Today, I had an awesome opportunity.  I was interviewed by WBAL, a Baltimore news station, as a voice of the #occupywhatever movement.  Fellow media teamer Spencer decided that I would be a good candidate, based on my blog yesterday. 

I did not say, “I feel that we’ve reached a critical juncture, and we must act now in order to keep our momentum going.”  I did not say, “People need to look around and realize that our current system is not working, and let the government know that keeping it the same is not an option.  If all we’re doing is sitting in the park, it’s still an option.”

I did talk with my hands a lot, and bounce back and forth.  I did say, “If I weren’t here tonight, I would be at home, sitting in my room – the same room I lived in when I was in high school – and, like, reading.”

I said a few other things that were hopefully more relevant and less stupid, and I hope those are the ones that make it on the air.  I know it was better that WBAL get the basics of the occupation rather than an articulate insider critique.  Still, I know that more people will see that broadcast than will ever read this blog, and I can’t help but feel disappointed that I awkwardified my chance to speak for the 99%.

Stay tuned for a critical, articulate blog after the General Assembly.

I'm finally going to get off my ass and take part in Occupy Baltimore

I can’t be down there all the time and having grown up in the city I actually know it’s dangerous as shit. But nevertheless, I will do my best to help out any way I can. Everyone in the Baltimore Area (or anyone able to get there) should participate in the National Day of Divestment and the march. Even if you can’t physically occupy there, you can still support and stand in solidarity.