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The ocean has a unique way to keep everything in balance. This little “ doctor ” waits for his patients to come by his anemone “ office ” to clean parasites and dead skin off his clients. The doctors gets free food and the patient goes home clean.

Stories of the Seas Finalists

We are pleased to announce Stories of the Seas top ten photo finalists (not in any particular order):


by Ryann Ablen

“This photo was shot below the first Mactan-Mandaue Bridge in Cebu.

The waters that apparently divide people and nations, as can be seen through this photo wherein the Mactan Channel separates the island of Cebu from the Mactan Island are the same waters that provide food to the locals. The so called ‘divide’ was fixed by the installation of bridges, and the waters that separate the people from its bounty is solved by the boats that people create.”


by Raniel Jose M. Castañeda

“The project led by the Manila Broadcasting Company-DZRH , supported by several public and private organizations including the city government of Manila, DENR-MBCO, DENR-NCR, Diamond Hotel Philippines, Manila Ocean Park, Manila Yacht Club, Landbankers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. The Manila Bay Clean-up was led by more than 3,000 volunteers from the members of the SUNSET Program, as well as in shorelines and fishports in Bacoor, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Navotas and Malabon through MBC’s Makabagong Bayanihan Convergence for Manila Bay Clean-up. The activity is a big step towards creating public awareness on the importance of proper waste disposal.”


by Isabel Laohoo

“All my life, I grew up watching the clear sunset in the calm sea. Now, that I’m away from home because of college, this view has been out of my sight. Though I’m missing my life by the sea so much, I can always look back at this photo I have in my hands and feel like I never left home. This photo takes me back where I left my heart and where it really belongs.”


by Jamila Plopino

“The photo shows fishermen getting into their boat to fish at night.

This photo shows brotherhood, the beautiful camaraderie between two creations. The trust and friendship formed between man and sea through spending time together, being dependent on each other. Men sets off to sea with confidence to get a bountiful catch. Likewise, the sea relies mainly on fishermen to enable it to serve its eternal purpose.
The men 'immersed’ at sea, symbolize how their life start as they get into the water–to provide for their family, give meaning to their lives, and hope for the future.” 


by RJ Cruz

(No description)


by Allan Borebor

“I took this picture last April 2013 during Holy Week on top of the cliff of Matukad Island in Caramoan. This is my journey that amazed me of the beauty of the island and the oceans. This is unparalleled beauty of God’s creation that He gave to Mankind. As a person, we have a responsibility to care and maintain the beauty of our seas.”


by Anna Dominique Marabayles

“As we were walking back to our room, we heard a rattling sound near our room’s door. A rusty can was moving right in front of us and we were surprised to see a hermit crab living inside it. It has apparently adapted its way of living according to what we’ve made to its habitat.

I wonder if the other creatures are as lucky. The island is reasonably maintained overall, but I am left to wonder how else the residents and tourists affect the other creatures and if we are doing enough to take care of the environment.”


by Jose Melencio “Bimbo” Brillo

“While walking over the San Juanico bridge, I was graced to capture a couple fishing the traditional way. I felt the love that binds them in the ocean.”


by Kurt Famanila

“This photo was taken in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was in a residential house for priests beside the bay. We actually had mass there and the father said in the homily that we humans should protect nature because they are God’s gift to us. We should preserve and take care of them because they are His creations too. He added that the kind of nature we have depends on how much we contemplate (appreciate God’s presence). If we have a balanced nature then we appreciate and acknowledge God.”


by Edwin Castillon

“The free-diver, after spending a few moments communing with the creatures at the bottom of the sea, resurfaces majestically. The light seems to guide her path, showing her the way, showing her the life.”


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Also, we are sorry to announce that there are no qualified submissions for the video category.

Please watch this space for further announcements. Thank you!

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This photo was taken at Cebu.

This is the perfect scenario to have quality family bonding time.  It gives people a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.  Nothing could be more relaxing than watching the sunset at the beach.  Just being able to listen to the waves and feel the breeze is heavenly. We should all make and effort to preserve the natural beauty of the local beaches.  

Photo entry of Kristen Ung