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Thunder Buddy

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 923

Warnings: Fluffy fluff 

Summary: You have a huge fear of thunderstorms and while the boys are out of town a big storm rages outside of the bunker. Your boyfriend Sam comes to your rescue and does whatever it takes to help you feel better.

Somethin’ ‘bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman, Somethin’ ‘bout, Somethin’ ‘bout, Somethin’ ‘bout you

You were currently shaking your hips to the song blasting through the radio in the bunker as you folded the boys and your clothing. The Winchester brothers were currently on a hunt so you decided to keep yourself occupied by cleaning up your home. It had been awhile since you got something productive done around here. The whole bunker was a mess. Everyone just left stuff lying around anywhere. I guess you should have expected that living with nothing but men.

As you made your way back to your room a loud clap of thunder stopped you dead in your tracks. You had fought many monsters in your life but you were still terrified of a little thunderstorm. Normally Sam would always be here to keep you calm and make sure you were okay but now you had no one. Sam and you had been dating for about 2 ½ years now and he knew everything about your astraphobia. He would always hold you tight and find something to keep your mind occupied from the storm raging outside.You were so thankful to be dating such a sweet guy. Another roar of thunder broke you out of your current thoughts. Dropping your laundry basket you darted to Sam and your bedroom.

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