• me: okay i should throw away this useless item, it's garbage
  • brain: but what if you need it?
  • me: it's literally a piece of string, i'll never need it
  • brain: you should keep it
  • me: why
  • brain: You Gotta

Ok, there is a major issue with these posts and so many more like them. OCD is an incapacitating disorder that really causes sufferers to struggle. Treating an illness like this is not okay. You don’t lose a hair while you brush it and say, “Oh, my Cancer is bad today”. Why do that with OCD? It is made up of two parts obsessive and compulsive. Sufferers struggle with obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. They are not just perfectionists. Stop treating this illness as though it’s a joke. Please.

how stigma actually works
  • Person: I have depression and anxiety.
  • Everyone else: Oh I'm so sorry that must be so hard let me know how I can help you.
  • Person: I have schizophrenia/BPD/OCD/psychosis/bipolar disorder/etc.
  • Everyone else: Oh...*thinks they're crazy*

I hate people that say they have OCD just because they like things neat. Like, are you serious? Do you even know what having OCD means?

 It means that you have to do things over and over until they feel right.

 It means that if you feel like you came into contact with something harmful you have to wash over and over again, even if your skin becomes raw.

It means that you realize all of your compulsions and rituals are dumb, but you have to do them anyways.

It means that you have thoughts you can’t control.

It means believing that you have to do something a certain amount of times or a certain way so nothing bad happens, even though you know nothing bad will happen either way.

It means taking sometimes hours to successfully complete a ritual just so you don’t have to worry for a little while.

It means that you have a real mental illness that you don’t make up, unlike people who believe they have it simply because they have to have a neat desk.


Just a friendly reminder that even 100 pound girls have cellulite and I literally hate this about myself but I am learning self love! I obsess over my cellulite and my weight far too much, and it needs to stop. I’m human, I’m not perfect. No ones body is perfect!! Focus on the things you do love about yourself instead of obsessing over the things you don’t.

OCD is like being bullied by your own brain. It forces you to think about memories and experiences that hurt you deep inside. It laughs at you and knows no pity. It makes you suffer and you can’t stop. You try to fight against the intrusive thoughts. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Sometimes it quits torturing you but sometimes you end up in an infinite loop of humiliation and anger that destroys you from within. The worst part about it: It is not a unique thing but a constant companion.
—  Me, 24