ok but listen: the ghostbusters need a lawyer. they need to get a lawyer on retainer asap I mean look at the structural damage they caused without waivers, the exposure of the public to dangerous weapons and all the resulting personal injuries claims, the use of nuclear devices without permits? and they definitely have an employment case against that ass at the start who fired them without notice, without a review or hearing and with verbal assault, also are they being paid? how are they being paid? who did the conveyancing documents for their new headquarters? being fake arrested by police without their permission, that’s false imprisonment and assault, and what about if a whole bunch of people turn around and are like “our aunt wanted US to get the house when she died and we know because she’s angry and haunting us and we want to subpoena the ghostbusters to give evidence” what about then like you’re talking a whole new world of probate law that they could be dragged kicking and screaming into. they really really need a lawyer and all I’m saying is I’m a lawyer and also I want to kiss holtzmann on the mouth.

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15 with cal? :)

“I swear, you guys should just fuck.”

Giggles and yelps filled the room as you and Calum were an entangled mess of limbs rolling around on the floor. His buff arms were wrapped around you as his fingers poked and prodded your most ticklish spots.

Luke, Ashton, and Michael sat in various spots around the green room. Cold beers occupied their hands while they watched you two duke it out in a tickling match. 

“Just give up Y/N, you know I’m too strong for you,” Calum said as he rolled the two of you over so he was now straddling you. He pinned your arms over your head. The two of you were breathing heavily.

A smirk grew on your lips as you felt Calum’s hips slightly grind into yours, knowing it wasn’t an accident. 

I swear, you guys should just fuck.” Michael scoffed before taking another sip of the Corona in his hand. 

Calum bit his lip. He looked at you, with lust and bit of scheming in his eyes. He glanced back at Michael. 

Calum releases his hands from your wrists, snaking their way to each side of your face. He leaned his torso down and crashed his lips onto yours. You eagerly kissed back, tasting the lime-flavored beer that lingered on his plump lips. He pulled back, but not before taking your bottom lip with his teeth and pulling it back gently. 

“I think that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now,” Cal said with a proud look on his face.

He stood up and reached out his hand to you. You happily placed his hand in his while he helped you get up. The looks on the other three boy’s faces were priceless. Absolute shock.

Ever since the two of you started secretly hooking up weeks ago, Calum assured you the boys had been wanting you to get together since the day you two met. The sexual tension between you two was too obvious. 

You laughed as Calum placed his arm around your waist. Before you two walked out of the room he turned around with a smug look on his face, tossing a middle finger to the rest of his bandmates.

“See you on stage boys” 

i’m in it for the long game: chapter two

pairing: josh matthews and maya hart

word count: 5.9k

chapter oneon ao3

summary: “Maya, you do understand i’m too old for you?”

“I do Josh, I know that”


“But I’m in it for the long game

a/n: thank you so much for all of the feedback and kudos on the last chapter! hopefully you enjoy this chapter too. the povs aren’t going to switch that often between maya and josh but i felt like we needed to see how maya was feeling about the fight. i definitely intend to continue this fic, although i must warn that it might be a little while as i have to finish summer homework and i start school soon. 

Stupid Josh Matthews and his stupid face and stupid opinions. It’s been a week since their fight and his words managed to occupy her thoughts every waking moment. He just had to ruin everything. Maya thought she was getting over Josh and had moved onto Lucas, but just seeing him stirred up all her old feelings. Besides, he somehow got even hotter; which was really not fair at all. Still, she was a strong fierce woman who was sure of herself. She knew she liked Lucas. That was until Josh said she didn’t. That she wasn’t even herself. That she was hurting Riley. She found herself overanalyzing every interaction with her friends and herself in general, which was a little too ‘Matthews’ for her liking.

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Where does is it say that Palestinians mean invaders/occupiers? What dictionary or language?

Well let’s start with the fact that it’s not Palestinians it’s Philistines. Since the P doesn’t exist in Arabic. 

As far as I know it comes from the word Plishtim, which means invaders. 

But here’s something interesting I got from google

Hadrian’s selection of Palestine was purposeful, not accidental. He took the name of the ancient enemies of Israel, the Philistines, Latinized it to Palestine, and applied it to the Land of Israel. He hoped to erase the name Israel from all memory. 

Hadrian was a Roman Emperor. 

absolutely self indulgent thoughts

i kinda wanna read a fic (tony-centric because i love tony so much) where tony and hope are like friends with each other and everyone thinks theyre the modern day romeo and juliet (howard and hank are both horrified, maria peggy and jan are just happy tony and hope arent continuing the legacy fuck i only watched antman once i cant remember why they dont like each i havent thought that deeply about this okay)

but they’re not theyre just super best friends with tony acting kind of like a big brother to hope at times, and then rhodey comes along and he joins their crew and sharon is younger than all of them but she still gets to hang with them because tony loves his younger cousin

and then one day at some formal party tony and hope run into t’challa and becomes friends with him and t’challa is happy to find people his age to chill with in this unknown country so then HE joins the group as well, and whenever he is in the united states and has time to seperate from the other wakandans he hangs out with Team Awesome (name pending still lol)

and then one day bucky shows up (of course), probably creeping on the stark family due to a mission and someway or another, the programming starts to break and he starts hovering around tony because he saw howard be horrible to tony during his winter soldier moments and so bucky is all ༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง and tony is all snarky like “dude you dont need to kill anymore why is your first thing with free will to start trying to kill people” but hes secretly touched inside idk i havent really thought of details here okay i just wanted bucky to join this 10/10 group i feel like peggy should show up too and she helps bucky with his memory stuff too

the car crash still happens btw, because hydra and obadiah would still be after the starks so maria and howard theyre still dead

and then they all help each other out, like sharon comes along with natasha during iron man 2 and tony is like ??? whats happening and sharon is like did you know howard had half discovered a new element and that element might save you while natasha is like agent 13 wtf (and t’challa is like youre a black widow ive got my eyes on you) fury is all god damn it carter

also hope totally got use of the wasp outfit before antman okay her and hank had a Talk with Proper Communication and everything so when the avengers happens Wasp is considered an Avenger along with the rest of them (sharon and bucky are fighting too)

tldr: tony, hope, rhodey, sharon, t’challa and bucky should all be friends together

Locals burn Pakistan flag, protest escalates in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir over rigged polls
People in Neelum valley in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) on Friday took to the streets to protest against rigged July 21 elections, which was won by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party.

While Pakistan pretends to be the champion of Kashmiri azaadi it funds the proxy-war in Kashmir and makes a mockery of democracy in the part it has occupied. How can you call for a plebiscite when you rig polls in your own country? 

P.S: Predictable enough, there is a media blackout in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Shiro stuff:

  • Shiro is insecure about his body after being in Galra prison, fighting in the arena gave him many wounds that left marks.
  • He has really bad PTSD.
  • Before and after Kerberos the only person that was of romantic interest to him was Matt Holt.
  • Some nights he couldn’t sleep because of nightmares, so he exercised to keep himself occupied.
  • Shiro doesn’t express emotions very well, he would hardly ever let the other Paladins know if he was upset.
  • Shiro was excited to talk/see Matt everyday, he hid his feelings best he could but it would slip from time to time.
  • Shiro was prepared to do anything to protect, Allura, Coran, and the other Paladins. 
  • He is extremely Pansexual.
  • He had his ears pierced, he hardly wore any earrings, but his ears were pierced.
  • He had a good amount of cacti and other assorted plants at his house.
  • Shiro wore a lot of shirts with space puns on them, and space themed movie shirts.

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r76: Scars, 5'oclock shadow, Pitch Black

R76 + Scars

   Reaper sighed as he studied the sleeping figure currently occupying his bed, still not sure what had possessed him to haul Morrison out of the battle once the other man had gone down hard. He should have taken the opportunity to remove one of the biggest thorns in his plan, instead he had dragged the soldier back here and taken care of his injuries. That had been an experience…he was still stunned to know that the other man had survived the explosion, although he knew that he shouldn’t have been so surprised, after all he had survived against the odds as well…but somehow he had been unprepared for the tapestry of scars covering the younger man’s body. In all the time they had worked together Morrison had scraped though with minimal injuries, that had clearly changed…or rather the cautious side of his nature seemed to have changed, because whilst many of the marks must’ve come from the explosion there were newer scars on top of them. His movements were hesitant as he reached out to trace the path of the scars, keeping his touch deliberately light so as not to disturb the solider, not wanting to explain what he was doing. Not even sure what he was doing, or why there was a dull ache in his chest at the sight of what his former friend had survived when he should be relieved at the thought that sooner or later the other man would wind up getting himself killed, solving his problem without him having to raise a finger.

R76 + 5 o’clock shadow

   Gabriel…Gabe…he’s still alive…That thought had been going around and around his head since he’d finally caught a glimpse of the face beneath Reaper’s mask, and he was still no closer to working out how he felt about it. Once upon a time he knew that there would have nothing but relief and happiness to know that his former partner had survived as well, but now there was a dull ache and a mess of confused feelings that he didn’t want to face. His steps were heavy as he moved across the room, shedding his weapons and armour as he went until he was stood over the tiny basin crammed in the corner, hesitantly lifting his face to study his reflection. There was no trace of the young man who had fallen for Gabriel and who had dared dream of a future for them beyond Overwatch…he looked and felt old, his face lined with wrinkles that hadn’t been there a few years ago, scars from that day and a 5 o’clock shadow that Gabriel would have teased him about in the past. He was no longer that Morrison though, and staring into his own haunted eyes he realised that he had no idea how this new version felt about the man that he had loved…the man that had destroyed everything.

R76 + Pitch Black

  Morrison had got used to seeing the world in gradually fading shades of grey, everything tainted with the colour of blood because of his visor. It was strange, but at least he could still see…could still fight…even though he had no idea how much longer that would last. That answer to that question came a few months later as he lay sprawled on the ground, wounded and disarmed with Reaper leaning over him, both weapons aimed at him as though he had anywhere to go. So this is it…It was appropriate that his end was going to come at the hands of this man, as he had finally discovered who Reaper was weeks before and despite the situation and the pain radiating through his body his lips curled into a smile.

“Do it…Gabriel…” As expected that got a reaction, just not the one he was expecting. Rather than the retort of the guns pointing at him, his last vision before the world turned black was of a dark boot slamming into the blood red of his visor…it was the only colour that he could recall when he woke to a life of darkness a few days later.

The same can said about cabinet level positions in the White House. When the president nominates someone for a cabinet level position to be confirmed by the senate. Then that person is expected to carry out the decisions that the president makes. NOT to exploit government positions for advanced their career prospects in the private sector.

These days, “public service” is nothing more than empty words when career advancement in the private sector matters most. Eric Holder is the poster boy of people who exploit the revolving door between government and the private sector just to make their resume look good while hardly doing anything in the position they were appointed to by president.


On July 29th in 1547 the siege of St Andrews Castle ended this followed the killing of Cardinal David Beaton at the castle the previous year.

The occupation of St Andrews Castle and the killing of the Archbishop acted as a clarion call to Protestant reformers, who flocked to St Andrews. Among the reformers who came to support the Protestant uprising was John Knox, who was allowed enter the castle under a temporary truce, and act as a preacher to the occupiers. What followed was one of the most bloody and bitter sieges in Scotland’s history. The besieging forces could not breach the defenses so they decided to dig a tunnel through the solid rock, under the gate tower, so that it would collapse.
The defenders dug a counter-tunnel, hoping to intercept the attackers’ tunnel. They were guided in their efforts solely by the sound of the attackers’ digging, so they made three false starts before they oriented their counter-tunnel correctly. You can tell a lot about the situation by the fact that the attackers’ mine if wide, well-carved, and easy to navigate, while the counter-tunnel is narrow, winding, and roughly carved. The defenders were in a desperate race against time to intercept the mine, and they knew it! Today you can walk - or waddle like a duck in low places - up the length of the counter-tunnel.
The end of the siege came when a French fleet arrived off St Andrews. The French bombarded the castle, and additional cannon were set up at St Salvator’s College and the Cathedral priory towers. Not surprisingly, the defenders were forced to surrender. Most were sent to work on French galleys as oarsmen. As for the mines, they were forgotten to history until 1879, when cellars were being dug for a nearby house.The castle passed to Archbishop John Hamilton, the illegitimate brother of the Earl of Arran. Hamilton rebuilt much of the castle before he was executed for his role in the murder of Lord Darnley, Mary, Queen of Scots second husband. From 1560, after the eventual triumph of the reformers, the castle was used as a gaol for political prisoners. At that time a political prisoner could simply mean someone who held to a different faith!

A French woman surrounded by Parisian police waves the French tricolor flag in tribute to General Leclerc’s 2nd Armored Division (French: 2e Division Blindée, 2e DB) as they march past Notre Dame Cathedral. The French 2nd Armored Division, along with the French Forces of the Interior (the military structure of the French Resistance) and the U.S. 4th Infantry Division, largely liberated Paris from the German occupying forces by 25 August 1944; although some German troops and French collaborators refusing the surrender had to be rooted out by hand-to-hand combat. The French Resistance began an uprising in Paris beginning on 19 August 1944 as French and American forces neared the city. Paris, Île-de-France, France. 25 June 1945. 

How Obama & Clinton are trying to save the Dem establishment
How Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (with help from Elizabeth Warren) are trying to save the Democratic establishment. By GLENN THRUSH

Joe Biden wouldn’t take the hint, and Barack Obama wouldn’t take “yes” for an answer.

It was the fall of 2015, Donald Trump was rocketing up in the polls, Hillary Clinton was already wilting, and there was Obama’s vice president, occupying national center stage in an awkward public display of grief and political vacillation. Biden’s son Beau had died at age 46 that May, and the vice president was coping, it seemed, by throwing himself into a very open exploration of running against Clinton.

To Obama, this was a big, unwelcome problem. He had picked Biden for the ticket back in ’08 because he didn’t want him to run for president again, and besides, he honestly believed Biden would be crushed by a defeat he viewed as inevitable.

Still, this wasn’t personal for the president; it was business. Protecting his vulnerable accomplishments from the GOP wrecking ball and safeguarding his legacy have always been top priorities for Obama, and he had told friends as early as late 2014 that Clinton, for all her flaws, was “the only one” fit to succeed him. If Biden had come to him six months earlier—who knows? But it was much too late, and time to push Biden toward a graceful exit.

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Striking Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

A new Pew Research Center study exploring US political polarization captures what’s long been known: political partisans occupy filter bubbles with their own distinct set of news sources. “Consistent” conservatives are tightly clustered around a single news source, far more than any other group in the survey, with 47% citing Fox News as their main source for news about government and politics. On the side of the spectrum, “consistent” liberals are less unified in their media loyalty. They rely on a greater range of news outlets (Read more here:http://www.journalism.org/files/2014/10/Political-Polarization-and-Media-Habits-FINAL-REPORT.pdf)

Source: Pew Research Center, March-April, 2014



…because obviously that game has been keeping me pretty occupied these past few weeks, and I figured it would be a good idea to do some little drawings!  I’ll have these (and probably many more) artist card sized drawings for sale at my upcoming cons if anyone’s interested!