Occupy San Francisco Protesters Shut Down Wells Fargo Building, 11 Arrested

In San Francisco, roughly 200 supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement temporarily shut down the headquarters of the Wells Fargo Bank Wednesday morning, leading to 11 arrests. The demonstrators reportedly posted blown-up foreclosure notices on the doors of the bank, held up by stickers reading, “We are the 99 percent.”

Carl Finamore, labor activist: “I was just asking these police officers how they felt, at this stage in their life, of protecting the banks against the people. And they’re trying to take the pensions from these cops, the same as they’re trying to do to us. United Airlines, I worked for. They took my pension. They took the pension of all the employees when they went into bankruptcy and they terminated it. So the last thing in the world I’d be doing is standing at the doorway interfering with the right of these peaceful, young people, with the right of assembly to protest what these banks have done to this society.”

Yeah, see this is what I’m talking about Vancouver & Nelson (BC), stick a fucking wrench in those gears…Protesting in front of the Art gallery or City Hall makes no damn sense…In the case of Van it’s art, how will it help to try and make it impossible for individuals to express their feelings to the general public? Enbridge building or any other multinational corporation headquarters/base of operations in the city (force them to take a hit for that day, it’s time the slimeballs lose a day worth of wages & get nothing accomplished)…Nelson, City Hall?…these are jobs held by our peers, it does nothing…We need to Occupy places that don’t belong to us and do damage to our community…like Walmart. If we protest at the places destined for our part of this global protest we do nothing…sure no one will get arrested but I believe the point is to become a nuisance to the powers that plan to make our lives a component in their currency shell game. Occupy is the key word, let’s rock it like we mean something….good on ya, San Fran.


David Suzuki’s Speech at Occupy Vancouver Oct 21st 2011:

‎"I’m not the only one unhappy with economic systems based on constant growth and endlessly increasing exploitation of finite resources.“

Occupy Wall Street: Army Veteran scares off NYPD at Times Square

Oh God, guys. I don’t know.
I’ve really tried supporting Occupy Vancouver. I really have.

I visited the tent camp (when it was up) and was met with a bunch of guys asking me to do drugs and get drunk, and subsequently get into my pants. Riveting.

I tried talking to Occupiers about why they were there. They didn’t even know where they were.

And now, reading Occupy Van’s blog, it’s the final straw.

Whoever runs this has the most god-awful poetry I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

Occupy Vancouver

There’s a good chance some shit’s going to go down today as the city is in court today trying to get an injunction to close the camp. They say the protest can go on, but the tent city has become a health and safety issue. Also there are black masks being sighted and worries of a violent faction infiltrating the group. The original organizer left the Occupy Vancouver protest after one week saying it had become a circus. Last Thursday someone almost died of an overdose, and two days later on Saturday, a 23 year old woman did die of an overdose.

It’s time to end it. I was behind their cause, but they have no real cause anymore. It has become a circus. It’s a shame really.