It’s 5am & I can’t sleep. I’m kind of over people’s egos & my own. I recognize this moment as divine motivation towards my ultimate goal in this life. My loophole out of this density of this dimension. Few understand where I even come from & those that do, those that are serious enough about this are taking the proper steps for shifting as I should be from here on out, it is not up to the world to change for me but for me to change my world through vibration & anatomical alchemy. This is my loophole. These are my studies. Esoteric & Occult wisdom that we have lost through the ages has finally entered back into a group consciousness on the planet. There’s no turning back now. Azoth. #unlockingalchemy #azoth #ascension #occultscience #initiate #shifthappens #occupyconsciousness #awakened #oldage #masonry #esoteric #esotericagenda #spiritscience #journal #alchemy #anatomicalalchemy

For every one military helicopter there are how many lasers? Photo taken in Egypt during the largest protest in the history of mankind. The revolution is on in Egypt, but it’s not only in Egypt, it’s in Brazil, Istanbul, Israel, Chile, and many many more places all around the world! The people have woken, lifted the veils from theirs eyes and have seen the world for what it truly is, a giant mess. I’m doing what I can virtually , but I would like to get back into a physical approach. Attending occupy in 2011 changed my views on so many things, it was the first glimpse of community I have seen in our own society since , well, ever! It gives me tremendous amounts of hope to see so many fellow sovereign hearted earthlings come together to show our might. We don’t need guns, power, & violence. We need each other, or ideas & our will to do the right thing regardless of outside forces. Together we will outsmart and outnumber these elite who have helped manipulate and impulse us into believing in the poison they literally feed us. We live in one of the most exciting times on the planet (in recent history)!The world may not change overnight, but with our united consciousness it surly will not stay the same. Those who have done wrong to society by the law of karma cannot escape their consequences. We have already won. “There are many worlds, but they share the same sky… One sky, one destiny.” This is all that “New Age” hype so many spoke of before 2012, it’s not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. As above, so below. The stars are in our favor, by the procession of the equinox we are returning to light, my personal belief is that we are coming into a Silver age which will then project is into the prophesied Golden Age upon being “reunited” with our binary star, Sirius. The world is changing. The way we think is shifting, consciousness is pouring in at unheard of speeds! We are the change. Change yourself & watch the world change. United forever under the sun. We are of Earth, not of a flag. #occupyegypt #occupyconsciousness #revolution Everyone who is interested in current events such as this should check out my mates here at @theglobalmovement

Lately the synchronicity have been piling up. Every time I glance at a sign or a clock I get a sync. There is an auspicious energy in my personal environment lately & I feel great personal advancement is in store for me in my near future. I’ve been learning this lesson for a few years now & I feel as though I have finally, even after all this time, learned the lesson. The adventure is in the risk & the failure lies within fear. Follow your intuition even if you aren’t sure where it’s taking you as you continue you notice that you align with your path of greatest excitement. On this path one might gain optimal spiritual and physical experience with an essence of luminosity for the beholder. Psychic abilities begin to develop without effort and one eases them self into this new mindset & can now view from this perspective with ease at all times. #occupyconsciousness #1010 #numerology On another note the past two nights my dreams have been premonitions. #documenteverything