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i had a morning-hallucination-because-my-brain-doesnt-want-to-get-up-so-it-lies-to-me-and-says-im-already-awake this morning about looking through my phone, and i imagined someone sent me a $220 donation, and nothing is more disappointing than coming to full lucidity and realizing that your own brain played you.

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How much more comfortable are you drawing dudes in the buff now with WttFZ? Is this leading up to the long promised Dude On Dude slipshine?

Oh, I’ve never felt *uncomfortable* drawing naked dudes.  I have drawn actual naked people standing in front of me, for school, wing-wangs and hoohahs and everything.  Honestly, it feels a little less uncomfortable than drawing ladies, because there’s still this remnant of sexual shame when I’m drawing anything I’m attracted to.  Drawing a man-person is relatively clinical.  

In another sense, however, I have grown a larger sense of inadequacy regarding drawing SEXY naked dudes over time.  Like, remember that old “False Equivalency” Shortpacked! strip where Amber holds up the art of Batman drawn in a way that she finds appealing that runs counter to how he’s usually portrayed?  Like, that holds true for me, too.  I can fall into a rut of “draw He-Man” when trying to draw a sexy dude, because I have no context in my brain for “this is how to make a dude look hot,” and I have to look to cues from other people to guide me.

Like, compare the women I find attractive, who fall more into the Billie and Amber spectrum, and how they aren’t, say, Wonder Woman.  I have to remind myself, oh, give Ethan a little bit of a tum.  Make him not perfect.  Make Danny (and to a greater extent, Jason) skinnier.  And to tell myself, oh, right, someone once said Arnold was their most attractive Walkyverse/Dumbiverse dude, so maybe get to him sometime, even though he’d never ever occur to me otherwise.

And that’s where the difficulty comes in, because my brain already knows instinctively how to draw the contours on a lady hip in a way that pleases me, but I just keep learning so much more every day about how much LESS I know about drawing other genders.  After all, I’m not just trying to draw an anatomically-correct person, I’m trying to, you know, make them pleasing in a certain way that’s related but not parallel.  And that’s a learning curve that feels like it gets more steep as your knowledge of your lack-of-knowledge expands.


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I'd really love it if one of you amazing mods wrote a shrunkyclunks one, or one where Bucky goes against the social norms of being an Alpha to please Steve more. Thanks :D

I hear your shrunkyclunks or nonconventional relationship and raise you shrunkyclunks AND nonconventional relationship. :) - Mod Jay

Bucky Barnes had always been stereotyped, he was big and bulky and alpha, and all of those brought assumptions. Other alphas assumed that he’d want to jostle and compete with them for standing and dominance, omegas and betas assumed that he’d want to be the dominant partner and either treated him accordingly or avoided him altogether. It wasn’t like Bucky couldn’t play the part, playing up his chivalry to show his dates a good time, or using his natural intimidation to get jackasses at the bar to leave other people alone.

But it felt like he was missing something, from his relationships and from his life. It made him feel unsettled or untethered the world. He went through the motions, working his engineering job at Starktech Industries and the occasional date, just vaguely depressed and detached from it all. He really had no idea what he was waiting for until all 6 ft 2 inches of it dropped into his lap.


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It's occurred to me that I've had this question scratching at my brain for quite some time, but like, what if Chell returned to Aperature and android!wheatley and glados discovered she'd cut her hair short? I've always wondered what she'd look like with short hair. Anyway, keep up the good work buddy, loving it~!

Wheatley doesn’t seem to have a solid grasp on how hair works.

GLaDOS secretly wishes she cut it shorter. 

And thank you friend! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Much love to you! ^_^


that moment when you realise that your human OC is an intern


lorene keaton from the SPG comic is also an intern

so you spend all day shaming yourself for committing accidental plagiarism

{ Let Me Give You My Mental Summaries for Each of These Pairings Even Though Nobody Asked and These Are Far from Being the Only Interpretations Embraced by Fandom or Indeed Even by Myself: Inception, Arthur-adjacent edition }



“Now that I am the only consciousness occupying the real estate of my own brain,” said Cobb, “it occurs to me that I actually feel a little lonely about this development.”

“Dominick Cobb,” proclaimed Arthur, “do not be lonely. I have ever been by your side through your travails and I will now proceed to move into your house as that weird hot uncle who makes great grilled cheese sandwiches and teaches Dad to smile again.”

Cobb looked at Arthur, and realized that at some point, Arthur had also gotten shot on his behalf and was bleeding rather fetchingly. That sort of thing seemed to happen a lot.



“Do you only come back here all the time because I’m the only one you know with a fixed address?” asked Yusuf.

“That’s part of it,” said Arthur, “and also I enjoy interacting with someone who still has the capacity to be horrified at what a terrible influence I am.”




“You think you’re so grown-up because you’re twenty-nine and you have an offshore bank account,” said Ariadne. “But liking explosions and having a death wish are not adequate indications of adulthood!”

Experimentally, Arthur tugged at the knot of his tie lashing his wrists to the headboard.

“What’s an adequate indication of adulthood, using a man’s perfectly serviceable fashion accessories for your own depraved sex games?” he asked. “And why is sodomizing me an acceptable way to express your concern for my safety?”

“I make my own rules,” said Ariadne, glittering.



“Wh–” began Nash.

“Will you just shut the fuck up and blow me like we both know you’ve always wanted to,” said Arthur.

This seemed like a solid plan.



“This is probably an AU of a pre-existing narrative and I’m probably standing in for a secondary love interest who makes tentative moves on you and then gets shoved aside for someone else,” said Robert. “Likely Cobb or Eames.”

“Why can’t it be that I’ve just mellowed out after invading your brain and I’ve started to develop a conscience?” asked Arthur.

“HA HA HA!” laughed Robert. “WHAT A STORY ARTHUR.”



“I’ve always wanted to own more bespoke suits than I could possibly ruin with unspeakable bodily fluids,” said Arthur.

“This is a thing I can do for you,” said Saito, buying a moderately-sized municipality. “I also pledge to emotionally neglect you just enough for you to continue to find our sordid affair interesting.”

“I’m so broken inside,” declared Arthur.

There were so many floor-to-ceiling windows in Tokyo and Arthur wanted to be fucked against every single one of them.



“Oh my god be real,” said Arthur, “I would never bone you.”

“You are literally boning me right now,” said Eames.

“A MERE COINCIDENCE,” said Arthur.

I haven’t made a character playlist in a long time

I totally need to make one for Flannel/Petal/Jewel

This occurred to me when “Crazy Bitch” started playing on my computer and my brain immediately went to Flannel and Jewel

The theory is that some people with HPD often feel anxious, stressed, and internally uncomfortable, in part, because they are fighting their own core personality. A part of them does burn out on too much social interaction (the introvert side), but another part seeks the ego boosts from others (which requires behaving like an extrovert), and there is another reason as well…

For an introvert that is self-content, they know when they’ve had enough social interaction and seek solace to decompress for a time, and they enjoy their alone time. For someone who is not self-content, solace equals a greater awareness of their own feelings, and if those feelings are painful, that’s not comfortable either.

For the person who is conflicted, solace isn’t entirely comfortable, but nor is too much social interaction, and if they keep up the extroverted expression for too long, the pressure builds and eventually they emotionally explode, to push others away. Then… back to feeling isolated, round and round it goes. All of this though stems from not fixing the real issues, core self-esteem damage that mostly occurred earlier in life


listen i need 5sos to cover closer by the chainsmokers/halsey i need luke poppy and 2014 singing the verse and then cal joining in and harmonising on the ‘i-i-i cant stop’ i need michael breathy and husky singing the ‘so baby pull me closer’ and like eye fucking the camera i need ashton doing the high af harmonies in the ‘we ain’t ever getting older’ i need it i need it i neeeeeed it

As a British person there’s a very easy way for me to verify that I primarily “register” words by their pronunciation, not their spelling. I simply try to put on an American accent for a while. Inevitably, within a minute or so, I wil end up slipping up and inserting an /r/ after an /ɜː/, /ɑː/, /ɔː/, or /ə/ vowel and before a consonant where the /r/ doesn’t occur in spelling. It seems that my brain can’t look up spellings quickly enough to be able to speak fluently with an American accent; I have to resort to mapping my /ɜː/, /ɑː/, /ɔː/, /ə/ to /ɜːr/, /ɑːr/, /ɔːr/, /ər/.

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I saw your picture post and the following conversation occurred in my brain: "Is he rom- is he romanticizing rick? He is. I'm ok with this. Wait is he really though or is that just his face.. no that's just his face. But is he. WHY DO I THINK EYE BAGS ARE HOT NOW" End scene.

eyebags are the new eyebrows bye bye cara

so one time i was talking to this guy i just met and he looks at me and asks me, “why are you so short?”. okay granted i’m only 5′2″ and he was maybe almost a foot taller than me but at that moment, i had an existential crisis because i didn’t know why i was so short. the fact that my parents were only two or three inches taller than me didn’t occur to me for some reason so while my brain was rapidly trying to google different variations of “am i really short”, “why does he think i’m short”, and “the top 10 reasons why i’m so short” in quiet despair, he asks me, “aren’t asians supposed to be tall?”

“Every advance in ‘women’s rights’ occurs only because men allow it to occur.”

Manslation: I could stop the Moon with my brain if I wanted to. I just don’t want to. You should hold festivals in my honor for allowing it to orbit the Earth.

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It had just occurred to my rather exhausted brain that reverse!baby jinchuriki are most likely going to be running into people from their respective villages again, and my brain just kinda went from "babies who are indignant on behalf of each other's treatment" to "naruto angrily kicking the kazekage in the shins for trying to hurt gaara"


They will run into people from their villages, and there will be lots of protective sibling feelings, I promise.  💕

Sasaki was not brainwashed, he has a traumatic brain injury.

Recently, I’ve been reading that many people think Sasaki was brainwashed by the CCG. However, being the Bio major I am, I felt the need to post something about it in a more medical perspective.

So, we all know how Kaneki met his end, and that was at the hands or more so lance of Arima Kishou. When Kaneki was stabbed through both eyes, there is not a doubt in my mind that Kaneki suffered from a brain injury.

In fact, that lance could have hit his amygdala which has proven to cause drastic shifts in behavior.

Now, many of you might be like: Lex, he’s a ghoul, he can heal!

Yes, I know. But if you think about it, a quinque has the same properties as kagune. Which means scarring would most likely occur.

With this, I move onto my next point:

Sasaki’s brain has scars from where Arima stabbed through it. This would cause pieces of the brain to also be lost, which also could mean that if his brain reformed it would be missing those specific functions and perhaps if it hit the part that is responsible for memories, would also cause horrific amnesia. Regardless of hitting that area, Sasaki’s brain was damaged in such a way where he has amnesia.

Another symptom is having migraines and headaches which cause extremely severe pain in some cases to the eyes. Remember how he was holding his eye in the bathroom? It also could be because it was where he was stabbed.

Then, there are the memories that begin to surface which causes extreme discomfort because of the fact that you don’t know what those memories relate to. Usually, they appear like flashbacks and that would cause an EXTREME amount of stress.

So, in all honesty, I believe that Sasaki has a traumatic brain injury and was not brainwashed.

I had this random thought the other day… idk if I’ll fic it or not?

Just… Cas and Charlie as founding members of the LARP club in high school. Dean Winchester being ‘too cool’ for nerdy stuff like LARPing (but secretly loves it) and just…

Dean and Cas going out and falling in love and LARPing together and while Dean’s experienced in the bedroom, Cas is not. Cas is nervous, so Dean takes him through their first time together almost like it’s a tabletop game (every 'move’ Dean makes, he declares first and has Cas run a consent check. Cas replies with whether or not Dean succeeds, and the familiarity keeps Cas comfortable as they explore this new territory together)