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Aphrodite altar ideas

1. Pick a place for the altar. This can be a shelf in a closet if you want it to be discreet, a bathroom counter, or my personal favourite it setting it up on a vanity if you have one. 

 2. Stick to an Aphrodite colour scheme. Think pinks, reds, sea foam blue, and gold. I use a pink scarf from the dollar store as an altar cloth.

3. Have something in the middle to represent Aphrodite. This doesn’t need to be an expensive statue. Some ideas include

- An old barbie 

- a picture of Aphrodite you printed off from the internet

- any photo of a woman you find beautiful

- a figure you made yourself

4. Have an offering bowl or dish of some sort in front of your Aphrodite representation. The thrift store is a perfect place to get this. I found an iridescent seashell dish for $2.

5. Decorate! This part is the most fun. Stick to things that represent Aphrodite. This may include:

- a vase of roses (fake ones are honestly best since they don’t die)

- alternatively you can get some potpourri with dried roses 

- make up and jewelry, especially pearls

- anything with hearts (check out the dollar store around valentines day)

- seashells or anything ocean related

- Doves, swans, rabbits, bees, and dolphins are all favoured my Aphrodite (avoid pigs, she hates them)

- Fairy lights or pink Christmas lights

- Get a few small pieces of rose quartz if you can

- Really anything beautiful (think flowers of any kind, snow globes, antique music or jewelry boxes)

- You can also create a collage of beautiful pictures on the wall behind the altar

6. Maintain your altar. Try not to be disrespectful by letting it get too messy. Keep it looking nice and every once in while take the altar cloth off, wash it, and spray the surface down with some rose water if possible. 

you can watch a history of heartbreak unfold over and over again if you look deep enough into the cracks or think too hard during the hours that float between the days. my ceiling is spiderwebbed with fissures and fractures and i’m always awake at 3 a.m. but i choose not to. i close my eyes, anchor my mind to my body, and pray that it’s enough to keep it from falling into the rabbit hole.
—  OCEAN M., sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t
9:04pm 5.20. 17
brown eye are more then brown eye.
they are the rabbit hole people fall down to find themselves.
they are hot chocolate i miss drinking in mid december.
they are the gold flakes i look for.
they are the sunrise that reminds me, no matter what the sun will always rise.
yes, brown eyes aren’t the ocean i go to in the summer or the water that drowns my thoughts away.
they are too strong, the ocean cannot hold them.
they are filled with mysteries that will never be solved.
so don’t you tell me brown eyes are just brown eyes.
—  ~p.o.p.e

i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen


Auction #12

Three carved animals. Clear quartz frog, clear quartz rabbit, and ocean jasper turtle! 

Starting Bid: $1 (shipping is free if you’re in the US, if you live outside the US message me for shipping quote)

Auction End time: 7:55 pm, Pacific time

Place your bids by replying to or reblogging this post. All the auctions will end starting 7:00 pm, Pacific time. I’ll message the winners right away and they must provide me with their emails. The payments are with paypal invoice. You don’t need a paypal account to pay, just a credit or debit card. The invoice gets sent to your email. You have until the end of Monday to pay before it gets offered to the next highest bidder. I know auctions are exciting, but PLEASE do not bid if you are not willing to or can’t pay. It’s not fair to me or the other bidders! Thank you.