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april 26 2017- - - amid all of the crazy end of the semester tests, today was a softer day. An essay on gardens, a short response, and this fish anatomy drawing for oceanography were the only things assigned. Getting ready for exams can be stressful so it’s always nice to have a little bit of fun:)


Some pastel cat banners for @stardust-stims!!


Eleven DNI banners. They all say, “Please don’t interact if:Kink/NSFW/TERF/Exclusionist,” in black text. The typeface is Manatee Solid, for those wondering.

The first one has a group of cats on the sides of a sparkly pastel background. The second has the cat emoji from Google on the sides, with pink and yellow sunset clouds as the background. The third has a blue cat sitting on the sides of an ocean banner. 

The fourth has a meowing cat head silhouetted on both sides of a pastel space background. The fifth has a transparent picture of a sleeping cat on a watery background. The next two both use silhouettes of cats, sitting and walking, respectively. 

One uses a pastel, foil-like background and the other uses pastel blocks. The eighth banner uses a picture of an actual orange tabby cat with a tuxedo underside, but it’s only to the right. The background is a gradiated watercolor textured.

The next three are a purple cat, a pink cat, and a cyan can, all in Pusheen style. The backgrounds are cyan, purple, and pink, respectively. 

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a woman’s job

@glossamerfaerie asked: Any pairing or gen. All the Avengers are kidnapped. Darcy rescues them. :)

part one // part two 
another installment of the ocean’s eleven au :) because it just fit hehe.

“So this all looks… horrible.” Banner commented mildly, wincing as the steel-reinforced door slammed behind him. Ten other heads stared back at him, all with varying expressions of disgruntlement and anger.

“How’d they grab you?” Rogers asked quietly from the floor. Barnes sat beside him, flipping a knife the security guards didn’t manage to find in his right hand, his left hand shaking.

Banner just smiled. “Temper got the best of me,” he said simply, surveying the rest of the room. Wilson, Rhodes, and Barton sat in the corner, commanding the only four chairs in the small room – one for each of them, the last for the game of War they were playing halfheartedly. Romanoff stood still and silent, nary a wrinkle in sight or a hair out of place, while Hill was scowling darkly, her split lip still bleeding as she paced the length of the room like a caged lioness. Banner took one look at Stark, sprawled out on the floor, and settled next to Odinson, who looked calm despite a black eye and bruises mottling one side of his face.

They fell into silence, nobody wanting to say it, until Barton finally sighed and asked, “So, now what?” 

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So, two days ago I’ve had the uttermost pleasure and luck of attending BAP’s Live On Earth Paris Attack and here I wanted to share some of what happened (and of the picture I took, kindly asking you to credit them if you use them because they’re the outcome of a great effort).
I ended up being on second row just behind a girl who was quite shorter than me, so I basically had the visibility of a first row without the unpleasant inconvenient of having the barriers between my ribs, it was the perfect position. Me and my friends started lining up at 5 o’ clock in the morning after waking up at 3.50, and the organization of the queue provided by BAP’s French fanbase was just perfect. They divided us into two queues since the very beginning, they gave us numbers, they offered us food, drinks, thermic covers to stay as warm as possible in the chilly weather, they checked the numeration in order to avoid people passing in front of others, they offered us a lovely paper with all the fanchants, a banner and a reminder of what to do and what not to during the concert. Really, we couldn’t ask for more and I’ll never stop praising their top organization that avoided many problems and made the long wait pass as smoothly as possible.
I couldn’t say how many people we were in the VIP crowd but let me tell you that at 4PM the non VIP one started just behind us, followed all through the main road of the Zenith - La Villette park and ended almost at the beginning of the road, so I can’t imagine where it must’ve arrived come 6 PM when us VIP were allowed to enter.
At some point manager Kang came out with the camera in order to film the crowd and made us repeat “BAP saranghaeyo”. We also clearly heard the boys rehearse at some point, they must’ve rehearsed “Hurricane” at least 3 times. Some of us went to the entrance to have a better hearing and I did too, managing to hear Youngjae’s part in “Lovesick” really well. Oh the love.
Around me before the show there have been some little misunderstandings between fans, a little push here, a little argument there, outcome of impatience and nervousness I guess, but let me tell you that during the show there was really no problem, everyone respected each other without pushing and shoving and BAP never - not even once - had to ask us to behave or be quiet, because the situation was smooth per itself.
The whole crowd made some collective holas before the boys came out on stage. Then the concert started with the usual VCR and BAP’s remix, and then there they were, flesh and bones, standing before our very own eyes, singing “One Shot”. I’ll never forget that moment, the very first time that I laid my eyes on BAP in person.
At that point my eyes were frenetically passing from member to member because I couldn’t believe how astonishingly stunning the boys are. I mean, you see them in picture, you watch their videos and all, but when you get to see them for real you realize that no picture, no gif, no nothing gives enough credit to their unique beauty.
I will post singular shots of the members with my impressions of them when I’ll finish credit the pictures because if I did here it’d be too long than it’ll turn out to be already.
The concert was amazing and I truly believe that BAP enjoyed it as much as we did. They spoke in very good French, especially Youngjae, Himchan and Daehyun. The latter made a funny mistake at some point: he was supposed to say: “on a passè un très bon temps” but he probably momentarily forgot how to say “temps” and so he tried to hide it by repeating “BON” at least four times but he ended up failing, of course. It came out like: “on a passé un tres BON BON BON… temps” and everyone laughed, including all the boys - especially Youngjae who was standing beside him and really cracked up laughing hard holding his stomach as always.
They also made a popularity test during the talk session and Jongup asked us if we liked his six pack that he showed in his solo stage - and so we all went like “yeah” and after that Himchan said: “moi aussi!”, which means “me too” and it was a very funny HimUp moment. There was also a huge HimJae moment during Dancing in the rain when Himchan started singing “Yoo Youngjae Yoo Youngjae” in order to make him shake his ass in the middle of the stage and when Youngjae did, Himchan touched his butt various times.
Also, at some point Daehyun started singinging and dancing along to a famous song that tourists always sing in Paris “aux Champs Élysée” and all of us followed through and the boys were so spontaneously happily jamming to us singing, it was amazing! - there’s a lovely fancam of that on YouTube. 
Also, during the talk session, Daehyun said that in French that he really liked “baguette” (“j’ai aimè la baguette”) and then Youngjae said that he really liked the “foie gras” (“moi j’ai bien aimè foie gras”) to which Jongup said “OUI! FOIE GRAS” and Himchan went “FOIE GRAS? Moi aussi! FOIE GRAS” so yeah, we kind of understood that HimJaeUp are huge fans of the foie gras.
They also made a popularity contest and leader Bang YongGuk won clearly - even though the others had some huge cheers as well - so later the others (backdancers included) all surrounded him and put up his shirt to reveal his abs - Himchan was absolutely all but gentle, lol, he elevated his t-shirt very high. Daehyun at the back couldn’t stop laughing!
While presenting himself for the popularity contest Zelo said: “j’aime Pariiiiis” in the most adorable tone ever, like a child. It was lovely!
At some point, after 1004, the boys were talking announcing that the following song “Warrior” would have been their last one and we all randomly started singing “wooh-oooh, wooh-oooh” as loud as we could and the boys looked genuinely surprised: Himchan looked at YongGuk and said something in korean to which Bang, who was widely smiling, answered simply shaking his head, and so Himchan asked us “What is this?” to which we responded singing even more loudly and so Youngjae, Zelo and Jongup started dancing along to us singing and Daehyun added himself to the chorus. (I posted a video on instagram about that, in case, just Youngjae focused because instagram cuts it unfortunately, maybe I’ll post it on YouTube as well cause it’s hilarious). Then it was Youngjae’s turn to speak and he said “we only need one more second” and restarted singing “woooh-oooh” jumping around and we followed through, thing that made all the other boys smile even more until YongGuk said “so exciting!” and went on speaking. (I also have a video of that up on instagram).
Also, when announcing that “Warrior” would have been their last song Daehyun cheekily said that in order to perform it they would have had to change their white 1004 outfits and partially removed his jacket from off his shoulders. Then YongGuk did the same thing very fast while Himchan partially removed the jacket to reveal his shoulders (covered with a white t-shirt) and kept it that way while Zelo completely removed the jacket revealing his arms. There was no need for Jongup to do so as he had already his arms bared and so the only one left was Youngjae, who casually started looking everywhere not to strip down and when we started all screaming “Youngjae” he looked at us, and ironically went: “CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN” making the gesture with his spare hand. It was another funny moment. I’ve got to say he had already removed his jacket spontaneously during “spy” and he did later after Warrior, so it’s not like he didn’t give us that joy on general.
So after Warrior they came back singing “with you”. We all had a “한번 BABY 는영원한BABY”(once a BABY forever a BABY) banner that was given us by the fanbase and we all held it up as high as possible and the boys all looked pleasantly surpirised by that gesture. Daehyun had his voice broken and it was adamant that he was about to cry, I personally couldn’t see if he really did because he was on the other side of the stage but I have this video where it’s shown that he was kind of holding back the tears - as we all fans were, me too, and so I stopped filming and I just focused on the moment. Jongup and Zelo were in front of me and they looked like opposite; Jongup was such a happy bunny all smiling and waving and dancing along while Zelo was looking kinda sad and tried his best to wave to as many people as possible. During the final bow, the guys all bowed down 180° and at some point Zelo held his head up with a lovely baby face and the boys couldn’t see him because they were all bowing but we could and we all laughed. DaeJae bowed a little longer than the rest and were the last ones leaving the stage after thanking everyone.
Also, Himchan took pictures of our side of the crowd with two different cameras and with an IPhone 5S - his personal, I suppose. May that time he was really lovely with me personally: I pouted since I didn’t get caught on his first shot so he noticed, gave me a thumbs up and turned the camera towards the side where me and those around me were. That moment is going to be forever impressed in my mind. I might’ve got caught in 3 or 4 of his pictures, I’m not sure that’s a food thing considering my face at the time, lol. Also, it was funny to see Himchan interact with the staff guy trying to make him understand what camera he wanted (a white one) while the staff guy was offering him the black very powerful one he had previously used. Then when we made the ocean of banners he want in the back to snap the whole hall holding the banner up. The exit was on my side and Manager Kang was waiting for them there smiling and made a thumbs up to everyone’s address, following Daehyun who was the last one leaving. 
Then, After the show, a funny thing happened to me: I had bought one First Sensibility CD in order to get a chance for the HIGH5 event but I didn’t manage to get it, so before the concert I just checked whose photocard I had (Jongup) and then I put my cd inside my bag and ran towards my spot. After the concert I took it out and I realized that it was signed by Youngjae, who was the one, alongside Himchan, who had been standing on the side of the stage where I was and with whom I made the most number of eyecontact. It’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised to find the signature and now I’ll treat that cd better than gold.
So I put my gifts for Daehyun and Youngjae inside their gift boxes (Daehyun’s name had to be corrected as it was spelled DEAhyun instead of DAEhyun) and I noticed that they all had almost the same amount except for YongGuk, whose box was completely filled even over its top - of course he had a lot of Tigros, it was cute to watch inside it, lol.
So, in the end, what can I tell you? That you don’t understand how great BAP are until you really see them, I feel so lucky and proud to have had the chance to travel to Paris in order to watch them perform and I really had the most amazing concert experience I could’ve hoped for there. I can never stop thanking them for such a night and for coming to Europe in the first place, I really hope that they have managed to perceive all the love that their European BABYz have for them and I hope that they’ll have a lot of fun in Düsseldorf too.
Once a BABY, Forever a BABY!
Here’s the link to my instagram videos: http://instagram.com/p/nf3bBlJ3S-/ (During with You) Daehyun almost crying seen from the monitor - feat happy YongGuk dancing along.
(During the talk session) Youngjae dancing to our “wooh-ooh” http://instagram.com/p/nd0ndyJ3Vk/
And then making his own “woo-ooh” http://instagram.com/p/nd1QWnJ3Wm/ 
And then Daehyun forgetting his words in French: http://instagram.com/p/nidg2Ep3X6/
All the pictures are mine: credit if you use them - I’ve credited them with my twitter username and I have a different name on instagram but at the end of the day it’s always me. Thanks @sam221b for putting the credits on my pictures.