a class project and I needed to know what my culture was so I asked my dad. He looked at me and said, “Hip-Hop, because people still recognize it as ours.”
Maybe It's Time These Roads Turned Back to Dirt

We are not broken asphalt underneath their jackhammer feet
We are moved mountains
An ocean in one hand
and the other endless sky

Our roots grow deep into the Earth
Yet we move along freely
The busyness destroys our memories
Careful reconstruction in mind’s eye

Make them remember

© 2017 Ryan William Foster

Drifting (goodnight soulmate)

Ichiruki. Fluff. 

Set around the first year they meet; Rukia doesn’t get taken. 600 words.


That summer, she takes it upon herself to delve into ‘real-world interests’, and finds life in bubblegum pink hair, and ocean rolls, and the concept of changing one thing, but keeping the rest.

      She thinks of Byakuya, first, and how horrified his expression would be, and something shifts under her breastbone with the idea. But, Ichigo, in his 15 year old mentality, covered in band-aids and wearing too-tight pants, tells her: 

“Do it. I’ll do it.”

          The furnace behind his words turns her giddy.

                      So she does.

She seats herself on the bathroom stool, curling her toes around the metal frame and tapping out a tune on her knee with a nail as she watches - through the bathroom mirror - Ichigo passing his fingers through her hair.

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