Those on the left represent a threat to capitalist hegemony, whereas those on the right do not – in the above picture and on the political spectrum. You see the same disparity regarding the number of (and responses from) cops between the Occupy movement/Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party bullshit; one set of movements is challenging a dominant paradigm that the system is built around (white supremacist capitalism), while the other is pushing for further entrenchment into said paradigm. The Tea Party challenges nothing (“don’t tread on [the capitalist bosses]”); Occupy and BLM hint at a resurgence of leftist movements, and the establishment (yes, the capitalists and the state) doesn’t like that.

Siz takma tırnaklarınızla, fönlü saçlarınızla ve kırmızı rujunuzla modern kadınlarsınız. Bizse çıkmış ojelerimizle,dağılmış ıslak saçlarımızla ve kısık sesimizle devrimci kadınlarız.

A big thanks to all war veterans who traveled to #StandingRock to support Native Americans against the Dakota Access Pipeline and corporate/government tyranny.

Thank you for your service.

Main Street in America should be the ones who get bailed out. Not Wall Street.

College students should be the ones who get bailed out. Not Wall Street.

Working class and middle class families should be the ones who get bailed out. Not Wall Street.

We as Americans should be the ones who get bailed out far more than Wall Street. But when will that happened?

Revolution is not a one time event.
Don’t just go to a protest and ask what’s next afterwards. Create the next step yourself. If there isn’t a group in your area then create one.

Calling your congressman does work especially when you flood their local office. Yes voting does work or else they wouldn’t be making it so hard for you to vote.

Everyone has a part to play in the revolution. You don’t have to be involved in everything. Everyone doesn’t like protesting or organizing or calling representatives. Do what works best for you. Even if it’s just donating $5 to progressive and local radio. Or just sharing their information online. Even making art and videos.

Anything big or small is helpful in this resistance to Trump and the Republicans.


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Nah, man,
I keep my hand open for the world.
I don’t keep my fists ready
but don’t take my nonviolence
for inaction.
My words are a weapon already,
sharp enough to sting,
loud enough to stand up,
and warm enough to comfort
and hope like sun burst.
I keep myself soft as a radical act,
and this is how I will make an impact
because contact with softness
is everything but hard.
Don’t let yourself crack,
keep your hands open
and your heart kind,
let these be radical acts
like light in the face of darkness.
—  Keep Open & Soft
because it’s too easy to become hard
ciel knight

You can’t address the fundamental inequalities of capitalism without combating the specific forms of oppression faced by black people, women, LGBT people and people with disabilities.

You can’t address racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism without combating the dictatorial ownership and control of the economy by a tiny sliver of the wealth elite.

Same struggle, same fight. It’s really not rocket science.

Here’s a Better Idea: Let’s have #congress work somewhere below minimum wage (including Trump and his nominee for labor Secretary).