Alumni of the Week: Connor Gibson

“My phenomenal time as a Greenpeace student had a lot to do with opportunities the organization provides for those willing to pursue their interests. After working hard with my fellow semester students to bring DC students to Power Shift 2009 and protesting among thousands of people for the ‘Capitol Climate Action,’ a group of us traveled to New York City to document the shadowy activity of career global warming deniers as they met at a conference funded by coal and oil interests. The importance of directly confronting those who are paid to confuse the public over something as dangerous as global climate change stuck with me ever since, and now it’s my job to prevent and document the climate crimes that are affecting us all.”

Connor Gibson (Spring 2009) now works in Greenpeace’s research department. He specializes in polluter watchdog work, exposing public relation campaigns funded by Big Oil to create public doubt over climate change science and tracking how oil and coal money corrupts our government. Connor previously was an intern for the Greenpeace Semester and was a charter member of the Greenpeace Student Board. He co-taught a class at the University of Vermont with Semester alumna Jessica Serrante titled “Environmental Organizing and Effective Activism” for his senior thesis project, which earned top honors in May 2010.  You may have recently seen him taking action in Ashville to #OccupyDuke Energy and demand that they Quitcoal - or you may have seen him hounding Big Oil lobbyist Jack Gerard in the halls of congress.  


#occupyduke continued this morning when six activists in North Carolina erected two large tripods to unfurl a banner in front of Duke Energy headquarters.

Residents are tired of the destruction and pollution that Duke Energy is causing in their communities and the world. Read more about #occupyduke here.

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