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History of Japan RolePlay Starters

“Hire a Samurai~♪ “ 

“Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it’s BEAUTIFUL~!”

“So now there’s people on the island, they’re basically sort of hanging out in between the mountains.” 

“They’re using the latest technology, like stones and bowls.”

“Ding dong, it’s the outside world and they have technology from the future, like really good metal and crazy rice farms.” 

“But this one was the most, most, important, ruled by a heavenly super-person, or emperor for short.”

“Knock, knock, get the door, it’s religion.” 

“The new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religion from baekje.”

“Please try this religion.” 

“No. Said everybody again, quieter this time.” 

“Can you call us something else other than dipshit?” 

“How about sunrise land~ ♪ “

“And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book about themselves.” 

“They conquered the north finally, get that squared away.” 

“A rich hipster name Kukai is bored with modern Buddhism.” 

“The royal palace became such a dream world of art that they really didn’t give a shit about running the country.” 

“How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals?

“Breaking news, the Mongols have invaded China.” 

“Please respect us or else we might invade you as well.” 

“They tried again and had a nice time fighting with the Japanese but then died in a tornado.” 

“And the emperor can still dress like an emperor if he wants that’s fine.” 

“Now there’s more art~♪ ”

“Everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire and burned down.” 

“and the WHOLE country broke into pieces.”

“Knock, knock, it’s Europe. No, they’re not here to take over, they just want to sell some shit like clocks and guns and Jesus~♪“ 

“There was poetry, plays, sexy times, puppet shows, and Dutch studies!” 

“Knock, knock, it’s the United States, with huge boats. With guns. Gunboats.” 

“Stop, no, you can’t take that. We were gonna try and build a railroad through here to try and get some warm water.”

“Can you maybe chill?” 

“How about maybe you chill?” 

“You’ll never guess who is also kind of scared of Russia.” 

“It’s time for world war 1~♪”

“How bout I do, anyway~♪” 

“Their friends and our friends are not friends, plus they’re planning on invading the entire ocean.♪ ” 

yo hey what up

I’ve seen these promo posts around everywhere but only now have I actually gotten around to making one for myself, lol.

So hey! My name is Caloprymnus, or Calopry or just Cal for short! I’m 23 years old and I live in the Midwest, with my partner @handarko! I’ve been in the community for almost…  six years now? I’ve been here a long ass time, hohohohoooooly shit.

I first started fantrolling in the summer of ‘11 on the MSPAForums where I started off with my first asshole mcgee, Alexar Spigot. I eventually made the migration onto tumblr about half a year later and well, I’ve been here ever since! I’ve gone through a few URLs, with my most recent one being ‘calsridiculousfantrolls’. I used to be an open RP blog but recently I’ve been focusing most of my work on personal stories with my fantrolls, art, and the interactions I get through the Bad Wriggler Isolation Creche.

I love talking to new people! I love plotting and chatting characters and discussing things with others so please, feel free to hit me up anytime OOCly! I have a Discord and I’m more than willing to share my contact info with anyone who asks! I also play Guild Wars and don’t think I won’t play that with you too.

As for RP, as I’ve said, I do most of my RP and character interactions through the Bad Wriggler Isolation Creche so it’s unlikely I’ll be down to RP with anyone outside of it as I do want a level of familiarity and trust with my other RP partners before I start making ties. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I’m not open to the idea of it with other people! I’m just Hard Mode on getting RPs with and for that I am so, so sorry QnQ

Some points about my blog

  • -I’m currently working on revamping everything! This includes the theme, character profiles and characters themselves. I’m cutting out a ton of trolls that don’t get a lot of love and focusing mainly on some long-time characters of mine. They are, however, getting fixed and will most likely be a tad different than how most people remember them as I’m streamlining them and focusing them more on making them coherent characters with actual storylines than just random people to throw out in the roleplay ocean.
  • -I will RP with muns of any age, however I will not allow a mun under the age of 18 to claim the red or black quad of any of my characters - and depending on the character, none of the others too. Following up on that, I do have some characters I’m intensely uncomfortable roleplaying with anyone under the age of 18 with due to the fact that they’re overtly violent and/or sexual.
  • -I try to play my characters as true to themselves as I can! I will do my best to be as mindful of any potentially upsetting or triggering content however if at any point, if something is making you uncomfortable or upsetting you please let me know! We’re all here to have fun and RP violent grey aliens and if someone isn’t having fun, then I’m not having fun and it’s super duper easy to either change the situation or completely stop it in its tracks. I don’t care if it’s overly violent rps or even just the mention of something like scrambled eggs, if it makes you uncomfortable, speak up and let me know and I’ll immediately change or redirect or put a stop to that situation!
  • -I adore having plot heavy stories and threads so you guys are more than free to follow along if you like! I’ve got a lot of stuff moving at any given time and i’m hoping to throw up more insights on what i’ve got going on behind the curtain too.
  • -I have a metric fuckton of headcanons and named cities and regions. Seriously, just ask me about them sometime. Someday I’ll get off my ass and write about them.
  • -I absolutely adore mutants and jades and you guys will probably see a lot of them around on my blog!

And I think that’s all! I’ll see you guys around and I’m glad to see all you newbies floating around too! While the community has never been perfect, it’s been a great place for me to make connections and lasting relationships and has helped me get through a lot of ups and downs in my life and I hope you guys find your niche and just have fun!

See you around!

Daniel Radcliffe, Chloe Grace Moretz, ‘Spider-Man’s’ Tom Holland Set Sail for ‘The Modern Ocean’

Anne Hathaway, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Radcliffe, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jeff Goldblum will star in Shane Carruth‘s indie drama “The Modern Ocean” alongside Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield and “Beasts of No Nation” breakout Abraham Attah, it was announced Tuesday.

Carruth will also star in the movie, which FilmNation Entertainment will begin shopping to international buyers at the upcoming American Film Market. The script is said to be 200 pages long and feature pictures and diagrams.

“The Modern Ocean” chronicles a competition for valuable shipping routes and the search for a hidden cache of priceless material. The film is said to explore the powerful need for vengeance in a secretive world filled with mysterious technologies and bitter rivalries.

“The Modern Ocean” is being produced by Blackbird’s Lawrence Inglee, Carruth’s erbp Film and Tadmor’s Eyal Rimmon.

peetasbunmyoven  asked:

"That day. Could you ever have imagined they would say two?" He looks up from where he's sprawled behind me on the couch and seemingly mesmerized tracing circles on the mountain that is my stomach. God I love his eyes. I hope one of the tiny heartbeats that match mine will one day match him. "Hmm? Two? Well, I was terrified of one so no two never entered my mind. But I love it even more now. I can't get enough of you. So more of us? Kinda perfect Jen." He sighs and kisses my stomach. "So perfect

Looking up to him, i smile softly. “I’m just scared,” I shrug.

“Scared?” he frowns

“Yeah. Scared for the people around us, who’ll have to live with four of us, instead of two.”

Josh shakes his head. “Damn. You’re right.”

I think about our first meeting. About our thousand of moments together. The zombie discussions, the pizzas, the cats roleplaying, the ocean pee sessions, my lack of filter, him questionning himself over human flesh in an interview, me flashing the middle finger in front of the press.

And I truly wonder what could possibly come out when you mix all of this together.

“I’m scared too, now,” Josh tells me. “The world is so not ready for that much awesomeness.”

I smile. Can’t stop, won’t stop when he’s around.

“So, so perfect, Joshy.”

Our Ocean - (Closed Roleplay)

     Kouichi looked over at the small stack of books on his bedside table.  Some of the book covers were worn with yellowed pages, some of them dog eared.  Occasionally he would pick one up and flip through it, looking at the small notes that were scrawled in black ink in the margins.

     He loved these books.  They all meant something to him.  The smell the books gave off from the old pages, the stories that unfolded in them.  They were gifts that he cherished.

     It was several weeks after his 24th birthday.  He had thought that maybe things would be different, but it was still all the same.  Working two jobs, coming home to his apartment, trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his college diploma.  In between all this he would go out with friends and grab some drinks occasionally, but it wasn’t the norm for him.  Although he was one of the most well known boys through middle school and high school, he didn’t like playing it off like he had been. He acknowledged that he was well known, but he didn’t let that get to him.  He guessed his bout of popularity throughout his younger years had been because he had been one of the top soccer players at the school, which thanks to him and his teammates, they were able to win several championships.  But after the fun and games, he always enjoyed going home and sitting in his bedroom, looking out the window and riding a book or writing down a poem that he thought up in his head.

     He tousled his brown hair with his fingers and grimaced.  His hair was starting to get long again, but he didn’t feel like walking across town to get it cut today. Instead, he picked up the book lying on the bottom of the stack on his bedside table and walked toward the front of his house.  He listened to the small creaks the floorboards made in his apartment.  It was a nice place.  It was small, but just big enough that someone could breathe in it without feeling claustrophobic.  He liked to keep everything neat for the most part, but he decided to overlook the dirty plates that were sitting in his sink from last night.  His brother, Kouji, had been driving across the city and had stopped by.  Kouji was younger than him, and pretty much the opposite.  He reveled in the attention of others, and always had his arm around some petite girl’s shoulders.  But it had been nice seeing his brother.  They were several years apart, but they were close, and he felt comfort when Kouji would come to him for help.

     But now the place was quiet again.  He didn’t feel like putting on any music because he felt like it would just be a distraction, and not a solution.  He loved the quiet, and yet, it made him feel lonely when he had to live with it for so long.  Maybe he would get a cat.  Or a dog.  But he couldn’t think of too many dogs that would be able to comfortable lay on his lap, as he read the newspaper or played a crossword.  A cat would be nice.

    He sighed and gave a small smile anyway.  It was a little lonely, but he would be fine.  He was always slightly introverted in contrast to the rest of his family.  But it didn’t mean that he didn’t miss the constant chatter of others.

    Walking out the door, he locked it behind himself and out of habit, checked his pocket for his apartment key, nodded to himself, closed the door, and walked out of the building.

     The breeze hit him as soon as he walked out the door.  It was coming in from the west today, so he could smell the salt and sand of the ocean, just four blocks away.  He wasn’t sure why, but something about the smell, the summery feel to it, and the way the sun was shining perhaps, but he felt that it wouldn’t hurt to maybe not go to his usual hangout at the coffee shop today.  Granted it was closer, but it had rained for about a week straight, and the sun finally coming through the clouds was a scene that would make the most cynical person smile.

     And so he walked to the beach.  He would watch the waves, and see, maybe something new would be in store for him there.