ocean gifts


I’m hoping for something more like this for Daud’s activities in Dishonored 2, but I guess we will see!

Candles for the Gemini Cold SuperMoon

Tonight is another super moon! This one is called the “Cold” moon, and brings with it a great airy Gemini energy of communication, self-expression, balance, and mindfulness. 

The candles I’m making to go along with this moon are geared toward the balancing side of things. It’s the holiday season and everything is hectic. The full moon brings out the craziness in everyone (it is where the term lunacy comes from), and some have seasonal depression. These candles were made with that in mind. I’m making these as gifts to help balance out friends and family. 

I’m keeping with my sea witchery, but you can always change things up to suit your style!


  • Coconut halves (Mine are about the size of the palm of my hand. Don’t go too big on this!)
  • Candle wax (I went with regular instead of bees because I was going to color them)
  • Crayon in whatever color you want (You truly only need a VERY SMALL BIT of crayon. I used about a quarter inch section for 5 candles)
  • Wick
  • Essential Oils (I used my own special combo to bring out the ocean and relaxation, but you can use whatever you want!)
  • Tray to stabilize your coconut halves on while the wax sets
  • Double boiler (or a jar in a pot of about 1″ of water)
  • Decoration (I used sea shells)


If you’re doing “jar in the water” method, I recommend letting your jar warm up with the water and when you put more water in (because evaporation), make sure the new water is already hot or your jar will shatter. 

Be aware of allergies!! If you are giving this as a gift, know the recipient’s allergies! Know what’s in your oils! If you don’t know, just don’t use it. Better safe than sorry.

Don’t use your child’s favorite crayon without permission! They will cry!

Don’t put wax in or on anything you actually like! It’s really hard to remove! That goes for pots, pans, jars, spoons, containers of any kind, clothes, pot holders, etc. 

Wax is hot! All the stuff it’s in will be hot, too! Be careful!

Prep your containers. When you set your wick, you’ll want to dip the weight in some melted wax and press it to the bottom of the coconut half. 

Select your shells, so you don’t have to scrounge or fish for the right ones when your time is limited on setting them. 

Melt your wax in the jar. Fill it with all your love and peace. If you’re making them as gifts, imagine the recipients feeling more balanced and relaxed. 

Add your oil(s) until, when you smell the wax in the jar, you catch a whiff but it’s not overwhelming. Imagine the recipient with a calm smile and a sigh of relief as they also smell the candle’s wax.

Add the bit of crayon for color. The recipient is filled with a child’s unconditional love. 

Let it all mingle and simmer.

Put on some oven mitts and pour that into the coconut halves. As you pour, imagine you’re pouring the good vibes into their souls, and the coconut will shield them from unwanted feelings and negativity. 

Wait for the wax to cool enough to become solid but warm. This is the part where you need to be quick!

Pour a little more wax on the top of the semi-set wax, then arrange your shells while it’s still wet. As you arrange the shells, associate each type of shell with a different aspect of what you want for your recipient! 

  • Murex shells will add a little extra protection.
  • Cockles for love. 
  • Whelk shells to help get a handle on things. 
  • Conch to clear up misconceptions. 
  • Scallops are good all-purpose shells. I speckle them around to enhance the others. 

Once they cool enough, set them in the full moon to charge up!