Occupywhatever. Listen up.

 Hey..listen. As Bill Clinton said, you guys lack direction. You should get a list of priorities.

  Now, I’m gonna help you out because I pay attention to what’s going on in the real world with real issues that need real help.

 Do you guys want some ammo? Especially you occupychi.org people??

 Ok..look..most of probably have little clue that as far as money influencing government, here in Illinois Governor Quinn has already taken care of part of that. I’ll let you do your own research regarding campaign caps.  But some of the things you guys are writting magic marker signs about on scraps of cardboard HAVE ALREADY BEEN PASSED. You just didn’t bother to follow along til this protest started. Backtrack, please.

 So anyway..here’s your ammo for today : http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/8199573-418/quinn-pushes-to-abolish-controversial-scholarships.html

  Now..for all of you that want to lower your tuition rates ( Um..for those of you that want your loan wiped clean..um..suck it. We ALL had to pay. You aint skipping out on the check, hipster.) you should probably get organized and back your governor on this. Learn about the age old tradition of Gov kids getting a free ride to the best schools while you look in thru the front window.

 I suggest you get on this before Madigan does what Madigan always does. 

 Um..you guys DO know who Michael Madigan is and how much power he holds, right????

 God I hope so. Otherwise you are totally lost in whatever it is you think you are fighting for.

 Go! Run, you fools! Make some calls. Make new magic marker signs. Back the governor.