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What are you depressed about?

years of internalized trauma from physically and emotionally violent events over the last 5 years?

generalized anxiety? increased recurrence of panic attacks? increased recurrence of dissociation? desperately trying to attain a better healthier lifestyle after living for years using recreational drugs heavily? still mourning the death of a 3 year relationship? had a chidhood friend pass away last year as well? and even tho my dad returned from walking out on my family, i never really addressed the feelings or damage it inflicted on me and my relationships bc i’m in a constant mode of self preservation and survival?

idk man. i’m not depressed ABOUT things, I struggle WITH depression and anxiety. it’s not so much how dramatic events in my life are, or when they occur, it’s that my brain is constantly replaying the worst moments i’ve experienced every day, and warping any new situation into a parallel of those situations. it gets in the way of my relationships, my eagerness to explore life, and to engage with the world.

so like idk why my brain is depressed, but i’m working on it in therapy and i do think it helps a lot.

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Sasaki was not brainwashed, he has a traumatic brain injury.

Recently, I’ve been reading that many people think Sasaki was brainwashed by the CCG. However, being the Bio major I am, I felt the need to post something about it in a more medical perspective.

So, we all know how Kaneki met his end, and that was at the hands or more so lance of Arima Kishou. When Kaneki was stabbed through both eyes, there is not a doubt in my mind that Kaneki suffered from a brain injury.

In fact, that lance could have hit his amygdala which has proven to cause drastic shifts in behavior.

Now, many of you might be like: Lex, he’s a ghoul, he can heal!

Yes, I know. But if you think about it, a quinque has the same properties as kagune. Which means scarring would most likely occur.

With this, I move onto my next point:

Sasaki’s brain has scars from where Arima stabbed through it. This would cause pieces of the brain to also be lost, which also could mean that if his brain reformed it would be missing those specific functions and perhaps if it hit the part that is responsible for memories, would also cause horrific amnesia. Regardless of hitting that area, Sasaki’s brain was damaged in such a way where he has amnesia.

Another symptom is having migraines and headaches which cause extremely severe pain in some cases to the eyes. Remember how he was holding his eye in the bathroom? It also could be because it was where he was stabbed.

Then, there are the memories that begin to surface which causes extreme discomfort because of the fact that you don’t know what those memories relate to. Usually, they appear like flashbacks and that would cause an EXTREME amount of stress.

So, in all honesty, I believe that Sasaki has a traumatic brain injury and was not brainwashed.

“Every advance in ‘women’s rights’ occurs only because men allow it to occur.”

Manslation: I could stop the Moon with my brain if I wanted to. I just don’t want to. You should hold festivals in my honor for allowing it to orbit the Earth.


So today I caught myself worrying WAY too much into the future. I’m talking like, I built a snowman with how much a snowballed every little worry in my head. But then it occurred to me, I am wasting so much of my brain power focusing on the negative, when I could be focusing on the positive. It’s so much easier to focus on the negative… Why is that?

It’s my new goal in life to learn how to just be.

Be in my moment, in my life, with what’s happening right now. Life is happening right now. What I’m thinking about in my head is not.

I mean, when you really think about it, 99% of the things you worry about/makeup in your head never come true.

I’m encouraging you to do the same. The second you catch yourself thinking “oh what if this doesn’t work out?” Stop yourself and say, “… But what if it does.”


Xo Megster