as they say, baby steps

went to the occupy columbia organizational meeting today and we are occupying the state house next saturday at 9 am - whenever.  it was very unorganized and the first hour was spent coming up with an effective way for 200 people to communicate.  there was a surprising mix of people there.  i thought i’d walk up and it’d be like being at a show.  this was the first thing i was impressed with and also with the fact that despite how much drama stews up inside this desert of a city everyone got along and talked.  after the general assembly was over we all broke up into small groups.  i sat in the civil disobedience group.  fuck it.  why would i go if i gave one flying fuck about getting arrested?  not the point.  anyway.  another inspirational moment of today’s events was two of my friends miles and adam were talking to a woman that was not much older than me and she had two kids running around.  she began to explain that she couldn’t come to the initial protest because her son was getting surgery that she’d do anything to be apart of this because it’s her children’s futures.  i kind of teared up and walked away.  there were people from every walk of life.  it was refreshing and i hope that occupy columbia is a success.