hey did you know sea cucumbers. or like, slugs. theyre

thr stylish af

I mean look:

look at this. look at this sense of fashion

that feel for color

JUST LOOK AT THAT MOUSTACHE. you WISH you were this lit




the ocean is so fucking cool i wish i was a sea lump like those bros


Excellent clips of the vertical striking technique of the Great White

SEA WITCH Playlist

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 This is for all the sea witches! Hope You love this! :)

Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea | MISSIO

Ocean Eyes | Billie Eilish

Riptide | Vance Joy

Island In The Sun | Weezer

Float on | Modest Mouse

Ocean Breathes Salty | Modest Mouse

Cake By The Ocean | DNCE

Rock You Like A Hurricane | Scorpions

Waves | Mr.Probz

March To The Sea | Twenty One Pilots

Ocean Avenue | Yellowcard

Under The Bridge | Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oceans | Coasts

My Jolly Sailor Bold

Under The Sea | Samuel E. Wright

Oceans Away | ARIZONA

Yellow Submarine | The Beatles

Into Waves | A Little Nothing

How Far I’ll Go | Auli’i Cavalho

Rockaway Beach | Ramones

I Sat By The Ocean | Queens Of The Stone Age

Hotel California | The Eagles

Claimed By The Sea | French For Rabbits

Into The Ocean | Blue October

Written In The Water | Gin WIgmore

When You Were Young | The Killers

Seaside | The KooKs

The Ocean | Led Zeppelin

Only The Ocean | Jack Johnson

Live By The Ocean | The Hoosiers

Children Of The Sea | Black Sabbath

Down By The Seaside | Led Zeppelin

The Heart Of The Sea | Flogging Molly




A lesser blue crab photographed at @GulfSpecimen Marine Lab. This crab has powerful oar-shaped rear legs which make them very strong swimmers. Males use color to determine which mate they’ll try to attract and then perform a display with their pincers. Mating can last as long as 5-12 hours and females produce between 175,000 and 200,000 eggs per spawning.
For decades, Gulf Specimen has been running a public education center in Panacea, FL, educating thousands of schoolkids each year about the wonders of marine creatures from the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.


The Mamie S. Barrett, Abandoned Towboat (Vidalia, Louisiana) 

ADDRESS: 163-, 253 S Prong Rd, Vidalia, LA 71373

COORDINATES: 31.404967, -91.581438

The Mamie S. Barrett was a towboat built in 1921 by the Howard Shipyard of Jeffersonville, IN, for the Barrett Line (Oscar F. Barrett) of Cincinnati. The boat is 146 feet long and 30 feet wide.

The boat was sold to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in October 1923 and sent to Florence, AL. It appeared in the Rock Island District inventory in 1926 and was renamed “Penniman” in 1935. The boat retired from the U.S. Army in 1947 and was sold to the Vollmer Brothers Construction Co., and sold again in 1949 to Spencer Merrills. Merrills converted the boat into a clubhouse and restaurant called “Piasa”. In 1981 the boat was sold to Dick and Kathy Oberle who moved it to Eddyville, KY. The boat was given back her original name, underwent an extensive restoration and served as a restaurant at the marina on the Cumberland River. In 1987 the boat was purchased by John and Mary Houseman and was brought to Vicksburg. Around 1990 the boat was purchased as casino boat but never used. 

After about 1993, the boat was subject to a flood and was later moved to Vidalia, Louisiana. Many people have offered to purchase the boat, however, none came through.