An End to Occupy Dame Street?

during my wanderings of dublin this weekend, I came upon something very odd. apparently the small business owners of Dame Street (our equivalent to Wall St) are banding together to evict the Occupy Protestors.

The protect outside the Central bank of Ireland, which has been running since October, is now coming under fire from the business owners of dame street itself. The business in this area are small, often employing no more then five or six people at max. However, the presence of the movement is having such effect on their business, that the 50 people employed in this small burrough may loose their jobs. The problem stems from the fact that many Dublin commuters now intentional avoid passing through the area to avoid the protesters, depriving these business of much needed income, especially in these harsh, recessionary times.

Repeatedly claiming to represent the 99%, one has to wonder what the Occupy protesters think of these struggling business that their actions are hurting