ocean art contest

Push and Pull - WIP.

My entry for the avatar contest so far. you basically have to draw yourself as a bender of some kind. I’ve always loved water so it was always going to be Waterbending. The idea is that i’m/he’s bending the water into the shape of koi (kinda obvious) rather than there actually being elephant koi there. The details like splashes of water coming off them will be the final touches :) I also figured i’d be a republic city waterbender, a few generations in, as i am far, far too pale to be a pureblood water tribe member, haha!

I’;m popping it up here unfinished because i need to go to bed soon and I’ve been looking at it for far too long. 

Critically, i think its quite good, it has a good theme and the structure is ok. the pose and stuff work too. However i’m getting a feeling that it doesn’t look quite unified yet? I’m also debating how to do the lighting on my clothes etc. do i want harsher green light on the back so that you don’t lose me in the water.

it’s all up for debate, but its quite raw and unfinished yet, so don’t pay me too much attention!

it does feel good to be painting properly again, though!