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Ocean Defender Tour Philippines 
  • Greenpeace activists showing their message at Apo Island while a green sea turtle blends into to the reef.
  • What used to be the healthy corals of the MPA of Apo Island now resemble a coral graveyard.
  • Scientists and volunteers put a coral module at the MPA of Apo Island. These modules are made up out of old coral rubble and cement and can encourage coral growth so the reef can recover quickly. (x)

Sharks are being put under a lot of human-related pressure, and are at risk of becoming extinct. They are fished, finned, culled, hunted for trophies, as well as having to deal with ocean pollution, destruction of their natural habitat, global warming, and overfishing.

Grey nurse sharks were the first to be recognised as being ‘endangered’, and have been protected for over two decades. There are, however, only about 1,000 left today.

Top tips so that you can become a shark defender: 

- Reduce the amount of waste that you throw into the ocean, including rubbish and food. 

- Instead of plastic, take re-usable fabric bags to the store. 

- Recycle all the glass, paper, and plastic that you use.

- Look at labels on your fish; if you don’t know what meat you are eating, don’t eat it. Check the sustainable seafood guide.

Twitter: @sharkmatters