Weekly Sunday 11 am meeting of


(Note to Fox News: I’m sick of hearing your phony claims that Occupy is nothing but a bunch of dirty hippies!  In what way do these women, from an affluent town in Marin County, California, look homeless, or jobless, or like dirty hippies?  THEY ARE PART OF THE 99%. We are every age, every race, every religion. WE ARE EVERYWHERE).

Here’s Nell (in wheelchair), a friend, and Doris (far right) at the

OccupyPointReyes Sunday 11 AM General Assembly

Last Sunday I gave away my buttons, and Nell took one.

This week, she asked if she could trade it in for another one, as apparently, the button she chose was really offending people when she went to shop at the local Palace Market…

I asked her which button she had chosen last week.

When she told me, even I was shocked!  The button she chose is the favorite of 20-ish robust males, not 93 year old activists in wheelchairs!

Needless to say, I let her choose another design!

Oh, were you wondering which slogan she traded in?


General Assembly every Sunday 11 AM to 1 PM

There are no campers, just a meeting for two hours once a week, in front of the Wells Fargo Bank…but these folks are making some real changes in their small town.  They are switching their bank accounts to Credit Unions, and are getting an ATM machine installed somewhere town that is not owned by Wells Fargo.  They also had a Circle Bank Rep who came to the GA to talk to them about her smaller bank.  They have had a non-violent training workshop last week, and are setting up another one for this week. They have active working groups, who are busy brainstorming actions. The Education Group devised a plan to Occupy the next School Board Meeting to protest the restrictions in curriculum that have been enforced right here in “liberal” Northern California and to take a more direct hands-on approach in the educating of their children.  Their “Outreach/Inreach” group is discussing ways to bring more of the community in, and I heard talk of a possible Teach-in/Fair/Community outreach day, complete with entertainment and food, to educate and involve more of their community.

This tiny Northern California village may be offering a viable alternative for a way to keep OccupyWallStreet progressing forward toward the greater goals and changes we all seek, without having a live-in presence, which then requires a great deal of time spent just to tackle the logistical problems that arise by large groups of people living together, as they are in most of the Occupy Encampments throughout the country.

Just a thought…