July 12, 1887 The city of Mound Bayou, Mississippi was founded as an independent black community by formerly enslaved people led by Isaiah Montgomery. Montgomery led the town through the 1920s. The population according to the 2000 census is 2,100 and 98.4% African American, one of the largest African American majority populations in the country. (Source: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History)

I share this in hopes of reaching the #OWS stream… 

Change in the face of what seems impossible, is possible. Revolution isn’t always about destruction… sometimes you have to bravely go out there and create something NEW, as you imagine. This is a decade before Plessy Vs. Ferguson (legalizing segregation, making way for Jim Crow laws).

I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, most likely dealt with some unsavory’s… but the place still exists today.

I am the 99% - I am a good man who has been taken to the edge of sanity by the world I live in. a world where people are rewarded disproportionately to their contribution to their fellow man. a world where a soccer player can earn enough in a week to buy a house, but where a nurse who saves and nurtures the lives of others is made to survive on a subsistence wage. I am the 99% and the time has come for us to take back our world.

Viviane's High Lady "official presentation" headcanon

Feel free to add :) 

- Kallias had been thinking about it ever since the war: Viviane deserved to be a High Lady. Not because he loved her and she was his mate, but because during those awful years under Amarantha’s rule she had been truly the High Lady of the Winter Court 

 - After the war Viviane had mentioned just once to Kallias how she thought it was amazing that Feyre was High Lady of the Night Court on her own right. Just once she had done so. She didn’t want to press the matter and she didn’t want to beg either. Tittle or not she knew Kallias confided in her as an equal, and treated her as such in front of the members of her court. 

 - Kallias had already made his mind, his court, his territory and all of Prythian for that sake must know how important Viviane is to the Winter Court. So one day, they were supposed to have off, during breakfast he told her what had been on his mind. 

 - Viviane couldn’t believe it, and as Kallias said “Viviane High Lady of the Winter Court” she felt how her own power heighten to match that of her mate. Her own power, not a shift of power from Kallias to her. Kallias was not giving up his power or diminishing it so that Viviane could have some of it. No; it came from her all her new found power came from her. 

 - They both felt it would be good to have an official ceremony and invite all the other high lords as well as some festivity that would be celebrated in their territory. However this moment, in which she had become High Lady, would always be for the two of them. 

 - A couple of weeks later, guests arrived for the weekend celebration. Winnowing from most parts of Prythian. The High Lords and Lady of the three solar courts, with their respective entourage, the summer court was in attendance and an emissary arrived from the Spring court who apologised for Tamlin’s absence, who couldn’t come because he was working on building what had been damages during the war. 

 - The ceremony was brief, as it was only an official introduction: everybody had assembled in the great hall and were mingling when the great ice doors opened. Together Kallias and Viviane walked as the people parted and gave them a clear path towards the dais where there was one throne. 

 - When they arrived to the stairs at the bottom of the dais Kallias held put his hand and helped Viviane climb them up. He lead her to the throne and she (without his help or guidance) sat on the throne. 

 - From there she could see how Kallias dropped to one knee, followed by the rest of then guests. She could also see the Feyre and Mor, who, as the kneeled, were smiling with such pride. 

 - Near the dais was also the human girl Feyre and Azriel had saved from Hybern, who in the past months had become a close friend, and would no doubt be useful to creat a better relationship between the humans and the fae. 

 - It was a good party, however formal it was, it also provided a great opportunity to catch up with old and new friends. As soon as the formality was over, she went straight up to Mor who was already opening her arms for her. 

 - Mor was ecstatic to see her friend in the position that she was meant to occupy. They danced together for some time. And then they started planning for Viviane’s first official visit to Velaris as Mor longed to show her friend the city of her heart. 

 - Laughter and music filled the hall, while drinks were clicking (?) all over the place. 

 - In one moment Feyre got closer and asked for a private audience with the new High Lady, which Viviane of course granted while laughing at the formality Feyre had clearly meant as a joke. So both females retired to a balcony to talk. It’s true that they hadn’t known each other for a long time, but they could both feel this was the start of a good friendship. 

 - When they were finally alone, Feyre confessed that she had a gift for her aside from the “official one her court had brought”. And before Viviane could start saying that she didn’t have to, Feyre winnowed a miniature painting of a snowflake, big enough for a nightstand. 

 - Feyre had been working on it ever since the invitation had arrived and even though she felt it could be improved here and there, the sentiment of pride, happiness and friendship was cristal clear. A beautiful snowflake over a deep blue background that meant to represent the night. A token symbolising both their courts. 

 - Viviane though it was beautiful and admitted that she was quite happy that she would have her friendly face during the meetings between High Lords (and now High Ladies as well). 

 - Kallias watched as Viviane entered the room with the High Lady of the Night Court in her arm, and a smile appeared on his face. A smile for his friend since childhood, a smile for that female that had protected his court, a smile for his mate, a smile for his High Lady.

anonymous asked:

What are some sexual fantasies/thoughts that the companions would have about Sole? ;)

Cait – She often fantasises about going down on Sole while they’re asleep. Something about them completely not knowing and totally not expecting it and instead being completely at her mercy gets her going quicker than anything. She’s almost tempted to do it each time they camp out and she’s left on first watch.

Curie – All the sweet little synth fantasises is enjoying Sole in a slow, passionate, sexy session where she can feel everything, including that captivating body of theirs on top of her own. In her own. She often gets goosebumps and a shiver of anticipation up her spine when she thinks too hard about it so she tries to lock those thoughts away until she’s alone.

Danse – He secretly fantasises about taking Sole rough and hard on Maxson’s desk while he’s watching the Paladin stake the ultimate claim on them. Something about the thought of watching the Elder’s scowl deepen in jealousy as Danse fucks Sole nice and deep doe’s things to him….

Deacon – Changing his face, his hair and his name and ‘accidentally’ stumbling across Sole and seducing them in a night of body wreaking passion is by far his most intense fantasy about them yet. It’s probably because he can go back to them the next day after restoring his face like nothing happened, but secretly he’ll know and Sole will be none the wiser.

Gage – He fantasises about being ridden and sucked off by Sole in front of every damn raider and trader in Nuka World, like he was a damn King and Sole’s one and only living sex-toy. Admittedly, thinking about it during the wrong time has nearly gotten the smug smirk on his face slapped off by Sole themselves, considering it was during a very serious discussion with the Disciples.

Hancock – The Mayor’s been by Sole’s side for a while now and already knows they have a brilliant personality and would be a-fucking-mazing in bed. But what about getting them on Jet and proceeding to go at it like radrabbits? Now that is something that keeps his thoughts occupied, a grin on his face and his pants rather tight when left alone.

MacCready – Ever since he accidentally stumbled upon that dirty magazine back in DC, his fantasies have always involved leather, lace and little bit of chain that he just knows Sole would look absolutely killer in considering they look smokin’ hot in everything else. His part in it changes from time to time, but he knows whatever the heck they’d want him to do while dressed like that is exactly what he’d do in a heartbeat.

Nick Valentine – The old detective’s a stickler for the tamer imaginings, mostly revolving around those stolen moments in the quiet of the night when they’re free to be as and dirty and as naughty as they want with each other.

Piper Wright – She really really really really likes the thought of Sole and her dressing up and doing a little bit of role playing. Whether it’s Blue as Grognak and her as the Mistress of Mystery, or Blue as a cop and Piper as a really bad reporter in nothing but her scarf and handcuffs. Generally she tries not to think about this too much because she goes as red as a tato, but her only other distraction most times is that lovely blue butt of theirs that she’s preeeeetty sure they know she stares at. A lot.

Preston Garvey – He’s noticed that Sole looks damn good in the General’s uniform, especially with the matching hat too which of course gave way to some very…interesting fantasies of his that keeps his mind occupied while they roam together. His favourite scenario by far is he and Sole sweaty and panting and going at it on the bed in the General’s quarters while wrapped in the Minuteman flag.

X6-88 – His fantasy is admittedly quite vanilla, but basically he just wants to take them on every damn surface that’s near them in every position possible because he wants all of them in every feasible way. With as many witnesses as possible too. He also secretly likes the thought that he’d be Sole’s personal love machine. Literally.

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hello friend can we talk for a second about super-tactile and gentle atem because he was trapped in a puzzle without a body for sO LONG he just loves to feel different textures and temperatures and is just constantly really gently and absently touching yugi just cAN WE CONSIDER THIS??? can we


I also really like the idea that Atem is super physically touchy with Yugi for the above reason and because in a way he just cant believe hes really here and he can really touch Yugi.  He doesn’t take it for granted.  He has a habit of gently touching Yugis face and arms.  And even in situations before theyre romantic, Yugis ok with this because he understands, not to mention they spent so long in one body, they still sort of share a personal space. 

Atem is used to just being close to Yugi.  Leaning over his shoulder, casually lying in bed together, practically occupying half of his chair when they sit near each other, theyre so close that even if they arent romantic at the time, people assume they are. Or in public, absentmindedly grabbing his hand, shirt hem, sleeve, backpack, keychain, something to keep them connected.  Theres a comfort between them that most people could never understand. They are independent individuals, but they are extremely in sync (and if they ever arent it throws them off BIG TIME, if they do have arguments its hard on them, and they dont last long)

Maybe sometimes Atem just lays there with his hand over his heart. His heart.  Not Yugis.  His.  Beating. Alive.  He owns this body. These are his hands touching all of these objects in Yugis room the first time he enters it in his own body, his hands cupping Yugis cheek,  two chests pressed together, and warmth.  Seeing Yugi from the outside and being able to interact with him as a fully realized physical being, its amazing to him. Feeling Yugi hug him for the first time is almost overwhelming. Getting to experience that in full, 100% sensation.  Smell and temperature and the bunched up jacket of Yugis uniform on his face when Yugis arms go around his neck, feeling Yugi and fully realizing how damn small he is when he wraps his arms around Yugis torso and hes hit by a flood of admiration for how powerful and brave this utterly tiny person in his arms is. How this soft spoken, bright eyed, gentle and kind and incredible person cares for him so much, how much Yugis done for him, how many times Yugi could have died because of him, all hits him in an instant and he just buries his face in Yugis uniform and holds on for dear life like if he lets go it might all be taken away. 

These two man.

These two.

Home away from home.

Fandom: Harry Potter 
Pairing: Muggle!James x Lily

Lily almost didn’t notice the small cafe, tucked away on a busy London street. The rain had come as a surprise on her way back from university, and she was caught in the middle of it with no umbrella. Hurriedly, she sloshed through the puddles, pulling her hood further down to shield her face. Then she saw it from the corner of her eye. Turning around, she stood in front of the cafe, admiring it in all its glory. Its teal painted, wooden exterior was completed with a large divided window with decorative potted plants clustered below it, thriving in the recent change of weather. Reaching for the door knob, she twisted it and stepped inside to be greeted by a wave of warmth. Wiping her soggy feet on the doormat, she slipped off her hood revealing her deep red hair. Inside the exposed brick walls were adorned with shelves holding books of all genres and colours. Mismatched armchairs were littered around the room in small groups, occupied by friends huddling together over warm beverages, having conversations lit by fairy lights dangled from the ceiling.

 Lily stepped onto the wood floor, wet shoes leaving footprints behind them, and ambled her way towards the back of the cafe where a tall boy with noticeably messy, black hair stood behind a counter. Within a closer proximity, lily could see that he managed a deadpan expression with every word he spoke. While she was examining the chalkboard menu that hung behind him, he grumbled something that sounded along the lines of a ‘how can I help you?’ and lily wondered if he was breaking records for just how reluctant to actually follow through with that offer he looked. Skimming over the wide variety of beverages, her eyes came to a stop at a drink she was delighted to see. 
“Can I have a salted caramel tea, please?”
Gaining his attention, the boy looked up and for a moment lily was sure his eyes softened at the sight of her, but then he quickly casted his gaze back down and proceeded to make her order. Subconsciously, she tapped her foot along to the beat of a quietly played song, coming from a record player which had been dismissed into a corner. Lily recognised it as not something up and coming, but from the memories of her childhood instead. This, and the fact that she could hear someone humming along brought a nostalgic feeling and a happy smile to her face.  But when she turned her attention back to the bedraggled boy making her tea, she discovered that it was infact him humming over the bubbling of the kettle. How could such a miserable git have such good music taste? Lily found it infuriating so she ceased her foot tapping and furrowed her brow, fighting her sudden desire to like him. He placed her steamy drink on the counter, an absent-minded look in his eyes hidden behind fogged glassed as she slid him her money and took her drink in search for a chair.

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Rebound - j.j

I stared at Jughead and Betty from my booth, sipping my milkshake. I thought to myself often why I wasn’t good enough for him. I used to be good friends with Jughead but he stopped talking to me when he started dating her. I looked down at my phone to distract myself, when I heard someone sit across from me. I looked up and saw Archie, he was currently my only friend. 

“Hey” I quietly acknowledged him. 

“You have to get over him, he loves Betty” I heard the pain in his voice. I nodded

“Wow, I never thought of that one before Arch! What a great and new idea.” I looked up and gave him the fakest smile I could. 

“Sorry…” he laughed, I smiled for real and giggled, suddenly I looked up and saw that Jughead and Betty were talking but they seemed annoyed. It looked like they were fighting. All of a sudden Betty got up and stormed out. Archie and I walked over to the distressed Jughead that was left in the booth they had previously occupied together. 

“Hey, are you alright?” Archie immediately asked. 

“Yeah, just peachy” Jughead rolled his eyes.

“What happened?” I asked 

“We just had a difference… I think she just broke up with me” He looked down, his voice cracked and it broke my heart. 

“Can I talk to him alone?” I whispered to Archie, and he quietly nodded and walked away. I slid into the booth next to him. I gently rubbed his back. “I’m sure she was just upset, you’ll be back together by tomorrow.” I reassured. 

“I don’t think so, she still loves Archie and we’ve been fighting a lot lately.” Jughead mumbled. 

“Well in that case, you’ll find someone that can love you for who you are.”

“I don’t know… I don’t know if you’ve noticed but girls don’t like me.” He looked at me for the first time, this was the first time in months actually. 

“There are plenty of girls that want you” I laughed, and he shook his head. 



The next day at lunch I was sitting alone when Jughead sat next to me, which was odd as he hadn’t talked to me in months until last night.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked cautiously 

“Just sitting with my beautiful best friend” He smiled, I may have blushed slightly at his comment

“Best friend? Last night was the first time we talked in months.” 

“About that, I’m really sorry! Betty didn’t like me talking to you and I just wanted to make her happy, which now I realize was stupid.” 

“Okay…” I was still unsure. But I was happy to have Juggie back. As we talked I noticed that he was being oddly touchy and flirty. “What’s going on Juggie? You’re acting different” I had to ask.

“I like you.” his words were rushed but I knew what he had said. 

“You what?” 

“I like you?…” He repeated 

“I heard you, um I actually like you too” I smiled, he smiled back

“great!” And he scooched closer. 

Jughead was being so clingy all day and I had no idea why, until I realized that he got especially clingy when Betty was around and earlier he said she was jealous of me. I saw him walking towards me, with the rest of his friends, including Betty. He put his arm around me smiling. 

“You’re using me” I said pulling away from him, looking him directly. 

“W-what?” By now Betty, Archie, Kevin, and a bunch more people were surrounding us. 

“You want to make Betty jealous, so you came to me, knowing she was jealous of me prior to you guys dating.” I said matter of factly 

“I don’t know what to say” 

“Because you know it’s true. Did you ever consider that I actually liked you and that you using me was going to hurt me? probably not” I didn’t allow him to reply. I walked up to Betty “I’m not mad at you, I know this isn’t your fault, but just know what he did, you can do what you want with it.” and with that I walked away.

I might do a part 2, depending if its wanted

Listen To My Heart~2~ Mark Andrews

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Part 1

Mark had no idea why you were so distant from him, it hurt him. 

“ Are yeh ever going t’ talk to me? Or are yeh going t’ continue t’ run every time I show up?” you freeze as you hear Mark’s voice ask you the question you most dreaded to hear while standing next to you. It’s been awhile till you two spoke with one another. There were only nods and small glances here and there. After the moment back when he told you that he was going to keep trying with Claire, you truly understand that you had to let him go. 

At first you thought you it was going to be easy to be around Mark as you tried so hard to hide your feelings deep inside. 

You distracted yourself with hanging out with the British Strong Style, getting more matches and more TV time.  Claire was also a distraction, talking to her more than she did with every one else. 

Anything that reminded her of Mark, you pushed t away into the back of your mind. When he was near you, it was much harder for you to push those feelings aside.  At first hiding them was easy, keeping your mind occupied and here together from breaking.

 It wasn’t that long until Claire came running to you telling you about how Mark asked her out. It was then you felt your heart breaking once again watching as the two held hands, giggle with each other and hearing from Claire how good Mark was treating her.Mark was finally happy with someone, that someone wasn’t you. 

It all came a nightmare watching the man you loved and desired loving your best friend. Being all alone and enduring this pain and suffering like this. You didn’t want to feel a thing anymore.

 You wanted it all to be over, every little bit. 

You didn’t feel loved or wanted or cared for by anyone anymore.  You had to let Mark go completely, you couldn’t just keep doing this to yourself. 

You scoff as you turn your back to him putting on your gloves for the show.
“ I see it’s ‘hat time of month, is it?”  his nose flares, eyes are faker than they usual are and clenching his fist on the sides.

 There was an unpleasant  tone behind his voice that made you raise your head up, closing your eyes for a moment. You never heard him sound os angry before. He was so different usually, smiles and being all gentle,  but here he was  with his eyes darker holding anger behind them.

As you hated to admit it, he had the right to be angry with you. You were an important person in his life from the beginning. You were the one he relied on the most, the person he trusted most and the person he always came to when he was hurting. And just like that, you left him.

 Distancing yourself away from until you were no longer a part of his life. Ignoring him and unfollowing him from all social medias, not answering his calls or text. It hurt you to do that, the friendship you had with Mark. Gone. You left him so he could be happy, but here he was standing behind you holding angry and confusion, but she wasn’t really the one to blame.

You refused to turn around and look at him as you slip on you second glove looking for something else to distract yourself.

“ No, just been thinking a lot..I thought Claire told you I was going through some stuff..” that was a complete lie. A lie that spilled bullshit out of your mouth. You had to say something so he wouldn’t question you further. You just couldn’t hear one more word coming out of Claire’s mouth about Mark. How perfect he was when yo already knew that. 

“ Maybe,” he mumbles, eyes narrowing at your back as he watches your shoulders become stiff, “ Maybe she didn’t.”

You held your breathe in moving your hands over the crate that was in front of you, before relaxing your shoulders once more ignoring his words. 

Mark was very aware that you were ignoring him, you didn’t hide it to well. The atmosphere and the friendship they had, changed. 

Later after the show had finished, you had to drive with Mark back to the only. He sat in the passenger seat while you drove thinking of that night. He only remembers you driving back from the bar, there were bits of pieces he only remembered. When he woke up without you by his side, he was confused and what terrified him was the fact how it hurt to not to see your face sleeping next to him.

Mark thought why were you suddenly like this with him. You were fine before, all happy. But now things changed, doors were closed and only silence is returned. He missed the sound of her voice, he imagined what it would be like if she was with him instead of Claire. 

He was with Claire, suppose to be happy with her but it didn’t feel right. Not at all. Something in him changed when you walked out of his life, he didn’t feel complete. 

He tired so hard to love Claire but you were the only one in his head. Always opening the door and staying there. At first he was confused to why suddenly he can’t stop thinking about you. He didn’t feel like his life was the same as it used to be, he felt alone and empty. 

He got angry on how many times he tried to reach you but nothing. You were gone like the wind from his life. It hurt him.
You destroyed him, his heart was filled with sadness and pain and he couldn’t get over this pain. He needs to have you back in his life. No matter how pathetic that sounds. 

“ Are yeh goin’ t’ give me a reason t’ why yeh been avoidin’ me, or am I goin’ t’ force it out of yeh?” he hisses through his teeth. you get your luggage out of the car before getting his, shutting the trunk.“ I have no idea what you are talk-”

“ Oi! Fuckin’ spill!” He growls, as pins you against the car. He doesn’t seem to notice the fear in your eyes when you make eye contact with him.  All Mark through about was getting rid of this pain and how he couldn’t understand to why you were doing this to him.

“ Yeh know what yeh doin’ t’ me Y/N!” 

“ Mark, please.” you whispered, begging him. “ Yeh can’t treat me like this!”  he cries out, fresh tears streaming down his cheeks. He feel like breaking in front of you. His heart is pulling and twisting as he begs you for answers. 

“ I have no idea what I’ve done! Yeh keep pushin’ me away and it’s killin’ me!” His head falls as he begins to sob. You reach out a hand to brush over his cheeks, wiping his tears away.. Your own eyes over flow with tears as you watch him cry. He turns his head to kiss your wrist softly, his facial hair tickling your arm. You were the only one who drove him this crazy, having the power over him.

“ I don’t understand why ‘his hurts so much…,” He cries as he shuts his eyes inhaling sharply, “ I never felt like this in my life. Ever.” 

You hold back tears as you nod your head, a hand reached to brush his hair, your lip trembles as you touch him.  You have missed him so much, missing everything about him. You reach up on your toes to kiss him cheek, quickly pulling. He frowns, his heart racing as he looks down at you, his eyes holding concern behind them.

“ Since Claire and I got together, yeh distance yourself.” He mumbles, eyes watching your face as it changes color at his words. 

Your eyes close, finding it harder and harder to push him away. He doesn’t need to know, you already feel him out your grasp. He was never yours to begin with.
“ Go” you whisper. You push him away, his chest was warm beneath your hands. His heart breaks as he watches you cry, he shakes his head pushing you back against the car.

He watches your face filled with tears and pain and he can’t understand what is the reason why you are hurting like this. 

“ Y/N, I-” 

“ No.” you shake your head, voice cracking as you speak, “ Mark, please.No.”
You have no idea what to tell him, where to begin. 

“ I’m trying, Y/N” he says, “ please talk to me.” 

“ No I-” you pass licking your dry lips, “ just go..” 

Mark lets out a sad sigh, his eyes are brimmed with red as he watches you sob again. He nods, pulled away from you. You needed some time alone and some time to breathe. You are a wreck, “ yeh need to know somethin’. Claire isn’t yeh, she’ isn’t a worth anything to me. Yah are, yar worth everthin’ “ 

He walks away leaving you to slide down the car, covering your mouth with your hand sobbing.


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• fat fiction series | masterpost | raising the standards mini mastelist

Tags: nsfw / +18 / angst / slightest nudity / reader’s pov (fat woman) x idol / lawyer au
Featuring: Kim Junmyeon (Suho, EXO)
Writer: CL
Word count: 3k words
Comments: Kim Junmyeon JD is a muse character by @chanyeolspout and used with her permission. | Raising the Standards Mini Masterlist | Okay, so I apologize in advance, but it was necessary for the plot. I want to know your opinions on this chapter and your expectations for the next ones, please. | If you are thirst for more from the “Telenovela or Korean drama?” series and/or you ship Jay and Bunny or Joo-Eun and Nichckhun, you’re in for a treat | Thank you for my lovely ladiesf or helping me, listening to me, beta reading my stuff and putting up with my bullshit, specially Winter, Lily and Rose @kpoppantydrop @everybodykpops @chanyeolspout @pocinamedia @vampyxenoqueen

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

Disclaimer: Please note that the stories on the Fat Fiction Series tag are NOT about non-fat people, even those with body dysmorphia. Everybody is welcome to read them, but these stories are ultimately about and for physically fat people, people who have been through actual prejudice and suffer from fatphobia.

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he’s the afternoon in his quiet sublime— not quite the sunrise, but not quite when it sets, either. he is somewhere in between him and him, both of which bore his name at one point. at some point. but now all his pained, fragile bones demand to be held.

so you hold him.

in the aching moments of right now, you hold him. your strings keep him together, occupy every inch of his skin until you’re tethered to him and he to you and it feels like how it’s always felt, how it will always feel.

a hundred years ago, a hundred years to go.

—  but you are caught between the day and the night // f.r.
The Mark - Request (Part 1)

Requested by anon: supernatural imagine where the reader is dating sam, but she has the mark of cain and she dies, so when she becomes a demon she nearly kills him and dean but after she’s cured she’s mortified with herself? you can tweak it for plot purposes if needed.

Pairing: MOC!Reader x Sam Winchester

Word count: 1.707

Warnings: Gore, angst, main character death.

A/N: This was suposed to be a one-shot, but I’m way too tired to write it all at once.


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A sacrifice had to be made, and only a soul strong enough to bear such evil could protect it… Only a pure soul could bear it without falling for its temptations; only a heart big enough could bear it without changing.

Sadly for them, that person was (Y/N).

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Headcanons - Ladies’ Night

Before returning to East City following the Promised Day, Rebecca insisted on a ‘Girls’ Night In.’ She managed to gather herself, Maria Ross, and Olivier together and occupied Riza’s hospital room.

Roy was banished for being male, and spent the evening in the Elrics’ room. He didn’t mind; he had long believed that Riza needed more female friends. It was both heartwarming and a relief to hear her laugh, hear the smile in her voice after such a stressful time.

Said Taghmaoui has seemingly confirmed which character he’d be playing in Wonder Woman, and while rumours that he’d be a character with ties to the DCU had be circulating for a while, him playing one of the Blackhawks was kind of surprising.

Specifically he’d be playing Andre Blanc-Dumont, a French member of the Blackhawks, a squadron of international pilots (mostly from occupied countries) who came together to kill Nazis in one of DC’s many war comics.

Him being involved with fellow-pilot Steve Trevor makes sense, even if he’s been displaced in time by several decades. Kind of makes me wonder if the other people in the World War One era photo Diana was trying to recover in Batman v Superman were other DC war comic characters. Johnny Cloud and… er… some Scottish guy, maybe?

Anyways, here’s Pierre punching a Nazi in the dick.

Monsta X:  On a Deserted Island

Original Request: “How would Monsta X be if they were on a deserted island?”

A/N:  This one is a little different but I’ll try my best

Request: Texts, Snapchats,  Reactions, Groups as___(Like this post, or Ex: BTS as athletes), , MTL, 

Groups I write for:  Bigbang, BTS, Exo (12, 9, K, M), Got7, Monsta X, Seventeen


  • Probably challenging any wild animal he sees for position as the alpha male
  • In charge of using the machete to cut down plant life that is in the way when searching for food
  • Accidentally disturbs a congress of baboons and almost gets everyone killed
  • Is voted to be the one who climbs the trees to gather coconuts
  • Gets really excited when he manages to build a raft out of tree bark and vines but about .2 seconds after he positions it in the water, it sinks
  • Eventually abandons his shirt and ties it around his head, like a bandana


  • A lot of the times he’s supposed to be searching for food with Jooheon, he’s sunbathing, shirtless, instead
  • Gets really bad sunburn
  • He always has sunburn
  • Just put a damn shirt on, Hoseok
  • Tries to wash himself in the water, using a rough textured leaf, on a daily basis but always ends up getting seaweed in his hair
  • Becomes super agitated on the day that Kihyun tells him his hair dye is fading
  • Is in charge of roasting certain foods in the campfire
  • Burns them often


  • In charge of starting campfires at night, when it starts to get cold, or when they need to eat
  • Catches fish with his hands to eat
  • Cracks open the coconuts Jooheon finds, with his bare hands
  • Injures his hands/knuckles a lot
  • Pretty much always wears shorts (Even though he only has one other option, as he only had a pair of skinny jeans with him, besides the shorts)
  • Does everything in his power to not get any water on his boxers, except when they desperately need washing, then he just stands and keeps active so he doesn’t have to sit on the ground in the nude


  • Sleeps a lot in the sand
  • When he’s awake, he’s usually hanging out by the shoreline with his feet in the water, throwing rocks into it
  • Regrets telling Hoseok that his hair dye is fading because now Hoseok is making fun of him for the same reason
  • Buries his feet in the sand a lot
  • Gets nervous when Jooheon has the machete
  • Resists the urge to smack Hoseok every time he burns the food so almost daily
  • Tries to drink the water before anyone boils it and gets sick


  • Tries to keep everyone occupied by tying together some bark to make a limbo game
  • Always has sand in his hair
  • Pretty much always barefoot
  • Eventually steals the shirt Jooheon had tied around his head and ties it around his own head
  • Goes swimming a lot and sometimes will accidentally catch fish for Hyunwoo
  • Steals Hyunwoo’s shirt too
  • Tries to skip rocks in the water and ends up accidentally hitting Hyungwon in the neck
  • Probably twists his ankle at some point


  • Tries to wash himself, daily, with Hoseok
  • His thighs get cut up a lot
  • Spends a lot of his time relaxing, in his boxers
  • Gets excited when a little crab comes onto the sand
  • Gets less excited when a little crab bites his toe
  • Collects seashells and beach glass
  • Complains a lot about the wind messing up his hair
  • At some point, he takes the machete away from Jooheon, trying to cut a path himself, and ends up giving it back to him when he realizes that he can’t


  • Keeps everyone sane somewhat when everyone argues over things like food ration, shelter preparations etc.
  • While everyone is arguing, he builds himself a little hut and falls asleep in it
  • Doesn’t go into the water too often, unless he’s elected to catch fish that day
  • Almost dies of a heat stroke due to all of the clothing he had with him being black, long sleeved, and long legged
  • Secretly hates when Jooheon finds coconuts for them to eat
  • Loses the most weight out of everyone
  • Somehow crafts together a huge blanket made out of heavy leave and vines, immediately regretting it when everyone gathers underneath it with him at night

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majassandberg-deactivated201611  asked:

75/86 with Calum

Here you go!! Sorry this took me actually 98 years to get to you. Most of this had been sitting in my drafts and I honestly forgot about it until I came across it rn. So I finished it up and here it is! Some angsty calum for you! I hope you like it!!

Calum let out a loud groan when the rays of sunshine from his hotel window pulled him from his deep drunken slumber. He had been awake not 30 seconds and was already plagued with a headache from his heavy drinking the night before. He had no desire to get up from the comfy bed to deal with anyone in the world so he rolled over and pulled the pillow onto his face attempting to block out the persistent sun. His mind was slowly slipping back to sleep when the memories from the night before came crashing into him like a two ton truck.

“Calum don’t you think you should maybe take it a little easy on the drinking?” (Y/N) asked softly, from her spot on the bed. She had been in her pajamas for hours now, chilling in the hotel room alone, again. He had abandoned her once again to go to another club, or house party she couldn’t keep track at this point. She understood sometimes being alone was part of the deal when she would visit on tour, the boys were busy doing promo, interviews, their job. What she didn’t understand was her best friend, the person she came all the way here to see, seemingly insist need to leave her behind. But even all that paled in comparison to her actual concern about what the media was starting to say about him. Horrible things about how all he did was drink now, the party boy who caused trouble, started fights. She was terrified those things were becoming true and she never wanted him to become that person.

“What are you talking about? I’m fiiiiiinnne,” He slurred, still making his way into the room wobbling with each drunken step.

“I don’t think you are. You should probably tone the partying and drinking down a bit. Maybe take a rest from the whole scene for a while,” She suggested.

“Just because you are a dud doesn’t mean I should have to be,” He said offhandedly, starting to attempt at taking his shirt off. All he managed to do is get tangled and frustrated in his drunken stupor.  

“This isn’t about me, Calum. This is about your health for one, this can’t possibly be could for you to be spread so thin all day doing promo and shows every night then partying and drinking out until,” She quickly checked the clock, “4 in the morning when you have to get up again tomorrow to do it all over again. Also its bad for your reputation. Do you really want to be known as the party boy who can’t handle his alcohol and starts fights?”

“Who the fuck said I can’t handle my alcohol?!” He asked, ignoring all the concerns (Y/N) had just voiced.

“That’s not the main concern here,” She said, pushing up off the bed in frustration. “You need to make serious changes Calum, I’m worried about you.”

“Well, stop worrying. I’m fucking fine. Stop trying to tell me what to do, I didn’t fucking ask for your opinion,” He said beginning to wrestle his shirt off once again. This time succeeding. “Everyone wants to offer their fucking opinion when no one asked! I didn’t ask, (Y/N)!”

Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me? I hate seeing people say disgusting things about you Calum! You’re my best friend! I want people to see you as the caring thoughtful person I know, not this drunken fool you are being,” She said.

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you fucking thought! Why are you even here?! All you do is bitch at me. ‘Don’t do this Calum. Don’t do that. Smoking is bad, watch your drinking.’  Why the fuck do you care? You’re not my mom, and you sure as hell are not my girlfriend so leave me the hell alone.”  He exclaimed before he plopped down on the bed, shoving his face into one of the pillows obviously too drunken or too pissed off to care about continuing the conversation. But it didn’t even matter at that point. Before his face even hit the pillow (Y/N) was already gathering her things, packing everything back up into her suitcase. She was ready to leave within minutes, pajamas long gone regular street clothes replacing them. Calum was right, she wasn’t his girlfriend. No matter how deep her feelings for him were or how much she loved the idiotic boy she wasn’t his girlfriend and wouldn’t ever be. So she picked up her bag and left Calum in the dark room, snoring oblivious to the mess he had caused.

He bolted upright, his eyesight going spotty for a second from the sudden movement. The bed next to him was empty, his chest tightened, what the hell had he done?! He swung his legs to the floor getting up to look for her luggage, but it was gone. All that was left in the room was his duffel. Forgoing shoes and a shirt Calum ran out of his hotel room making a beeline for Michaels. He refused to stop knocking until the blue haired boy answered the door.

“Wow, you look rough,” Michael snorted, but Calum didn’t even take notice he pushed right past the pale boy into his room.

“Where is she?” There wasn’t much room to search in the tiny space. Luke and Ashton were occupying a bed together passing a phone back in forth laughing at whatever was on the small screen. There was only one other bed in the room and (Y/N) was not there, she wasn’t in his room, she was gone and Calum was struggling to breathe.

“Where IS SHE?! Where is (Y/N)!” He shouted, as if the boys could just pull her out of thin air to calm his racing heart.

“She fucking left, mate,” Michael said crossing his arms, obviously pissed off at Calum.

“Wha-what do you mean she left? Like left to go out and explore the city or..or left..” He didn’t even want to finish asking. He didn’t want to believe he had been such a horrible dick to her to make her leave the country to go back home. He would never forgive himself.

“She went home, Cal. We took her to the airport this morning,” Luke said quietly, obviously sensitive to Calums distress.

“Well, why the fuck would you do that!!!” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.  

“Because we aren’t a bunch of shit heads! We weren’t going to force her to stay! She didn’t feel wanted here Calum and it wasn’t because of any of us. We love (Y/N) and we told her so, insisted we did want her here. It wasn’t anyone but you who made her feel unwelcome! I can’t even believe you’d treat her like that! She does so fucking much for you! She’s been there for you through it all! Always defending you always standing by your side and how do you repay her? By being a major dick,” Michael was infuriated.

“She really left,” He couldn’t breathe, really couldn’t. His chest was impossibly tight and all he kept thinking was don’t cry, don’t fucking cry. “I really lost her.”