ocean of sand


Baby leatherback turtle crawling across the beach in Florida, heading for the ocean 

Parts of an Ocean Storm

Aries: The palm trees that shake so hard they look like they’ll fly off its roots

Taurus: The soft, soft sand that rises and falls with the wind

Gemini: The beach tents and colorful umbrellas that bounce across the beach and turn inside out

Cancer: The silence after the storm. The calmness, the slight anticipation for more storm

Leo: The light of the sun peaking through the clouds as the storm ends

Virgo: The humans that run to their cars frantically

Libra: The angry wind that brings havoc to everything and everyone

Scorpio: The ocean slamming against cliffs, slowing eroding it and flooding the sandy beach

Sagittarius: The essence of the storm. The noise, the fright, the beautiful destruction

Capricorn: The artist that paints the storm and romanticizes it

Aquarius: The dark, grey sky that overwhelms the world

Pisces: The rain that fluctuates between light and heavy. Once it seems as if its about to stop it rains heavy again