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Kick-Ass Chicks: Luki O’Keefe

There’s something about Luki’s photos that standout amongst the thousands of other surf photographers, and for us it’s the way she captures tranquil moments in the ocean with a modernized retro vibe that gives us all the nostalgic feels. We’ve spent hours scrolling through her Instagram feed getting lost in the serene colors and gorgeous light she snaps, and just had to learn more about her. We’re chatting with Luki about how she inherited her love for the ocean, and what her dream shoot would be (hint hint, this one includes time travel!).

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He slips
like the ocean floor,
draws back
from under the waves,
he is gone
like his name ,
that I wrote
on the beach,
washed away
by the tide now,

But my world
is the tumultuous surface
of the sea,
wrecking against walls of stone,
in such preoccupation
of him.

© SoulReserve 2017