ocean eyes deluxe

hey here’s some things about owl city beyond the meme, this is just a kind of summary/introduction thing.

  • owl city is actually not a band, it’s just this guy called Adam young!
  • fireflies is from his album ocean eyes, but he has serval other albums! my fave song owl city song is from ocean eyes, or the deluxe version, the song if my heart was a house. other great songs from ocean eyes are cave in, the bird and the worm, hello Seattle and vanilla twilight
  • all things bright and beautiful is quite similar to and is my fave album. kamikaze, angels and plant life are some great songs!
  • the midsummer station and mobile orchestra are the two latest and these are not as popular as his older ones cause they are quite different, but I like them. some highlights are verge, bird with a broken wing, silhouette and take it all away.
  • of June and maybe I’m dreaming are his two oldest albums and they have less upbeat music but there’s a lot of this dreamy feeling people love about his music in it! some personal faves are rainbow veins, the saltwater room, super honeymoon, dear Vienna, swimming in Miami and designer skyline

but we are far from done! some other notable owl city works:

  • his three Christmas songs, peppermint winter, kiss me babe it’s Christmas time and humbug! all of them are great, my fave is peppermint winter but humbug is really fun and is about holiday shopping anxiety.
  • his so ultraviolet is one of my fave things ever produced by owl city. it’s fantastic. beautiful times is one of my all time fave songs, wolf bite and up all night are also fantastic songs.
  • his most recent song, not all heroes wear capes, is about his dad and he made it for Father’s Day! not my fave but I still like it.
  • he recently released a cover of waving through a window from dear Evan Hansen and I think it’s great!
  • there’s also owl city songs not released, beautiful mystery, bombshell blonde, etc ect

however, Adam doesn’t stop at owl city!

  • he’s also known for sky sailing, another one man thing where he has released one album called an airplane carried me to bed. it’s, amazing. there’s no other words. it’s beautiful, a little different from his owl city things but it’s fantastic and one of my all time fave album.
  • the Adam young project is a thing he did during 2016. he released one album once a month from February and onwards. he did “movie soundtracks” for historical events and it’s one of my fave things ever! it’s all instrumental and it’s wonderful. it’s so worth a listen!
  • outside this there’s a lot of things he has done/been involved in like: port blue, swimming with dolphins, Windsor Airlift, Aquarium, Dolphin Park, The Grizzly, Insect Airport, Seagull Orchestra and many more!

Strawberry Avalanche lyric video