Anyone have any idea what the best (non-tent) things I could bring to the folks at Occupy Edinburgh this afternoon to help with the rain are?

I’m about to go up, but I feel like I ought to bring them something since they need donations. I don’t have a tent, but I’m considering just bringing a large piece of fleece to act as a blanket(s), since fleece tends to stay warm when wet.

I’ve no idea though, since the things they need most are the things I don’t have.

A new dawn for Occupy Edinburgh began in the wee hours of the morning on the 30th of January.

Press Release:

Members of the Occupy Edinburgh Movement have begun a new occupation in the Meadows public park. Occupiers involved in the pro-democracy movement pitched tents in the park, just south of the city’s centre early this morning. A representative of Occupy Edinburgh said that the protesters intend to uphold the site as their new permanent occupation as the park is public land. Campers disassembled their previous occupation at St Andrew Square last week, to avoid the expenditure of taxpayer money involved in an eviction. The previous camp lasted over 100 days.

May this one last even longer.

Edinburgh is occupied.

Alright lads and ladies, Edinburgh is occupied thank you to all who came to down yesterday over 500 people showed up (only around 50 camped but it is October in Scotland lets face it - its very cold) and blew the city away enough that the police felt as if they had to drag in police horses and police to guard the bank on the other side of the square.All in all perfectly peaceful carnival atmosphere yesterday, it was amazing to see so many people from different walks of life together. We had anarchists, men in suits, whole families and everyone in between yesterday as the world occupied over 1000 cities. This truly is a global movement.

We are the 99% that have been shafted by the richest 1% of society. That 1% of society caused the economic melt down we are now in and they have been the only people profiting out of it. They have been bailed out over and over again by the 99% and we are saying no more. Its time to stand up and say no to a system that doesn’t work, that perpetuates inequality and keeps the poor poor while the rich get richer.

So even if you only go for half an hour to say hello get down to your nearest occupation and stand up.

Occupy Edinburgh Press Release 15/11/2011
Occupy Edinburgh Press Release 15/11/2011,

In response to the clearance of the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park in New York City, and to the evictions of peaceful occupations around the world, we wish to reaffirm our sympathy and solidarity with all people involved in the global struggle for true democracy and an equitable and sustainable future.

As peaceful protesters we are outraged at the suppression of those who stand up for the voiceless and the vulnerable.
What has happened in New York is an example of such suppression. However, we know that the clearance of Zuccotti Park will end neither Occupy Wall Street, nor the global Occupy Movement.

Here in Edinburgh, we have had a communicative and productive relationship with our neighbours in St. Andrew Square, with Essential Edinburgh and with Lothian and Borders Police. The Square has become an important forum for discussing and campaigning against the injustices of the current system, but our continuing presence is not guaranteed.

Parks can be cleared. Non-violent protesters can be arrested. But no one can evict an idea.

Billy Bragg will be down at the Occupy Edinburgh site on Monday November 14th, from midday onwards!