Castiel Drabbles

Characters: CastielXReader

Item/Object: Shoulder Blades

Word Count: 523

Requested by: Anonymous

Warning: Drabble contains explicit NSFW content. Adult/18+ readers only! Wing kink. Super sweet smut below the cut.

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forest green or ocean blue? chilly sunrises or warm sunsets? empty country roads or small town main streets? wheat fields or groves of apple trees? lemonade or iced tea? late night stargazing or early morning walks? camping with friends or staying in alone? sunny days or rainy afternoons?

Between all the conventions and being sick, I hardly had time to test out my new laser cutter. I’m feeling a bit better from Fanime’s con flu, so I squeezed in some time to design a few tests in preparation for my side projects. I couldn’t find the right color of acrylic so these 2 are too light or too dark. With Akon and Anime Next coming up next weekend, I’ll have to put these on hold until some other time.