ocean of doors

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Anybody home?


Some of the JoJo cosplayers I saw at Megacon 2017!

If you’re in any of these photos and would like me to tag you or remove your picture please let me know!

aterribletumbl is Old Joseph!

gothboss is Kakyoin with Hierophant Green!

espeonns is Gryro!

kawaiisideboob is Johnny with Gyro!

partyofstardust is Kakyoin with the party fanny pack!




The immersion in the softness of the blue colour plus the convergences found on the way and something that once again stands out: the strongest attractions are always those for what does not exist or, at least, it does not exist the way we thought…like the (ilusive) colour. Somehow, and this is a “classic”, they are parallels existences, the real environement (other people included) and our own! But the most intriguing is that everyone is, apparently, living in this dissonance!  A challenge for a life time…this intrinsic incommunicability between human beings! And what a challenge!