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or what about sirius with obsessive compulsive disorder? because that rips me up to shreds.

oh my lord why are you doing this to me??? because

sirius never turning in homework on time during school simply because he kept messing up with the quill and he can’t have crossed out words or ink blots on his parchment. After restarting 5 times, he gives up and cries in the common room at 2 am, all alone with his crumpled parchment.

Sirius living with intrusive thoughts that he sometimes gives into, doing reckless things after battling the urge for hours on end and being yelled at for being “careless”

Sirius being driven CRAZY by james’ messy hair, but refusing to bring it up

Generally overcompensating, acting like nothing bothers him because Sirius has been taught that acting out or seeming odd results in punishment.

Sirius hiding all his valuables in a locked box due to fear of his things being looked through or stolen, left over from his time at the Black house. He checks the lock exactly 27 times, without fail, every morning and every evening, as well as anytime he removes anything from the box. There’s no reason for the number.

Sirius needing to be perfectly rumpled, afraid people will stop liking him if he doesn’t appear a certain way. asking the other marauders several times in a row if he looks “good” or “cool enough”, and still fearing that he looks wrong somehow, that he’s gonna lose everyone because he appeared wrong.

God you give good headcanons. Please talk to me more about marauders??

i cant believe i let people insult and guilt me for dermatillomania and my other body focused repetitive behaviors, and i cant believe i actually thought i deserved it because im lazy and disgusting for doing this and not having the control over myself to stop. ive let my picked fingers and bit nails get on the way of forming relationships, thinking it’s nauseating, that im nauseating. ive cried myself to sleep, ive got panic attacks over my bfrbs. once a girl i called my friend told me she cant sit next to me in school and she doesnt want me touching her because my fingers sickened her and made her feel uncomfortable. ive had people ridicule me for this and i… let them. for my whole life. its now got to a point where just seeing fingers trigger my anxiety, where i still cant have my fingers showing when i meet people i dont know well, where i honestly think my bfrbs will get in the way of every single future relationship of mine, most of all romantic ones. because i thought it was my fault. because i didnt know it wasnt. and thats why i want people to learn about bfrbs. we need the awareness because i dont want anyone having to go through what i had to, i dont want anyone having to grow up with these feelings, with their own parents telling them many times every single day that they make them want to vomit out of pure disgust. because the awareness will aid people in getting help fast before it all gets too much. before theyve gone past the point of getting cured. like i have.

I lost like 4 followers yesterday

I’m saying it’s because I made that post about liking pro wrestling


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My brother told me that nobody older than eight watches Steven Universe. He’s been teasing me lately and tells me that it’s unnatural to watch a cartoon about aliens at my age (14).

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Mental disorders are DISORDERS

They are not a cute personality trait

They are not fun

They are not something you have control over

They are not something you can decide to have

They are not fashion accessories

They are not a good thing

They do not make you special or make you entitled to special treatment

They are not something you can get rid of if you decide you don’t like them

They are not limited to certain demographics of people




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Definition of OCD
OCD is one of the most misused mental illness out there. So what is it, exactly? Article here! - http://www.psych2go.net/omg-im-soo-ocd/ Follow Ash here! - h...

OCD is one of the most misused mental illness out there. So what is it, exactly?
Watch the video on Primarily obsessional OCD right after this! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3nE1nfAsgU

Article here! - http://www.psych2go.net/omg-im-soo-ocd/