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I once had this weird SU idea:

Peridot gets poofed over the ocean and then sunken into the sea. In the depths of the sea there’s too much pressure and not enough sunlight so she can’t reform. She has to wait until her gem washes up on shore or until the Crystal Gems find her.

She does eventually washes up on shore but that takes a long time. A very long time. Over a million years.

After all that time, thinking she’s been forgotten forever, Peridot washes up on shore and reforms. She fends herself against the harsh abandoned reality and the weird human-gem hybrid monsters that inhabit future Earth.

Eventually she finds the time temple, which after the ocean levels changed, is now on land, it’s the only structure left standing. She uses the time technology there to create a portal into the past.

She knows she’s too far gone, but she can tell past Steven where to find her past self and rescue her on time. Just before she closes off the portal and waits to die in her future timeline, Steven reaches in and grabs her back into his timeline.

They rescue past Peridot together and now there’re two Peridots. Normal past Peridot and depressed existential Future Peridot.

Let's get one thing straight:

Badlands National Park is not in defiance of the president, they are in support of the American People. They don’t work for him, they work for US. Climate change is a direct threat to our national resources, and the most severe threat facing our parks today. This is not a political issue, this is not Democrats vs. Republicans, this is data-backed endangerment of our open spaces and federal lands. If a building is deemed structurally unsound, you fix it, you don’t claim that scientists are lying to you about serious fatigue in the load-bearing members, or else it comes crashing down around you. Climate change is no different, nobody has ever tried to claim that forest fires are a myth invented by the Chinese.

‘We are rewriting the textbooks’: first dives to Amazon coral reef stun scientists

There is a flickering, bright glimmer of sky as the two-person submarine descends beneath the muddy equatorial waters to a place no human has ever seen – a vast, complex coral reef at the mouth of the world’s greatest river.

Thirty metres under the murky plume of the sediment-heavy Amazon, the sub enters a darker, richer world. A school of curious remora fish approaches the two-tonne machine. Crabs and starfish loom in its eerie lights. A metre-long amberjack swims past, then a two-metre ray.

At a depth of 80 metres, the pilot pauses to record large mounds of coral covered in rainbow-coloured pygmy angelfish, wrasses and parrotfish. There are sponges 30ft long.                     

At 120 metres the sub settles on the nearly level ocean floor in a field of soft coral, sea whips and fans. The pilot manoeuvres its remote cameras to within inches of the reef wall. It consists mainly of sponges and colourful rhodolith beds – masses of coral-like red algae – which are formed by chemical synthesis and thrive in the low light.

Most of the world’s shallow reefs are in trouble due to bleaching, climate change and fishing, but this one is pristine. Its wall is full of minute grooves and cracks, each hole and fissure home to something alive. Small, brave crabs approach the sub and raise their claws as if to defend themselves against this alien monster.

There are four Brazilian oceanographers, ecologists and marine scientists taking turns to dive in the sub from the Greenpeace boat Esperanza. For them, the chance to observe the reef, which they and others discovered three years ago after dredging brought up corals, is as thrilling as winning the World Cup.

Last year, based on chemical analysis of the plume and measurements of oxygen levels, they estimated the reef to be about 600 miles long, to cover 3,600 square miles, and be about 30 to 120 metres deep. They thought it was biologically relatively impoverished compared to other equatorial reefs, but nevertheless they recorded more than 60 species of sponge, 73 species of fish, spiny lobsters, stars and other reef life.

The Amazon reef: ‘a mega biome, a major ecological community of plants and animals with its own endemic species’. Photograph: Greenpeace

I like the idea of sea level rising stories, but I’ve never pictured the sea level rising fast enough to really fuck people over, especially in countries like the US. So instead, imagine years later, and everybody’s more or less survived, and now Florida is underwater; the buildings are home to fish, and gigantic coral reefs have sprung up in the cities. Imagine swimming through the windows of an old bank building to find a giant shoal of bait fish, or looking for sharks near what used to be a Seven Eleven. 

I mean realistically it wouldn’t happen, but it’s nice to think about. Perhaps at that point humanity has been mostly wiped out, and the main character is an alien extraterrestriologist. Who knows!

anonymous asked:

Lol. Climate change. Thanks for proving my point. Evolution is just a theory. Idk why liberals treat science like the new religion. Anything scientists say is divine revelation. Scientists used to think huumors were a thing. (Once again, liberals don't care about facts) Vaccines were even questioned by Ben Carson (renowned neurosurgeon) because we don't know the long term effects of them. How is that wrong? You can keep your scientism nonsense. Conservatives will just be over here in reality.


So, let’s break this down into easy to digest bites for you since your grasp of reality and academics in general seems subpar.

1. Climate Change.

Climate Change, by an overwhelming amount of known data, is real, and is influenced by humans. 

See that? That is an official graph from NASA. The earth has cycled back and forth from cold periods to warm periods for thousands of years, but if you look *real* close, and I know, it might be a minute change, but you can see that around the dawn of agriculture, and especially the industrial revolution, CO2 levels have skyrocketed. This CO2, the primary thing referred to by the term “Greenhouse Gas” acts as a insulator that keeps heat in our atmosphere, which leads to a rise in temperatures across the globe. This combined with the increased use of chlorofluorocarbons for a couple decades ripping holes in the ozone and increasing radiation levels piercing through the atmosphere has led to many adverse effects, such as melting ice shelves, warmer oceans, warmer global temperatures, rising sea levels, oceanic acidification, and increased natural disasters. 

All of these things have been researched in depth, and there is almost a unanimous conclusion across the scientific community that global climate change is a real thing, and that it is being influenced by humans. 

If you would like to discuss this more, please present specific counterpoints. I guarantee you I will be able to refute every single one, because bluntly, facts and science are on my side. 

2. “Evolution is just a theory.”

Do you know what else is a theory? Gravity. Plate Tectonics. Oxygen Theory of Combustion. Heliocentrism. Cell Theory. Homeostasis. These things are all very easily tested, and most people would consider them facts, yet they are considered theories. 


Well this should be basic college level science knowledge but, in science, a “theory” is not just a guess, that is called a hypothesis. In science, a theory is an explanation for observations that is backed by tons and tons of data. It doesn’t matter how much data you gather, it will always be a theory. Despite general knowledge, theories do not become laws. A law is a concrete observation observation, a theory is a well substantiated explanation for that observation. 

Evolution is a law. Genetics change over time. This can be easily observed in the natural world and even in a laboratory. Now, the theory of evolution as a result of natural selection, that is a theory. The LAW is that evolution happens, the THEORY is that natural selection is how it happens. Again, this is BASIC biology and scientific terminology, but I can tell from your approach to this topic that you are unfamiliar with scientific reason and practices. 

3. “Idk why liberals treat science like the new religion. Anything scientists say is divine revelation.”

That is because unlike religion, science is backed by a strict process of testing an observation. The standardization and widespread use of the scientific method is one of the most influential turning points in human culture, and it allowed us to not just guess, or listen to a mentally ill person’s vision for guidance, but actually test and collaborate to get to the real answers. Religion is based on basic observations, but instead of utilizing testing a logical processes to come to an explanation to said observation, it uses imagination and storytelling. We embrace science, because it is testable and confirmable, and when contradicted, changes to meet new evidence, unlike religion which just casts out all contradictory findings, oftentimes leading to crimes against humanity.

4.  “ Scientists used to think huumors were a thing.”

First of all, it’s humors.

Second of all, you are entirely correct! Early medical professionals and early scientists believed that the four humors were a medical fact. However, we have studied the human body more, mostly through the deregulation of the study of anatomy through dissections. (Thank Christianity for holding us back a couple hundred years!)

See, science changes as new evidence is presented. However, until that new evidence is discovered, and has enough backing to promote it is a theory with validity, we try to go with what we have. Many of the procedures and treatments used by the late greeks and medieval doctors actually did help, and some of the practices carry over into modern day medicine. Science is about trial and error, and extrapolating the facts from our mistakes. 

5.   “ Vaccines were even questioned by Ben Carson (renowned neurosurgeon) because we don’t know the long term effects of them. “

Don’t insult me by acting like I don’t know who Ben Carson is. Anyway, yes, we do not know the long term effects of vaccines, because in order to conduct a long term study, you have to have a control. In this case, the control would be an unvaccinated child, and it is HORRIBLY UNETHICAL to condemn a child to being vulnerable to getting measles or polio for 20+ years of their life to conduct a long term study.

We do however, know the short term effects of vaccines, which include, 


6.  “ You can keep your scientism nonsense. Conservatives will just be over here in reality.”

Yep, I’ll keep my meticulously conducted research backed by hundreds of years of evidence and cross verification, and you keep your 2,000 year old book about a schizophrenic homeless man and the sky fairies in his head. 

  • natgeo Video @ladzinski / No where on the planet is changing faster than the Arctic. Increased temperatures over recent decades are showing undeniable effects to our frozen polar regions, ushering with it changed weather patterns and rising seas. Research is showing that in the last century that Greenland has lost over 1 Trillion (yes, trillion) tons of ice. If the ice were to entirely recede and melt it could raise ocean levels by about 20 feet. This video clip here is 60 seconds of beauty from the northern and southern Arctic, a peek at these magical parts of our beautiful planet, music by @thenational / @sea_legacy
Grab Your Things (I’ve come to take you home)

FLUFFFFF written in the dead of night, as seems to be my wont lately. This is a late fill for @rebelcaptainprompts Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week, prompt five: Home. Title taken from the song “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel, although I actually prefer the Sarah McLachlan live cover.

Grab Your Things (I’ve come to take you home)

Cassian often thought that emerging from deep cover was like surfacing after a deep-sea dive. You had to take it in measured stages, pausing at certain depths on your way up through the levels of ocean, just the same as you had to move carefully through Imperial space, checking in through encrypted channels on your way.

If you did it too fast, you’d get the bends, or your cover would be blown, both possibly fatal outcomes. So you took it slow.

Which he appreciated. He did. But Force, it took so long.

He didn’t remember it taking so long all the other times, although logic dictated that it always had, or possibly longer.

He’d always been able to sink deep into a cover before, leaving Cassian almost completely behind as he became Joreth or Willix or whoever. But this time, a stubborn knot of Cassian-ness remained deep inside, tied up around a pair of green eyes and a smirking mouth.

He’d missed her desperately.

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Since requests are open. Can I get a fic of yandere Genji kidnapping his mermaid!S!O and putting her in a large fish tank so he can admire her always?

Genji found you completely by accident. He was meditating near the edge of a cliff where the ocean lay below. His meditation was disrupted by your beautiful voice as you sat on a rock, wringing out your hair just below him. The man peered over the cliff and his eyes widened when he saw you had a long, fish-like tail. It didn’t take him long to realize what you were and ever so slowly he descended from the cliff. Now that he was at the shore he could hear your lovely voice much more clearly and became mesmerized as he slowly began to approach you.

Stepping on a shell by mistake, Genji  froze as you whipped your head around to face him. Your eyes widen, startled, before you leap from the rock and quickly swim away. Before he even knew what he was doing he cried out, “Wait!”

The man had become deeply infatuated with you almost instantly. Your beauty was like none other he had even seen in all his years. The water stilled and with some hesitance your head bobbed in the ocean, just your eyes leveling with the water as you stared curiously at the man. Genji slowly walked onto the rock you sat on moments prior and extended his hand to you. You stared briefly at his closed hand and back at him, wary. He smiled and opened his palm to show a flower he had picked from the top of the cliff. You swam a little closer to get a good look and stared at it in confusion. 

“For you.” He says and your brows furrow in confusion. It was then he realized you didn’t understand English- or human language for that matter. Nonetheless he persisted in making his feelings known. Steadily Genji placed the flower behind your ear but you still had a look of puzzlement on your face. 

Without warning you dive beneath the ocean and his heart drops but soon enough you resurface with a live crab in your hands, ushering for Genji to take it with a smile on your face. You may not understand language but you definitely understand his way of thinking. It’s a start, he thinks, but he can work with it. The next several hours he spends observing you and picking up signals from you. When he touches his lips you begin singing, when he holds his hand out he wants something from you and vice versa, and when he waves you wave back. It takes several weeks but day after day of visiting you he finalizes his plan. 

When he doesn’t come to see you for several moons you grow worried and nearly beach yourself twice when getting too close to the shore in search of him. When you finally spot the human you had become so friendly with you smile and splash your tail in the water excitedly. You freeze when you see he’s carrying a net. You weren’t stupid, you had seen many sea creatures get caught in the net by humans and then die within said net. You were confused as to why he would have one. Especially when his touch was so reassuring and his voice was so soft as he gently tucked you into the net. 

You didn’t do anything as you allowed him to carry you offshore, frozen in fear. You closed your eyes and felt so guilty and stupid that you could ever trust a human but to your surprise Genji slowly eased your body into a near body of water. Except it wasn’t the ocean. You swam around the tank in confusion of your new surroundings. 

Genji took a step back in front of the large tank and admired your beauty. The pink lighting within the tank made you look so heavenly he couldn’t help but smile. Your hair flowed through the water as you swam near the bottom of the tank, poking at the different items he had decorated the tank with. He put his hand on the glass and you stared at it, uncertain. With some hesitance you put your hand over his and he inhaled sharply as only the glass separated the two of you. You seemed very disoriented and a bit scared of your new surroundings but he knew you would get used to them quickly if he was there every day and night for you. 

The oceans — their sea levels, temperatures and acidity all on the rise — do not read Breitbart News in the United States or the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, which by spreading science denial put the most vulnerable at risk.
—  Cynthia Barnett’s Op-Ed in the LA Times, read here.