Choose which workshop you wish to be in: 

Teach-ins/WORKSHOPS:(List, but not limited to)

2:30pm - WSWA will be discussing the Poor People’s Movement circa 2012;

3:00pm - The Nation of Islam will hold a teach-in (subject to be announced)

3:30pm - Sean Laney as he further delves into The Federal Reserve: Form, Function, and History

4:00pm - Aaron (SEIU) will be exploring the distribution of wealth inequality;

4:00pm - Kimberly Sloan (Women’s Council) to discuss women in civil rights movments and education

4:30pm - Common Cause to view “Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress and a Plan to Stop It.” Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor, recorded in Berkeley October 2011. Tune in for more updates!

TBA       - Teach in by ICAACT.ORG in regards to SB362

Speakers List: (But not limited to)

  • Peace Action, 
  • Jewish Voices for Peace
  • John Reiger (Veterans for Peace)
  • ACLU
  • Quanah Brightman (United Native Ameicans) on Occupy the United Nations (jan 27 San Francisco)
  • Mark Merin
  • Jesse Beltran of ICAACT.ORG
  • Rev. Ashiya Odeye (Justice Reform Coalition)
  • Paramo Hernandez (Union Civica)
  • Brother Carter

Performances By:

  • WOKINI “Seeking A New Beginning” Lokota Language - Traditional Indigenous Drum Group 
  • Chris Jones
  • Mr. Blatt
  • TAIS (Truth Arises In Search)
  • Reckless Reaction & Steven Payan (Chaotic ITILII) of Mentes Differentes
  • Task 1ne & Dignital Martyrs
  • TRIBE of LEVI - (Mic Jordan, NoOrNever & Poor)
  • G.P.Bailey
  • Ayatollah
  • Kneel
  • D.u.C (Divine Young Child)
  • Young Game
  • Xsample
  • Natty Congo
  • Black Meen

………..More to be announced 

Oh mah lawd!

That danged March in March at the capitol was AMAZING. There are no words to accurately describe it!

But since I’m a writer, I’ll try.

I walked down N street, the way I usually go downtown or Occupy. I came upon the corner of Capitol Park at 15th and N. There were about five horses with their riders all standing around, chatting. The horses were eating from feed buckets, and the cops seemed jovial. I usually take the path right there at the corner and go that way into the park. I didn’t want to upset them. Or, rather, really be near them.

So I kept walking down N. And, before I had gotten a block, there were more. And more. Cop cars, and paddy wagons and police vehicles there that I had never seen before, all lining the streets [holyfuckthere'sabuginmyroom! Anyways..]. [And this is what state of consciousness would be if I ever decided to write as such…] I took the next path leading into the Capitol Building. I meandered the winding paths, past the orange trees that no one picks from. You can’t eat from most of the fruit trees in Sacramento. They’re for show. Not even the homeless population eats from them. They’re bitter.

I continued on through the park, making mark of each person and why I thought they were there. I didn’t see much other than bicycle cops until I reached the Capitol Building itself. I walked up to the West entrance. There were about fifteen cops standing around the doors in riot gear. Yes, this is good.

I rounded the side of the building, taking care while walking across the crosswalk at L and 14th; the cops will cite you for anything while there’s some kind of protest going on. I walked up to the main entrance on L; there was a good amount of people, fifty or so, and a couple fold-up tents, the kind that you didn’t invest that much in if they get seized by police.

I pick up a sign at the tent, and walk around towards the next side of the building. I don’t hear much going on, so I pretty much figure that most of the festivities had ended. After all, it’s already around 5:35, 5:45 maybe.

But when I turn the corner, there’s suddenly two hundred people in view, all gathered around. I feel my face light up. It’s like when Occupy Sac first started… I stand up a little higher to see what everyone’s looking at, and see that there’s around fifty cops in riot gear, some holding rubber bullet guns, assembled around the doors of the Capitol in a large rectangle. I’m fucking stoked.

I turn, look around, and start to make my way through the crowd, trying to find some fellow Occupiers that I know. A lot of people are there from all over the state. At this time, there are probably anywhere from three hundred to four hundred people there, all gathered and milling and talking and then chanting. I love the chanting. It feels so real, so gathered, so beautiful, so right.

I find out later that there are around a hundred to a hundred and fifty people inside the Capitol Building. Around sixty-eight were arrested. I found some people. One I knew was inside.

I fucking love this shit.