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Happy birthday to a fabulous lady, @papofglencoe! I’ve been working on this story for a while and it’s very close to my heart. As are you. So this is my gift to you. Thank you for your friendship and support in everything! I love you! <3

Rated M for mature themes. Unbetaed so forgive my mistakes.

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Clinton killed a half million kids with sanctions, Bush invaded Iraq & Afghanistan, Obama drone bombed a half dozen countries, but “Muslims are so violent.” While US soldiers were emptying clips into pregnant mothers, bombing weddings, and dropping thousand pound bombs on buildings filled with civilians, 1.5 billion people were being smeared as violent for crimes they didn’t commit. While the military used cluster bombs, white phosphorous & depleted uranium on the occupied, Fox News was preaching that Islam is the problem. When Israel was massacring Lebanese civilians by the dozen, the US was express shipping weapons over to enhance the slaughter. 2.3 million in jail/prison, the crime bill, gutting public housing, racist drug laws, executing Black people every 28 hours, that’s violence. “Freedom of speech!” But tens of millions of people don’t have the freedom to live without the US military bombing them. “Freedom of speech!” And freedom to spy, freedom to wiretap, freedom to infiltrate mosques, freedom to mass incarcerate, freedom to bankrupt the sick, freedom to deny affordable education.
—  Remi Kanazi via Facebook
i’ve been
  • having a lot of trouble concentrating at work.  at home.  during tasks.  i suppose i’m pre-occupied since the news.  
  • more news today = they scheduled my sister’s surgery.  they are going to try and remove the entire tumor.  but they also may remove lymph nodes once they get in there depending if it has spread.  cancer is weird.  how do you just suddenly live without pieces of you that you apparently needed before.
  • i wanted to pretty much punch my boss in the face 12 times today.  im almost positive without everything going on, it likely would’ve been only once.  then again..
  • i spent a few hours after work prepping coconut cake layers and frosting for scruffy’s birthday on friday.  here are the things i learned too late today: (1) electric mixers have covers so things don’t go everywhere (2) cake layers split really f’ing easily when transferring from wire racks to anywhere 
  • oh well, i hope frosting will cover it.
  • i smell like coconut.  
Ex-diplomat Carne Ross: the case for anarchism
How a high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser lost his faith in western democracy – but put his trust in people power
By Andrew Anthony

I wouldn’t mind watching this. His anarchism is a bit iffy but his insight into how government operates is brilliant, especially the insider info he has on the Iraq invasion.


Hong Kong police use teargas and pepper spray to disperse protesters

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters paralysed parts of Hong Kong’s central business district on Sunday, as police in riot gear attempted to disperse them with teargas and pepper spray.

Using a park near the Hong Kong government headquarters as a base, the protesters have blocked many of the city’s main thoroughfares, forcing authorities to divert about 80 bus routes. Organisers say at least 30,000 people have joined the demonstration.

Police fired volleys of teargas into the crowds at least three times on Sunday afternoon, according to reports posted online, sending protesters running and pleading for water and paper towels. Police have threatened to use a “higher degree of force” if the demonstrators do not disperse.

The Guardian


[image 1: ‘dane senser’ tweets: president trump inauguration? we the people will show up with god, guns and family!]

[image 2: 'occupy democrats’ tweets: breaking news: hypocrite trump just banned guns at his inauguration]



The Earth Is More Important Than Politics (w/Guest Mark Ruffalo)‬

It’s no longer worth having corrupt politicians who brag about being “climate leaders” who are trying to have it both ways but support the extraction dirty energy and the construction of pipeline infrastructure transport dirty energy.

There’s isn’t any 2nd chances or a plan B when it comes to climate change.

Christians Borrowing Hijabs to Flee IS-held Philippines Town
London: Christians in a Philippines town are disguising themselves by borrowing hijabs to escape the Islamic State (IS) terrorists group that has been holding 1,500 people hostage.

More than three weeks after the terrorist group stormed the southern Filipino town of Marawi, starving locals are said to have resorted to extreme measures including eating their blankets to stay alive, Dailymail reported on Tuesday.

Five police officers and five Christian civilians dashed across the town’s commercial district this morning, ducking for cover from a sniper, to reach a government-controlled area on the Agus River western bank, the report said.

“We ran the last part. We could see the bridge ahead of us. We had to take cover several times when we saw a sniper,” an officer was quoted as saying.

Almost the entire population of more than 200,000 fled after May 23, when fighters from local groups allied to IS rampaged through the Muslim-majority town, killing and kidnapping Christians.

The military estimates 300 to 600 civilians are still trapped or being held as human shields in areas occupied by the terrorists.
The Black Lives Matter Founders Are Among the World’s Greatest Leaders
They succeeded where Occupy Wall Street failed.

“The staff of Fortune and a panel of experts recently assembled our 2016 list of the World’s Greatest Leaders. Here’s a short profile of three of them.

Modern social movements often fizzle after their moment in the national news (Occupy Wall Street and to a lesser extent the Tea Party come to mind). But Black Lives Matter has steadily gained momentum since its founding in 2013, when activist Alicia Garza coined the phrase and fellow activist Patrisse Cullors made it a hashtag. Alongside Opal Tometi, they created the Black Lives Matter network, which has grown to 28 local chapters, each fighting a range of racial injustices like police brutality and racial profiling. Last year the movement inspired college students to take up the mantel, with some successes (the system president and chancellor of the University of Missouri resigned over outcry they failed to address campus racism). They also pushed the presidential candidates to address the country’s systemic racism – an issue would-be nominees would probably have preferred to sidestep.”



Joy Reid’s Spin of Donna Brazile’s Revelation is Fox News-Level Propaganda‬

“Fox News-Level Propaganda”? We’ve already seen the impact that Fox News has on conservatives. Now the same is likely to happen with Democrats to the point where MSNBC is going to degrade honest news reporting.

The Black Lives Matter Founders Are Among the World’s Greatest Leaders

They succeeded where Occupy Wall Street failed. “Modern social movements often fizzle after their moment in the national news (Occupy Wall Street and to a lesser extent the Tea Party come to mind). But Black Lives Matter has steadily gained momentum since its founding in 2013, when activist Alicia Garza coined the phrase and fellow activist Patrisse Cullors made it a hashtag. Alongside Opal Tometi, they created the Black Lives Matter network, which has grown to 28 local chapters, each fighting a range of racial injustices like police brutality and racial profiling. Last year the movement inspired college students to take up the mantel, with some successes (the system president and chancellor of the University of Missouri resigned over outcry they failed to address campus racism). They also pushed the presidential candidates to address the country’s systemic racism – an issue would-be nominees would probably have preferred to sidestep.”  (Read more)


Is Canada a ‘Rogue Nation’ on Climate Change?‬

Tar sands is still being extracted. This government under Justine Trudeau is still allowing corporations to build pipeline infrastructures for the transport of tar sands through indigenous territory which answers the question as to whether or not Canada is a “rogue nation” on climate change.

No different from the previous government under Stephen Harper.

Cinderella AU

For my beautiful and lovely friend percyyoulittleshit this is for you darling and I hope you like it.
In advance I apologize for the imperfect english and poor writing. 


Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom by the sea, there lived a little girl with skin kissed by the sun and hair as bright as gold. She was lovely, with a smile etched on her face and kindness radiating from her grey eyes. 

Her name was Annabeth. 

Annabeth lived with her family, her mom, a regal lady of the house, was kind and studious, always with a book under her arm and a sweet smile upon her face. Her father was a merchant and most of the time was on trips to faraway lands, but every time he came back home there was a present under his arm to be given to his little girl. Annabeth was the life and joy of the beautiful home. 

She was loved and cherished by all who met her, as she was kind and courageous, with everyone who crossed her path, no matter if it was a stranger or an animal. Annabeth firmly believed that everyone as a living being deserved kindness. 

But not everything could remain perfect, as it was life, tragedy struck the family. Annabeth was eight when her mother fell fatally ill, with no cure to save her and little time to remain on earth, she said her last words to Annabeth. 

“Have courage and be kind, Annie, you have most kindness in your little finger that most people possess in their whole body”

And those were the words that Annabeth sought to follow her entire life. 

She spent the next years growing loved by her father and the staff of the household, when she wasn’t reading a book, she could be found playing with her best friend, Piper. A lovely servant girl with copper skin and magical eyes. Piper was one of the maids, but more than being a maid she wanted to be a singer and travel the world and someday sing at court.  Annabeth sometimes sang with her, specially the lullaby her mother used to sing to her.  

One day, various months before her eighteenth birthday, her father gave Annabeth what he hoped to be good news, he was to be remarried to a lovely widow with two daughters of her own, Drew was the name of her stepmother to be, and the girls of the same age as her were named Kelli and Tammi. 

The ladies arrived some days after the news, promptly occupying the house and making it their own, lavish parties, succulent food, full of noise, shrill laughter and petty fights. The three of them were accustomed to some kind of life, a luxury one, with beautiful dresses, and intricate lifestyles, which required a grand sum of money to maintain, and long and hard trips for the patriarch. 

“You are hardly back from your last trip.” said Annabeth one night to her father as he wrote letters of business.

“I am sorry darling, but debts have to be paid and food has to be brought to the table. I will be back before you know it, but please tell me Annie, what shall I bring back to you? You sisters… stepsisters,” he corrected himself “have asked for new necklaces and parasols.”

 “I don’t wish anything but you to be back, but if you must, I want a branch, the first branch that brushes your shoulder, so you will think of me every time you see it.”

“Oh Annie, my lovely Annie, no one is more beautiful than you, or more kind.” he took her face between his hands “You remind me a lot of your mother, how much I miss her, you are her living spirit”

“I miss her too, a lot and I will miss you too” she said as he hugged him. 

They remained in the embrace for a few minutes, little did they knew that Drew had heard every bit of the conversation, the jealousy and bitterness planting a seed in her greedy heart.  

The next day Frederick parted waving goodbye to his family, especially Annabeth who followed him until she arrived to the end of the property. Small tears leaving her eyes, she stayed there until he could not be seen anymore, as she neared the house she could hear already a fight ensuing between her two stepsisters about their living quarters and the quantity of their clothes. 

“Annabeth” the voice of Drew called from the library “Wipe those tears, they will make your eyes red and puffy, and that is not a trait a woman should have, besides you should not be sad, Frederick will return promptly.”

“Thank you stepmother.”

“Please Annabeth, call me Madame.” Said Drew with a smile.

“Yes Madame.”

The voices of Kelli and Tammi could be heard from all the house, as they were shrill and loud. 

“Oh my poor little girls,” said her stepmother “they are not used to share such a little bedchamber.”

“Well, they could have mine, it is the biggest besides yours and father, and I could have…”

“The attic! that’s right, It’s big and airy, you should not hear our noises, and will have more privacy, besides I am redecorating the others rooms”

“Oh, of course, the attic will do”

“Of course it will, you should move your belongings right now, have that girl with the poor hairstyle help you, and take these.” Drew took her mother sewing kit and placed it in her hands. “Go, go, you should not waste time.”

Annabeth nodded taking her mother’s stuff with her. At least she was going to have a room for herself without having to hear the constant bickering. 

The attic was on a tower, seven flights of stairs had to be scaled to arrive to the drafty and circular room. It was a good thing then for her and Piper, that she chose to bring with her the most beloved possessions she had. Some favourite books from her mother and hers, and a portrait of her father. 

“I am telling you, she is a wench, a vapid little harpy,” said Piper helping her move the discarded furniture around “the attic! How she dare to send you here!?” 

“It is not as bad as it seems, it is big, and I do not have to hear Tammi practice her singing” 

“You call that singing?!, that girl would not recognize a note even if it smacked her right in the face”

She smiled while dusting off the window sill. 

“Let’s have supper,” said Piper after finally having finished making the room more livable. “It is getting dark and I am getting hungry.”

Both girls left the room to have a quiet dinner near the fire in the comfortable kitchen. After the light meal Annabeth went back to her new bedroom and felt immediately asleep.

The weeks passed, and they transformed into month and a half, and the only contact with Annabeth had with her father were weekly letters.

One day, when the letter was supposed to arrive, it did not come, instead the family was told of the dead of Frederick, a disease acquired in the road had taken his life away. These sad news were delivered with a lovely olive branch for Annabeth, which she hugged against herself since it was the last thing his father had given her. 

The money left for the ladies, was enough to pay the debts and live modestly enough with the servants for a few years until one of the girls was to get married, but with the expensive life that Drew and her daughters lead, the money was going to last just a few months, the staff had to be fired, and someone else had to take the place, and so that’s how Annabeth, the lovely and kind girl became the maid.  

The hard work did not bother Annabeth, the pain in her back and hands did not compare at all with the heartache she had with her every day. Being busy helped her to focus in something else besides the constant solitude and pain, her parents were gone, and Piper had to go to the town to work with the seamstress to survive. 

So that became the life of Annabeth, rising with the sun, attending the sounds of the bells that her stepmother and stepsisters sounded every time they desired something, and going to sleep well into the night.

One day the morning started a little bit hectic as she had woken up a little bit more late than she was used to, so the meal for her was to be postponed.  When the breakfast was all done, and the ladies were in the dining room, Annabeth prepared herself to serve them the hot meal and why not, have some breakfast herself, as she had not had any that morning. 

She was ready to serve, when Kelli dropped the hand bell she carried with her, in a reflex she picked it up and handed it back to her step sister.

“Ugh Annabell polish this beth” said Kelli tripping on her words.

“Hey Annabell!” said Tammi suddenly “Yes we should call you Annabell.” 

“Oh girls you are too clever.” Said Drew with a smile seeing as how she started to serve eggs and fresh baked bread, with a little fruit on the side with different cheeses and milk to drink.

 “What are you doing?.” Asked her stepmother seeing how she put an extra place in the table. Drew looked around “I did not know we have visitors.”

“Excuse Madam?”

“For whom is that place”

“It is my place Madame”

“Your place?. But you Annabeth have to have breakfast when everything is done, and in the kitchen not here. Now pick up that plate and finish your work, or should I said Annabell?” she said laughing cruelly at her.

“Yes Madame” said she in a small voice, reining in the need to cry. She left the room, trying not to succumb to her feelings, but once the plate left her hands and fell on to the floor breaking immediately, she broke too.

She could not do it anymore. She had promised her mother to be courageous, she had really tried, but she was weak, and she couldn’t do it anymore. The salty tears left her eyes without restraint, and without thinking it the only thing she could do was ran to the barn and grab her  father’s horse and mount, taking off to the woods, the only thing she wanted to do was to feel the feeling of freedom engulf her body.

She did not expect to come to a halt when a beautiful and enormous stag crossed her path, both of them stopping. That’s when she paid attention to her surroundings, she could hear the hooves of other horses and a trumpet, which were quickly approaching, being a smart girl she deduced that the stag was to be harm, not wanting to see anything to happen to the beautiful animal she promptly moved her hands trying to drive away the animal. 

“Go, go little friend, go before they hurt you” 

The stag took away when he felt the danger coming closer, and ran away rapidly to the forest, sadly the sudden movement of the stag caused her own horse to panic and take control, and she could not do more than to hang for dear life and hope for Guido to calm down. 

The wind in her ears and the erratically beating of her heart prevented her from hearing the voice that called after her, that’s why a hand appearing of nowhere and making Guido stop, took her for surprise. 

“Miss, are you alright”

Where the first words that left the mouth of the stranger with the jet black hair and sea green eyes…

cutetears  asked:

yo that last reblog is kinda messed up. it's fucked up when our people are killed by cops but the language in that article is really divisive with the whole 'people dont care about latinxs they only care about black people' attitude. it's especially callous and antiblack in the wake of all of the murders of unarmed black people. i don't think it's wise for yall to support that kind of rhetoric, esp when this blog serves as a resource for latinxs, please dont help reinforce antiblackness.

Are you talking about the “4 Latinos Killed by US Cops This Week—And Media Ignored It” article? I absolutely don’t stand for anti-blackness on this blog and only reblogged because I read it a very different way.

The “hook” is definitely problematic:

“As the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling occupy the news waves, the death of four Latinos this week slipped by.”

However, the whole rest of the article asks why the media only cares when white people are murdered, and it goes on to acknowledge that Black people are killed by police at a higher rate than Latinxs (while pointing out that the numbers for Latinxs are hazy because people can be Black and Latinx):

“While statistics clearly show that Black people are disproportionately killed by police, few numbers exist for Latinos, who can occupy several demographic categories. Of the estimates that do exist, Latino deaths are fairly proportional, except in some counties with a high concentration of Latinos: in Los Angeles County, 14 of the 23 people killed by police were Latino, who make up roughly half of the population.”

It goes on to list theories on why police seem to kill Black people more often than they kill Latinxs, putting the blame on the police system itself:

To explain the discrepancy between Latino and Black victims, some point to themore explicit history of law enforcement and Black slaves or to the high representation of Latinos in police departments.

The take-away ends up being “this issue is hitting Black communities harder but also media coverage happens when communities speak up for themselves:” 

Hernandez also pointed to the culture of silence after the police killings of Latinos, in contrast to those following Black killings. The mentality among young Latinos to “not snitch,” she said, comes from cops who are “starting to gear up and starting protecting to their own.”

I am also fed up with the antiblackness that shores up every time a Latinx is killed (or even just every time Black people come up with a good idea to celebrate each other or advance their struggle). I’m gonna delete the reblog just so folks come to the article with ^ this breakdown/analysis of it attached.

4 Latinxs Were Killed By Police This Week:

Melissa Ventura, 24, Yuma, Arizona

Anthony Nuñez, 19, San Jose, California

Pedro Villanueva, 19, Fullerton, California

Raul Saavedra-Vargas, age unknown, Reno, Nevada