Hit by Destiny by ocdmess

I’m Edward fucking Cullen. I didn’t give a damn about Isabella Swan. I didn’t care about any of this shit…
Then why were you here?
I felt something crack inside me. It was too fucking much. The accident. All the fucking pressure… and now this. I couldn’t fucking lie to myself anymore. They had been right all along. I was going to break down, and it was going to be ugly.
‘Because I fucking changed…’

Something ached in me at the sound of her broken voice. This wasn’t Swan. Swan wasn’t supposed to sound so defeated. She wasn’t supposed to be broken. She was supposed to talk back and irritate me. She was supposed to be a waste of space. She was supposed to be nothing to me. Nothing but someone to annoy me.

At that moment, something changed.

As she lay there on the floor, looking up at me with those brown eyes, I knew she was not a waste of space. Someone so broken could never be. That thought was fucking disturbing, and it was something I would never admit out loud.

—  Edward Cullen in Hit By Destiny
It means that… people change, all the time, for no good reason… they love you, then they stab you… they hate you, then they wanna help you… but you, Edward… you’re the same all the time. And I like that. It’s nice having something constant to hold on to… even if it means being called a bird’s name every now and again… it’s the constant things in your life that keep you sane
—  Bella Swan in Hit By Destiny