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JRPGs 2016

There’s a lot more than I thought.

Definitely 2016 

In approximate order of bigness

Final Fantasy XV

Definitely 2016. Definitely a big deal. It’s been a long time coming. 

Persona 5

While not as big of a deal as FFXV generally speaking, within communities of people who really care about the genre, there is just as much hype for persona 5. 

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

If its anything like its four predecessors, it should be a great adventure.While I think some poor choices were made in the character designs - the male costumes are boring and on the other side of the spectrum Fiore has godawful chequered tits - the game should more than make up for this.  And who knows, if were lucky/unlucky we might get a SO3 level plot twist. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

A compilation of three things. The exciting part is Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. This is a short game serving as prologue and tech demo for Kingdom Hearts 3

The bulk of the product is  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the remaster of  Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. But will they fix the infinite wall jump?

The bit people forget is Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, a set of cinematics to tell a story that very few people realise is of any importance, based on a browser/mobile game that people outside of japan have yet to play.

One disk, four terrible names, what a bargain!

Would place this higher, but I am aware of my own bias’s.

World of Final Fantasy

Also known as the adventures of FakeRoxas and Girl.

From what I’ve seen it looks very pretty and cute and like it could be fun, appealing to those who miss traditional turn based systems. But no one really asked for it. 

Valkyria Chronicles HD

Another HD remaster. Critically acclaimed tactical war based rpg. 

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 

Another HD remake of a critically acclaimed game. This ones a 2D side-scrolling action game. 

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna

Tailor made to appeal to fans of the super old school, while also being very pretty. However no one has really heard of it, and it will probably need a new title for the western release. 

God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2

Popular in Japan, apparently. 

Nights of Azure 

Already released in Japan and I’ve not heard anything good about this game. I have a general rule which is that I watch the trailer and if it looks like there has been more effort put into boob jiggle than environments I pass. This failed hard. 

Maybe 2016

Tales of Beseria

While the original trailer killed my hype - Velvets design is horrible and everything is trying so hard to be dark- the recent reveals have picked up my spirit and at the end of the day it’s still a tales game.I will buy it and enjoy it and so will a great many others. Confirmed for 2016 for Japan, but no word on a western release window. 

Here is the latest trailer and my analysis

Nier Automata 

Very little is known and there has been talk of a 2016 Japanese release, but all we can know for certain is that it looks extremely cool.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

TBH, I’m really not qualified to discuss this franchise. People are running into a gunfight with swords for some reason. Oh, and this ones real-time as opposed to turn based like the original series. 


Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Do I need to say anything?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Back to sensible naming conventions. Why does Kingdom Hearts get double the number of pictures of the other games? Because its Kingdom Hearts.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 

What did we do to deserve something as pure and sweet and wonderful as Ni No Kuni? We’ll never know. 


Really only included for completions sake. Is it a JRPG? Its an action RPG by a Japanese developer, and looking at it in motion it does seen rather JRPGish (just look at the environments). The Characters buzzcut seems to be a deliberate subversion of tropes. But since its a Xbone exclusive, do any JRPG fans really care. There’s a fair likelihood of it being ported to PC however.


That was a very long list, wasn’t it?  And that’s not even including portable games.Even if only half of these turn out to be good it will still mean one of the best times for JRPG’s in a very long time, and I think this list stands as a wonderful testament to breadth of variety in my favourite genre. 

If I missed anything, feel free to add!                                                                

Port to Open- Dead Sun Harbor

I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to any and everyone (Horde or Ally) to take part in a potentially -really- exciting new location that I hope will become a hub for criminals and even good guys who want to taste a bit of bad! Mortua Sol is officially opening their harbor and shifting Dead Sun Harbor into a port city! We’re looking for anyone who would want to be a part of this community- affiliates, merchants, pirates, patrons, people who need a job ICly! DSH will have loads of fun activities to pick from. If you are interested, whisper me in game18+please- members should have Discord as much of the cross faction rp will occur there! With further adieu, I give you Dead Sun Harbor.

-Lots of Love, E

Through the veil of mist, an inlet offers shelter from the sea stretching between Pandaria and the Eastern Kingdoms. The approach to shore is treacherous, the rock formations guarding the way to the docks as if the titans themselves yanked the pillars from the ocean depths. The narrow passages make it nearly impossible for frigates to navigate inland, making the only way ashore to anchor and take smaller rowboats. The sight of Dead Sun Harbor is breath-taking, namely in comparison to the riff-raft that flocks the port. Cascading falls that pour down from the island and something that just says free.

Captained by a known member of the criminal family Mortua Sol- Joram Kallar, The Adoration patrols the waters for any sign of hostile ships be they Alliance or Horde. She is a fast ship, with a ruthless crew. A secondary frigate often accompanies this ship, called The Victory- captained by yet another of Mortua Sol’s family members. Getting passed them is a feat on its own, but intruders will find Dead Sun Enforcers waiting for them ashore– along with three mounted cannons spread out on high ground across the port.

With a signal from The Adoration, docking at the harbor is just a piece, which gains those seeking refuge or a good time full access to the harbor town. The Inn, Brothel, and Gambling House all sit on the level just above the sea- though shops and homes stack up into the mountain side.

Before passing up to the main level, visitors must pass by The Pits- a gladiatorial ring where much of the disputes on the island are settled. Get robbed in the Inn? Challenge the thief to combat in the Pits and beat him to death. Fights are overseen by Head Enforcer and noted member of Mortua Sol, Iceilla Nightbane– disobey one of the few rules the harbor has and face her and her team.

The Hanged Man features a man strung up by his ankle on it’s sign- below it written in common and orcish Inn. Inside, all sorts of barkeeps walk the floors– humans, Kaldorei, Sin'dorei, Orcs, all there to make certain guests have full cups of ale and food on their plates. The main floor of the inn is packed tightly with tables, and is almost always a crowded mess. Upstairs are small rooms, for just three pieces a night and of course, a complimentary meal and ale with the purchase.

Patrons of the harbor, being shady as they often are- often find themselves in the backroom of The Hanged Man, dealing with the Matrem of Mortua Sol- and Overseer of Dead Sun Harbor. A notoriously cruel Kaldorei, Eilithe is more than willing to make mercs and privateers very rich. Crossing her is not a smart endeavor.

Merchant stands pack the paths between buildings, coin can be made and lost almost every step through the port city. For those with a particularly deep pocket, they might find themselves outside of a building whose sign is, quite simply a wagon wheel with the word Fortune fashioned from metal across it. 

The Wheel of Fortune is a rather classy establishment for such a shifty city. The gambling house offers all sorts of games, where players can leave with a small fortune or leave in debt to those that run the harbor. Lora Nightwell, yet another member of Mortua Sol- finds herself the proprietor of this fine establishment. If someone is brave enough to skip out on their gambling debts- Lora is certain to change their mind.

Like any good port city- Dead Sun Harbor offers lonely travelers companionship at The Empress The women and men of this brothel are lovely as ever- and twice as fierce. For a few pieces, sailors can find themselves access to dancers and a hot meal. A price for a night with one of the whores could range from five pieces to five hundred, as they are free to charge ‘based on demand’. Rumor has it they are in need of a Madam. Though they might be without proper management, if the girls don’t kill a man for skipping out on a bill– the enforcers will. 

 Striking as it is, Dead Sun is a dangerous place- but if a young thief keeps his wits about him, the harbor can be a place that makes a person quite well off. So venture off the coast of Stormwind– travel  from Rachet, to a place from the cluthes of Kings and Warchiefs. A place every man and woman can be free.

demigodslytherin  asked:

I still can't get over your mermaid hair 😍😍 and that made me think. What do you think what kind of mwrmaid would batfam members be? like ocean, color and stuff like that 😊😊

Bruce Wayne -

  • Ocean - Arctic Ocean
  • Tail Shape - Orca but instead of the solid there is webbing inbetween the two outer things
  • Colors - Dark Grays, blues, and whites. Maybe the scales would be outlined in black (?)
  • Job - He’s the leader type thing where people follow what he says for the most part (except his children) and he is taken seriously. He’s probably revered for his fighting skills as well as his adopting orphaned merbabies. There could even be like a myth in other parts of the world that if a baby’s parents die there is said to be guy who takes the child in as one of his own

Alfred Pennyworth -

  • Ocean - North Sea
  • Tail Shape - Something simple and rounded. Nothing that is too flashy
  • Colors - Various grays, whites, and blacks
  • Job - Bruce’s most trusted advistors and also helps raise all the children he adopts as well as orphaned animal babies. He releases the animals into the wild once they are strong enough but they usually end up coming back and working with the mermaid tribe/clan/kingdom thing
Kate Kane -

  • Ocean - Northwestern Passages
  • Tail Shape - A double sword tail but there is no webbing
  • Colors - Red, Oranges, and Yellows. It could maybe be ombre so it looks like it’s fading or on fire or something cool like that
  • Job - The head general who advices Bruce on what plays they should make and thinks of that nature. On the front lines whenever they go to battle and probably has a cool nickname
Luke Fox -

  • Ocean - Atlantic Ocean
  • Tail Shape - Something pin tail-esque
  • Colors - Greens and blues with some lighter green high lights
  • Job - Head of technology and engineering and all that kind of stuff. Is constantly helping their little kingdom/tribe/clan whatever it is advanced scientifically
Barbara Gordon -

  • Ocean - Irish Sea
  • Tail Shape - Used to be something like a fan tail but she got into a bad accident so now it is torn and can’t swim for long distances
  • Colors - Purples, Blues, and Reds
  • Job - Luke’s go to person if he can’t get the job done or needs a second opinion. Doesn’t officially work for them because she is freelance but she is there enough that she has work space
Dick Grayson -

  • Ocean - Sea of Azov
  • Tail Shape - Something fancy like a spear tail
  • Colors - Blues, Whites, and Blacks
  • Job - Was originally visiting the clan/kingdom/tribe as an entertaining but because his parents were killed in a “freak” shark attack accident, Bruce took him in and trained him to be his protege. Gets into a lot of shenanigans and does a lot of work with the public to see what they want and what they can improve in the community
Jason Todd -

  • Ocean - Caribbean Sea
  • Tail Shape - Lyre tail with webbing
  • Colors - Red and Purple
  • Job - Was adopted by Bruce but didn’t want to work in the government so instead he made a group of people in the community that he works with that helps get the criminals off the streets and into jails and stuff. He does good by not being the worst bad guy out there
Cassandra Cain -

  • Ocean - Sea of Japan
  • Tail Shape - Maybe a bottom sword tail or top either or
  • Colors - Black, Grays, and Whites
  • Job - Mostly does undercover work for the government but in her free time also works with Jason. The fact that Bruce adopted her was never high profile so most people except those close to her know she was adopted and raised by him
Tim Drake -

  • Ocean - South China Sea
  • Tail Shape - Forked with webbing
  • Colors - Various forms of red
  • Job - Mother died in childbirth and his dad got killed in an accident so Tim found the Bruce guy who supposedly adopted orphans and asked to be adopted. Now he works as a P.I. and has an office in Bruce’s home/cave/castle place
Stephanie Brown -

  • Ocean - Ceram Sea
  • Tail Shape - The fourth one top or bottom
  • Colors - Purples with Pink highlights 
  • Job - As a kid she had a reputation for reporting criminals/villains that she saw and Bruce took her in because her home life wasn’t good and she had potential. Trained her himself and now she is one of his deadliest fighters who helps with homeless merfolks in her free time
Duke Thomas -

  • Ocean - Atlantic Ocean
  • Tail Shape - Lunate-esque
  • Colors - Yellow, Oranges, and Browns
  • Job - Was adopted because his parents were some of Bruce’s best fighters and they died fighting so Bruce took him in because he wanted Duke to have a chance at a good life. Works with merchildren in schools teaching them reading, writing, and stuff like that 
Damian Wayne -

  • Ocean - Black Sea
  • Tail Shape - Orca-esque 
  • Colors - Dark Grays and Navys 
  • Job - Was given to Bruce by his mom and she was never seen again. Bruce raised him and trained him and even though he is still young he has a lot of promise to be the next leader of their clan/tribe/kingdom
Harper Row -

  • Ocean - Pacific Ocean
  • Tail Shape - Rounded
  • Colors - Purple, Blue, and Pink
  • Job - Was never officially adopted by Bruce but hung around the castle/house/cave enough that she is considered an honorary family member. She now works with Jason and his team in the city being the most good  

I don’t know exactly how their society would work or anything but I was kinda picturing a society that functions like a kingdom I guess? And Bruce would be the leader and even though all his kids/family are from different parts of the Ocean they end up coming together and living as a merfamily

Do You Know What That’s Worth - A WidowTracer Fan Fiction

She awoke from the darkness.

Soft sand caressed her lower body. Tiny toes dug into the sand as water washed over them. The warmth of a etherial sun was the next thing she sensed. Eyes closed she turned her face upwards, absorbing what the sun offered her while her lower legs combined the sun’s warmth with the soft waves of water. She held no sense of who she was. How she came to suddenly exist in this location was unknown to her.

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I do not see
your body
as just a body,
I see it as landscape,
the natural form
of track and terrain.
You are land
but no country,
a mountain
without claim,
an ocean
full of itself.
So often I have given
myself to the wind
of your seasons
for safe passage.
So often I have
been spared
from your storm.
So often I have come
close to god
and did not know.
—  Nav K

Afonso de Albuquerque, Portuguese conquistador

A general, a “great conqueror,” a statesman, and an empire builder, he became known as “the Great”, “the Terrible”, “the Caesar of the East”, “the Lion of the Seas”, and “the Portuguese Mars”.

Afonso advanced the three-fold Portuguese grand scheme of combating Islam, spreading Christianity, and securing the trade of spices by establishing a Portuguese Asian empire.

Among his achievements, Afonso was the first European to enter the Persian Gulf, and he led the first voyage by a European fleet into the Red Sea. His military and administrative works are generally regarded as among the most vital to building and securing the Portuguese Empire in the Orient, the Middle East, and the spice routes of eastern Oceania.

Afonso is generally considered a military genius, and “probably the greatest naval commander of the age” given his successful strategy – he attempted to close all the Indian Ocean naval passages to the Atlantic, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and to the Pacific, transforming it into a Portuguese mare clausum established over the opposition of the Ottoman Empire and its Muslim and Hindu allies.

In the expansion of the Portuguese Empire, Afonso initiated a rivalry that would become known as the Ottoman–Portuguese war, which would endure for many years. Many of the Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts in which he was directly involved took place in the Indian Ocean, in the Persian Gulf regions for control of the trade routes, and on the coasts of India.

It was his military brilliance in these initial campaigns against the much larger Ottoman Empire and its allies that enabled Portugal to become the first global empire in history.

He had a record of engaging and defeating much larger armies and fleets. For example, his capture of Ormuz in 1507 against the Persians was accomplished with an fleet of seven ships. Other famous battles and offensives which he led include the conquest of Goa in 1510 and the capture of Malacca in 1511. He became admiral of the Indian Ocean, and was appointed head of the “fleet of the Arabian and Persian sea” in 1506.

During the last five years of his life, he turned to administration, where his actions as the second governor of Portuguese India were crucial to the longevity of the Portuguese Empire. He pioneered European sea trade with China during the Ming Dynasty with envoy Rafael Perestrello, Thailand with Duarte Fernandes as envoy, and with Timor, passing through Malaysia and Indonesia in a voyage headed by António de Abreu and Francisco Serrão. He also aided diplomatic relations with Ethiopia using priest envoys João Gomes and João Sanches, and established diplomatic ties with Persia, during the Safavid dynasty.

3 of his most remarkable victories:

Conquest of Ormuz (Iran), 380 Portuguese VS 30,000 Muslims and Persians lead by the Safavid Empire and Kingdom of Ormus, in 1507.

Conquest of Goa (India), 1,500 Portuguese VS 9,000 Muslims lead by the Bijapur Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire, in 1510.

Conquest of Malacca (Malaysia), 500 Portuguese, 300 Germans & 200 Malabares VS 25,000 Muslim Arabs lead by the Sultanate of Malacca, in 1511.