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mafia don takes commemorative family portrait with his beloved grandnephew and great-great-grandniece

How the Team Acts on Valentine’s Day

Genji: very over-the-top affection but with a very thoughtful twist; think a messily hand-sewn teddy bear that looks like his s/o, and gifted in a box that substitutes normal stuffing paper with hundreds of tiny slips of affectionate phrases on them

McCree: the classic romantic sop, just as you’d expect. Huge teddy bear, three colors of rose bouquets (red, pink, and white), petals strewn all over the floor. He cooks a nice candlelit dinner and puts the most romantic, soft country music he can find on the record player.

Pharah: she’s a little less good at being showy, but Mercy gives her hints both romantiac and plantonic, depending on how you ship them. (personally, PHARMERCY FTW!) She’s probably going to dress up in a suit and insist a bit more aggressively that she pays for dinner. The real fun begins when they return home ;)

Reaper: He’s the one who taught McCree all that soppy crap, so you’d expect him to be even showier, right? Actually, he’s more heartfelt than anything- minimalist, but with meaning. He’ll take off his mask over dinner (their favorite dishes, no matter how bland he may find them) and raises a glass of lamb’s blood a fine red, saying, “There will be no single day that I love you more than another, cariño, but today we can remember some of the best moments.” There will definitely be slow dancing afterward, and very soft cuddling. If they want to take it further, he will do anything they please tonight. 

Soldier76:  There will be no going out- all his suits are from his golden days, so someone would be bound to recognize him. Not that anyone would ever complain about his food- it’ll be hard getting to the couch after he;s done serving all four courses.  He takes his time getting all done up in a suit and shaving his stubble for the dinner, but what will probably end up happening is him changing into sweats and cuddling with them immediately afterward. His presents are always a little extra to make up for his tiredness, stuff along the lines of Genji’s, but with neater stitching. 

Sombra: She get’s some good tricks up her sleeve for this one; imagine having almost every singer, band, composer and producer at your disposal (literally, with the amount of blackmail she has on literally every and any celebrity.) She has somehow found a way to collect a handful of every single flower on this side of the ocean decorating the restaurant she’s reserved- and probably bought out- for the night. It’s undoubtedly some penthouse-suite, 3-Michelin Star type of restaurant, with a menu she has personally customized to fit the tastes of her boo.

Tracer: She zips all around King’s Row trying to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant before Valentine’s Day. But let’s be real, she’s probably doing this at 5:00 on Valentine’s Day, so there probably won’t be a reservation open until 12 am. Exasperated, she throws on a suit and video-calls Winston, begging him to guide her through a basic dinner to make before her S/O gets home. By the time they’re home, Winston is in tears on the other end of the line, and Lena’s suit is covered in flour and soy sauce and Gods know what else- but it’s still a sweet gesture. Who knew that she could steal a rose that fast?

Hanzo: He lays out a simple, elegant display. Red and white roses, a silken tablecloth, one of his old well-tailored numbers in a red that accents his new gold nose bar. He lays out a red carpet- where does he even get these things? It astounds everyone- and is thankful that takeout from fancy restaurants is now a thing. He’s awkward during dinner, but makes up for it by giving an even more awkward speech professing his love and dedication for his S/O after his hastily made dessert (which was probably vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup drizzled elegantly on top.) It’s the thought taht counts, right?

Junkrat: Have you seen those photos of a thousand dominos falling down to form a huge heart and the words “I Love You” in some ridiculous calligraphy font that can only be seen from and airplane? yeah, he does that, but with gunpowder somehow. And the plane is just his Concussion Mine, but he ‘s holding his S/O when it goes off so they see it together.

Mei: She painstakingly carves an ice sculpture of something basic, like two swans with their heads dipped in a heart. That’s all she does. It takes up all of her time, and honestly, she cares more about the swans than she does her S/O’s reaction to them at the end of the night. 

Torbjorn: What is love? Love isn;t real. Not for this goblin. 

Widowmaker: She doesn’t even notice taht it’s Valentine’s day until her S/O brings it up. When they do, all she really does is shrug and mumble, “It is not a real holiday, anyway. Just an advertisement.” However, she betrays her own aloofness by immediately grabbing for and kissing them after she says this, which will (as usual) lead to very sensual things happening ;))))))))

D.Va: SHE IS ONLY 19, SHE WILL GAME WILL HER BOO ALL DAY. The mech will be programmed to do the heart emote over and over until it self-destructs.

Reinhardt: He likes to say that going to Valentine’s Day dinner at some fancy restaurant would attract too much attention since he’s a living legend, but he’s really more hesitant because he’s always tired lately. What’ll probably happen is him dressed up nice and kicking Torbjorn out of his own house as a romantic, homey setting. 

Roadhog: He cooks a five-course meal that somehow has meat in every single one of the dishes… even the dessert. Nothing unusual, except that he’s cleaned up a little bit (nicer clothes, maybe a suit if he really has that much energy) and might keep his mask off for longer than usual whilst eating. I headcanon Roadie as being the kind of like baths and bedttime right after dinner, so perhaps he has stolen a bath bomb from Widowmaker to make the bath tonight a bit more luxurious for his boo. As an extra course, he stole some top-quality chocolates for them during his daily escapades with Junkrat, and will probably nudge them to share during the bath as well. 

Zarya: She and her S/O spend the day out helping others in her hometown, which is what Zarya spends most of her time doing on a regular day. Today, she insists on spending a bit more on food for the homeless couples they encounter, as well as on chocolates for the children. However, due to the help of certain old compatriots, no matter how late they arrive home together, the apartment will be decorated at least half-decently. The roses will be half wilted and the dinner cold, but it won’t matter. She’ll style her hair up a little and slap on some formalwear for a dinner they’ll dine on half asleep together. 

Ana: She writes Fareeha and sends some cheesy card she ordered off of whatever version Etsy of the Overwatch era has. If she has a S/O, they’ll probably get about the same treatment, along with a simple dinner. She’s not one to go all-out, and she’ll probably have a S/O who understands her not needing to. She doesn;t need to be flashy in order to make her affections known. 

Lucio: He’ll go around the same route as Zarya, but on epic high-speed skates instead. And he’ll definitely have enough energy to quite literally zi[ them around to some high-tech new restaurant at the end of the night, so they can try something new together. That will also carry on into later hours….

Mercy: She will make time for her S/O on Valentine’s Day even if she’s half a world away from them on call. There will be some awkward videocall dinner, at the very least. However, if they’re together, she pulls a Tracer and rushes some presents, probably even running to Genji for a messy teddy bear commission. 

Symmetra: Let’s talk about the kind of fancy, over-the-top arrangements she’ll make with her tech, while completely disregarding the actual dinner bit of the day. Presents are no problem, arrangements are barely worth a second of concern, but she completely forgets that food can;t be made with hard-light technology. Guess it’s a takeout kinda night. 

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I know we hate each other but it's Christmas eve and your flight was cancelled pls come inside

Bitty stares at the tweet on his phone. Kent is here. In Montréal…alone on Christmas Eve. Under any other circumstance, Bitty could’ve turned a blind eye because what Kent Parson does is none of his business. He’s a grown man and he can take care of himself.

But no one should be alone on Christmas Eve.


He knows Bob and Alicia will be fine with this, and they do have more food than it’s possible to eat. They’re comfortable with Kent. That leaves his dear and lovely boyfriend to be convinced.

“Are you watching a cat die?”

Bitty jolts. “Good lord!” Speaking of the dev—wait, “What?”

Jack chuckles, running a towel through his wet hair. Unfortunately for Bitty, he’s already all dressed in dark jeans and a sweater. How dare Jack be so decent on Christmas Eve in his parents’ house!

“You look sad, babe,” Jack leans in for a kiss and smiles when Bitty winds his arms around his neck. One sweeping move and Jack is holding Bitty up against him, swallowing Bitty’s squeal with his wicked, wicked tongue.

“You’re in a good mood,” Bitty manages out, breathless.

“I’m spending another Christmas with you, what’s not to love?”

Sap,” Bitty chirps while internally groaning. It isn’t that Jack and Kent hate each other. No, not at all these past few years. Their relationship has been on the mend. It’s just not— “Kent’s in Montréal,” Bitty blurts out.

Jack stills. Fuck. “Now?”


Jack moves to sit on the bed, Bitty in his lap, studiously following the dips of the curtains by the window.

Jack sighs. “You want to invite him here.” A statement, not a question. As if it’s obvious. Bitty never thought he’d find someone who knows him like this.

Bitty smiles, looking at Jack and falling in love again because he knows Jack too. He knows Jack’s gonna say yes. Because Jack is kind, strong, brave and loving. Yet, Bitty says, “No one should spend Christmas alone.”

“No.” Jack steals another kiss. “Have you talked to Maman and Papa yet?”

Bitty leans into the crook in Jack’s neck. “No. I don’t think they’d mind though.”

Jack snorts. “Probably not.”

Alicia is nervous. The realization hits swiftly and Bitty finds himself more nervous than before.

“Eric, may I talk to you for a moment?” She still manages a bright smile on her immaculate face.

“C'est quoi ça?” Jack looks up from his phone.

“Camme toé. Just a moment,” she replies.

“Oh. Before that, um…” Jack brows furrow together lightly and Bitty’s fingers itch to smoothen it out like he’s done a thousand times before. “Kent’s in town. The airport is shut down because of the storm and Bitty and I were thinking we should invite him over. Is that, uh, okay?”

Alicia and Bob exchange looks before Alicia sags and Bob grins.

“That’s wonderful, honey.” Alicia moves to rest her head on Jack’s shoulder. “That’s actually what I was gonna talk to Bitty about.”

Bitty exhales slowly.

Jack grins at Bitty. “You know how Bitty is with twitter.”

“Oh, yes, we do,” Bob chimes in, throwing an arm around Bitty and handing him a glass of eggnog.

“We could have Suzanne and Richard pick him up. Didn’t they say they’d be done by now?”

Alicia straightens with a hop. “I’ll call Suzanne right now.”

“And I’ll call Kent,” Jack volunteers.

“You’re being weird.” Bitty hands Kent a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream and sits beside him on the bench. It’s freezing. What the fuck, Kent.

Kent sneers, then sighs. “I know, Bits.”

“You’re gonna tell me why?”

Kent licks at the whipped cream in his cup, bidding time. “I…” He exhales and grits his teeth. A familiar yet recently rare scowl appears on Kent’s face and Bitty sits up, turning slightly to look at Kent fully.

“Kent, are you okay? What is it?”

Kent blows out a huge breath and it billows around him like smoke. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

Kent doesn’t reply.

Bitty shifts closer. “Do what, Kent?”

“Let yourself love someone.”

Bitty freezes. Puzzle pieces slide into place and Bitty leans back. When he can’t think of a good answer, “why would you not?”

“Because they always leave. And I’m not—” Kent clears his throat. “I’m not accusing Jack or blaming him. I know he had his reasons and I respect those. It’s just…” Kent gives a helpless little shrug.

“He still left,” Bitty finishes.

Kent droops, his head hanging between his knees. Bitty moves to rest his head on his shoulder and asks, “Was it worth it? Loving Jack? Do you regret it?”


“Then that’s it. Yes, they might leave you or you might leave them, but that’s true for everyone. So the best you can do it find someone who’s worth it.”

The whipped cream in Kent’s cup melts to mush and finally, Kent smiles. “You should have your own show, Bits.”

“Nah, I’m perfectly happy caring for my friends. In fact, I’m even happier when my friends tell me who we’re talking about loving.”

Kent’s smile widens into a grin and he winks at Bitty. “It was a hypothetical question, Bits.”

Bitty sticks his tongue out like a mature adult. “You’re stuck here for a days, Mr. Parson. I’ll get it out of you. Just watch.” Bitty grabs his own hot chocolate and heads to the patio door.

“Wait…I—” Bitty swivels at Kent’s words. “If I tell you, do you promise not to tell Jack?”

“Why not?”

Kent rolls his eyes. “He’ll make it weird.”

Bitty raises his eyebrows. “It’s someone he knows?”

“He actually introduced us.” Kent’s finger trails the rim of his cup and holy shit, is he blushing?? Warmth threatens to choke Bitty as he hurries back to his seat.

“I won’t tell him. I promise.”

Kent pulls his cup closer to him. “It’s, uh…Alexei. Mashkov,” he adds as if Bitty didn’t know who Alexei is.

“Jack’s Captain Alexei Mashkov?” Bitty repeats.


“Holy shit.” Bitty laughs. “Yeah, okay, Jack would be so weird.”

Kent lifts his eyebrow in agreement.

It takes a bit for Bitty to take it all in and he does it with a smile because Tater is possibly the sweetest, huggiest, happiest person Bitty knows and Kent totally deserves someone like that.

“Okay, so, like, has he told you?” Bitty blurts out, officially settling into gossip mode.

“He told me what?”

“That he loves you!”

“Oh, um…no.”

“But you love him.”


Bitty stares Kent down unimpressed. “So you just made me sit here in the freezing cold and watch you waste that perfection of a hot chocolate for nothing?”



Note: Bitty is not above whining when it comes to his friends’ happiness.

“Look, I haven’t…I haven’t…processed it yet, okay? I mean, I just.” Kent growls out of a sigh. “I was gonna go spend Christmas with him and relax because it’s chill and that’s what we are, we’re chill and then, the flights got cancelled and…I don’t know. I just felt upset! And I haven’t left that upset since…a long time and I—I just thought it meant…you know.” Kent gestures randomly as if his confession of love is an object on the table before them.

“So are yo—wait, are you two even dating?”

Kent shrugs.

Good lord.

“But you wanna be.”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“Then ask him out.” Even though you love him already.

“I don’t know. We have a good thing going right now.”

“Of not talking? Because that’s not a proper relationship and we both know it.”

Kent sighs. “I know. It’s just…scary.”

“Good,” Bitty presses. “That means you care.”

Kent smiles and he gets that tender look in his eyes again. “I do.”

“So do it!”

Kent stares at him in shock. “Right now?”

No, but… “Yes! Do it right now. Call him.”

“What if—”

“Nope. You two were gonna spend Christmas together. That doesn’t happen unless he really likes you. So call him. Right now.”

“Um…” Kent flushes. “O-okay.” He sits back to get his phone from his pocket and looks at Bitty with a helpless look.

Bitty does not smile. Nope. “I’m gonna go inside and wait by the kitchen counter and you are going to call Alexei and talk to him. Cool?”

“Hmhhhm.” Kent takes a deep breath.

Bitty may or may not swoon a little bit. Oh, young love…

To Alyosha:

can i call u

Kent’s phone vibrates and he almost drops it in the process of picking it up.

“Is something wrong?” Alexei’s warm, deep voice is a little higher than usual and Kent melts at his worry.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just…I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh. Are Zimmbonis boring, huh?”

Kent smiles at Alexei’s teasing and the fact that he calls Zimms ‘Zimmboni.’ Hilarious. “Nah, they’re good.” I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you I love you. “What are you up to?”

“Snowy’s here. He hear about the storm and came to keep company. We’re watching that stupid…ahhh, what you call, ah, opera?”

“Opera?” Kent raises his eyebrows. “Like singing opera or the talk show Oprah?”

“No. No. The very, very long TV show opera.”

Oh my god. “Soap opera? You’re watching soap operas with Snowy?” Kent bites his lip as he snickers.

“Yes, that. Don’t laugh. Is pretty good.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“We also have Chinese. With the little cookie. Oh, let me tell you something, yeah.” Alexei’s voice lowers and Kent finds himself leaning forward as if Alexei is in front of him. If only… “My cookie said there is great happiness in my future.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. Is why I’m glad you called.”


“Because now I’m greatly happy.”

Alexei says it so simply, casually like Kent’s heart doesn’t feel like it’s about to burst. “I—um, I’m glad to hear that.” Ask him. Say it. Ask him. “Hey, Alexei?”

“Yes, Kenny?”

“This storm…it’ll pass over soon and we still have a few days before…um, any games and the airline promised to reschedule our, uh, tickets and, um, I—I was wondering if you know, if you’d possibly, you know, like,”

“Kenny,” Alexei interrupts gently. “Breathe.”



“What was that?”

Fuck you, man. “Do you…want to go…on a date? With me.”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

“Kenny.” Alexei sighs.


“What you think we have done all time? I take you to little restaurant by ocean. You come over for pizza. We go to the carnival. Disney! Together.”

What. “But I—we, I thought we were hanging out!”

Alexei sighs exasperatedly. “Kenny, we kiss.”

Yeah, we had sex too. But…” Oh my god, they’ve dating, haven’t they? For months…

“But what, Kenny?” Alexei’s voice has that lilt again. The one he gets when he’s teasing.

Kent huffs. “But nothing. I can’t believe you sneak-dated me.”

Alexei laughs and Kent pushes down the butterflies fluttering in his ribcage for slight annoyance. “From what I remember, you were there too. For everything.” Kent can almost see him waggling his eyebrows like an idiot. But he’s not the idiot, is he? Kent is. “You even enjoyed it a lot.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Kent says because he doesn’t have anything to say. Well, no… “Fine, okay. We’ve been dating the whole thing, but we’re still going out when I get to Providence.”

“Okay. No problem.”

“Okay. I…I should go before someone comes looking.”


“Bye.” I love you.

“Bye bye, Kenny.”

Kent ends the call and stares at himself on the glass before him.

He’s been dating someone. Alexei. For months. He basically has a boyfriend. Him.

Kent Parson.

Holy fuck.

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