ocean 13


1.24.17+10:53am // spread 13: star ocean queen // haven’t posted in forever, but here’s the spread i made for this week (with some sunlight streaking through the blinds haha). i got pretty stressed about my inconsistent handwriting, so i amped up the freestyle this time. i really like how it turned out! hope everyone is having a great week :D

i still drown in blues of the ocean. time passes through my eyes like a series of memories i never fully lived. i look for echoes of your voice in the wind, i look for echoes of your fingerprints on the sand, i look for echoes of your laughter in the waves. i whisper i love you as i leave another letter to the ocean. a letter you will never read.


Witchy Asks ✨

How it works: Send me a number in my asks and I’ll answer the question for it. 

1: Favorite Crystal? 💎

2: A supernatural experience you’ve had?

3: A spell you did that worked 😁

4: A spell you did that failed 😕

5: Do you believe in spirits? 

6: Do you believe in any gods or goddesses?

7: Favorite herb? 🌿

8: Favorite flower?  🌸

9: Favorite flavor of tea? ☕

10: Favorite candle scent? 🕯️

11: How you discovered witchcraft

12: How long you’ve been practicing witchcraft 🗓️

13: Ocean, forest, river, or meadow? 

14: What type of witch are you?

15: Describe your aesthetic. 🎀

16: Any helpful witchcraft tips?

17: Fairies, mermaids, or elves? 

18: Favorite fairytale? 🤴

19: Favorite way of practicing magik? (spell jars, sigils, tarot reading)

20: Describe a place that makes you feel relaxed.

21: Something you’re good at 👍

22: Something you’re working on

23: A witchcraft blog you recommend

24: An interesting fact about yourself 

25: Day or Night? ☀️🌙

CHILL BEATS [ listen on playmoss ]
some chill lo-fi hip hop and electronic, good for relaxing or studying

01. terio - cherries 02. kaizen - calm. 03. jhfly - hangin 04. change - i beat shit up like tekken 05. overcast - ijstwishuknew 06. bl/zz - shawty 07. cavanaugh - blissful 08. fleece - park 09. junyii - beach daze 10. smuv - morning 11. jewpaidro - cribbo. 12. cavanaugh - garden x quickly 13. [ocean jams] - valentine 14. lungfulls - finite time here 15. ezekey - abstract flowers 

This Weekend in Politics

March 10-13, 2017

  • Kellyanne Conway reaffirmed Trump’s wiretapping claims from last week, suggesting that Trump Tower could have been monitored through phones, TVs, and microwaves. However, on Monday, she was on morning shows and said she had no evidence of these claims.  (WP)(LAT)(IND)
  • Texas’ gerrymandering has been found to be discriminatory and guilty of weakening the impact of Hispanic voters on purpose. The maps were drawn in 2011 by the Republican state legislature. It is likely that this case will go to the Supreme Court. (NYT)(NPR)
  • Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa made made a tweet that caused public outrage and even criticism from his coworkers on Friday. He tweeted, “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” He later commented it isn’t “about race”. (NYT)(WP)(HILL)
  • New footage shows that Michael Brown did NOT actually rob the store he was accused of stealing from nearly two and a half years ago. (NYT)(IND)
  • Head of the Department of Justice and attorney general, Jeff Sessions, called for 46 attorneys to resign. One attorney, Preet Bharara, chose not to resign but was later fired. A few months earlier, Trump personally asked him to remain in the department. (NYT)(WP)(CNN)
  • In a new study, it was found that the oceans are warming 13% faster than scientists previously thought. The warming rate from 1992 was found to be almost twice as great as the warming rate from 1960.(IND)(GUARD)
Earth's oceans are warming 13% faster than thought, and accelerating | John Abraham
John Abraham: Our new study improves estimates of the rate of ocean warming - a critical component of climate change
By John Abraham

Since about 2005 a new type of sensing device has been deployed (the Argo float system). These floats (approximately 3500 in total at any time) are spread out across oceans where they autonomously rise and fall in the ocean waters, collecting temperature data to depths of 2000 meters.