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Could you do 55 or 129 with TJeff?

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” 

James Madison is a pretty nice guy, which is fortunate since he’s your roommate.  Sure, he’s sick 90% of the year, but it’s rarely contagious, and he always buys his own Kleenex and cough drops.  Unfortunately, his best friend Thomas Jefferson is not a very nice guy, and 90% of the time James is home, so too is Thomas.

“Don’t you have your own dorm, Thomas?” you ask when you catch him cooking your last box of macaroni and cheese (again!).

“If you keep askin’ me that,” he says, “i’m gonna start thinkin’ you don’t actually want me here, darlin’.”  James murmurs an apology, but you still make sure to sneeze into the pot when he’s not looking.

It’s finals week when you see Thomas occupying your favorite corner on the sectional, but this time James is no where in sight.  “You’re not allowed in here unless accompanied by a responsible adult,” you say dryly.  When he just grins, you place your hands on your hips and tap your foot impatiently.  “Seriously, where’s James?  I need to study and that’s my spot.”

“James is in a final and my place is occupied,” he says, pinching the bridge of his nose.  You’re assuming that means that Eliza is over and Alexander’s locked him out, which is both irritating and amusing.  “He said I could come over as long as I leave you alone.”

“Well, you’re failing.”

“C’mon, (Y/N), throw me a bone here,” he whines.  “I’ll make you hot chocolate.  I brought Red Vines.  I even brought my own mac’n’cheese.  Please don’t kick me out.”

Maybe it’s the absolutely pathetic look on his face that almost makes him endearing.  Maybe it’s the promise of a giant bucket of Red Vines.  Maybe it’s the combination of the pout and the bun and the glasses and the chunky magenta sweater.  Or maybe it’s just because you’re too tired from studying all night to put up an actual fight – whatever the case, Thomas stays, and after he makes your hot chocolate, you even let him share the corner with you.

Three hours later, you put your textbooks and study guides off to the side for a break.  As you reach over to grab another Red Vine from the bucket, you glance over at Thomas, who’s typing so furiously on his laptop that he doesn’t notice your observant gaze.  He really is quite attractive, despite the pompous attitude and complete disregard for personal space.  When he’s like this – drawn into his work – he’s not that bad.

“Takin’ a break already?” he asks.

“It’s been three hours,” you say, shrugging.

“Really?  Shit.”  He places his laptop on the coffee table and sighs as he removes his glasses to rub his eyes.  “Are you hungry?  I can make us somethin.”

“You mean mac’n’cheese,” you say, lips quirking upwards.

“Well, y–”  He pauses when he turns to face you, his eyes widening.  “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”  You try to frown, but the way he’s grinning tells you it’s too late and you’ve been caught in the act.  “Are we actually gettin’ along?”

“Woah, slow down there,” you say jokingly.  “Don’t get ahead of yourself, Jefferson.”  He snorts, and you unconsciously smile (and he notices).  “I’ll get back to you after lunch.”

Grace too Powerful to Name
  • Alexander Hamilton x Reader
  • Hamiltime
  • #11: Be my wife.
  • #239: No one will ever hurt you again
  • Request by anonymous
  • Request: Could you write an Alexander oneshot using prompts 239 and 11? In Hamiltime?
  • Part 2 of A Spy on the Inside

A/N: So…this isn’t a oneshot, but the prompts worked well with my idea for part 2 of A Spy on the Inside! Hell yeah! There were also at least one anonymous request for part two that is buried in the depths of my tumblr. And I know you want me to continue all my other series and I’ll get there eventually. And there’ll probably be a part three but those ideas need to develop as well. But until then, enjoy part 2!

[Part 1]

Word Count: 4,564


You were sat at dinner. Not at your house, that had burned to rubble. Luckily some things were salvageable. There were personal items in that house, and you were able to save most of them. While you should hate the Union Army, and you did, you couldn’t find it in you to hate all of the army. There was one soldier that, no how hard you tried, you couldn’t hate. you shook your head to clear your minds of all things related to Alexander. You tuned back into dinner. A business dinner.

“We were ill prepared for the latest attack.” Your father was saying. “But as you know my daughter,” He gestured to you. You put on a proud but polite smile to try and hide how uncomfortable you gelt right now. “Gathered a sizable amount of intel from George Washington’s aide-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton.” You felt your stomach flutter at the name. Your father started reading off the list you remade, the original had burned. The guilt started building in you until it stared to weigh you down. You breathing started to quicken a bit.

You pushed away from the table. Everything fell silent as everyone turned to look at you. You blinked, surprised at your own actions, and swallowed your sudden nerves. “I…uh…I’m not feeling too well. I’m going to retire.” You said. You left all the soldiers at the table and went to your new room.

You couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid solider. He occupied every corner of your mind. He was cute, always cute. His slightly scruffy facial hair and his long and sleek brown hair.

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Jealousy doesn't suit you (part 3) - Connor Ball/Shawn Mendes

You walked up to your front door and pulled the key out of your purse, your dad had no idea you had left early but he’d understand. Your gingerly pushed the door open and headed towards the kitchen, knowing exactly where your dad would be.
“Y/N what are you- are you okay?"his confusion changed to worry as he saw the makeup that stained your cheeks, you said nothing and instead walked into his open arms. His big arms wrapped themselves around your small shoulders as your sobs shook your body, "Shh, shh” he cooed into your ear as he gently rubbed circles onto your back.
When you had finally calmed down you had explained everything that had happened with you and Connor, “How the hell does he think he can do better than my little girl?! Do you want me to kill him now or later?”
You giggled at his words and buried yourself further into his chest, “It’s okay dad, I’m just gonna go to bed,it’s been a long day” you sighed and pulled yourself away from him.
“Okay sweetheart, goodnight” he replied and lightly kissed you on the head. 

For hours you lay in your bed, thoughts of Connor occupying every corner of your mind as though you were trapped. You had been ignoring the hundreds of calls and texts from Connor that bombarded your phone, you just simply couldn’t face him or anyone right now. You untangled yourself from the mess of bed sheets and pillows and paced over to your window, you took in the way the moon hung over your street like a huge silver coin, the way the stars resembled the twinkle Connor had in his eyes when he would speak so passionately about you and music. The way you had no one to share this with. 

-Connor’s POV- 

It’s just another night and I’m staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star and thought of you
I sang a lullaby by the waterside and knew
If you were here, I’d sing to you 

I lay down on the cool sand and stared up at the sky, I listened to the way the waves overlapped eachother,the way there wasn’t another body laying beside me breathing softly. The way I wouldn’t hear that sweet, simple sound resonate in my ears again. I knew I’d really fucked up this time, but I can hardly blame her for leaving, she deserves more than this, more than a boy who can hardly love himself let alone anyone else. I clung onto the hope that she was staring at the same sky as I was, in some sort of consolation that we weren’t worlds apart.
I picked up my phone again and tried to call her, just to hear her voice on the other end of the line and know that everything was okay. But it’s not and the amount of voicemails I was leaving her indicated that.
I eventually called it a night and headed back to the bus, my thoughts never wandering from her and the way everything just seemed better whenever she was around. Everyone had gone to bed by the time I got back so I was greeted with an empty silence, I sighed and dragged myself to my bunk in attempt to dream of anything other than Y/N. But in a way I didn’t want to, it was comforting to have her beside me even if it was just a figment of my imagination. 

You’re on the other side
As the skyline splits in two
Miles away from seeing you

-Your POV- 

You slunk back into your covers and let your heavy eyelids shut, finally letting your drift off into a sleep where broken promises and images of Connor whirred around in some hazy land. 

When you awoke you reached for the phone that lay next to you and swiped it open. 
25 missed calls
73 unread messages
18 voicemails
You let out a light sigh and began to put your phone back in it’s place when it started to vibrate, your eyes glanced down at the screen and a small wave of confusion hit you.

“Hey Y/N, I was just checking to see that you got home safe” he said from the other end of the phone, you smiled at his kind gesture and lay your head back against the headboard of the bed. “And that you’re okay, of course” he added, slight humor laced his voice.
“Uh, yeah I’m okay. Onwards and upwards I guess.” You sighed.
“Connor’s pretty beaten up about it all. Have you spoken to him since?” you let out a small, sarcastic snort, “Nevermind, stupid question sorry”.
“It’s okay, everything that needed to be said has been. He’s right Shawn, he can do better th-”. 
“Y/N don’t you even dare finish that sentence. You are one of the funniest, kindest, most down to earth and beautiful girls I have had the pleasure to meet. I know it sounds stupid because we haven’t known eachother long but it’s true, you’re so wonderful Y/N”. You felt your cheeks redden at his comment and hid them behind one of your hands, you shook your head at yourself when you realised he couldn’t actually see you. 
“R-really?” you stuttered back, shocked by his kindness. “You have to say that though, I’ve just had a break up” you laughed.
“Yes Y/N. And no I don’t, if I think you’re those things then I’m gonna tell you, whether you believe them or not doesn’t make a difference, ‘cause I do.”
“Thankyou Shawn, for everything” you smiled.
“It’s no problem. While I’m still in town, do you fancy grabbing lunch with me?”
You pondered over his questions for a few seconds before answering, “Of course, where and when shall I meet you?”
“I’ll text you the details, I’m pretty sure there’s a nice little Italian nearby if that’s alright with you?”
“Shawn, I’m not a cannibal! Eating Italian food sounds nice, but not little Italians!” you immediately cringed at your awful joke and laughed in embarrassment.
“Oh shut up, you know what I mean” he chuckled. “Anyway, I’ve gotta shower but I’ll text you in a bit, alright?”
“Yeah, okay. See you later” you replied.
“I look forward to it, see you” he said, hanging up. 
You smiled to yourself as you stared up at the ceiling, a familiar feeling fluttered in your stomach.

A few minutes after you had showered and dressed you received a text from Shawn, telling you where and when to meet. You grinned and grabbed your bag and keys, you shouted a quick goodbye to your dad and headed towards your car. You sang along to the radio until you pulled up at the little restaurant, as promised Shawn was sat outside on a bench playing with his hands. He looked up at grinned when he heard your engine shut off and you car door close, you mirrored his smile and began walking towards him, the fluttering feeling in your stomach once again returning. 
“Hey” he said as he pulled you into a tight hug. You breathed in his scent and relaxed into his arms, “Hi” you replied, smiling up at him.
He let go of you and hung his arm around your shoulders, guiding you through the doors to a small table by the window. 
You got over the general conversation about Connor and began talking about yourselves, letting eachother in on things some of your closest friends didn’t know. 
“You really are something else you know?” Shawn smiled at you, your cheeks warmed at his compliment as you met his eyes.
“Not too bad yourself” you replied, a smile covering your face as well as Shawn’s. Your gazes were removed from the other when the waitress placed your meals down in front of you.

When you had both finished your meals and Shawn had paid, much to your disagreement, you both headed back towards the carpark. 
“Do you need a ride?” you asked as you twirled your keys around your finger.
“Only if you don’t mind, I can always get the bus to come and get me” he smiled at you. 
“Oh no, don’t worry I can take you” you replied as you both got into your car. 
The drive back to the tour bus was filled with childhood stories and the both of you cracking jokes, you were totally and utterly content in Shawn’s company, a feeling you had greatly missed.
You pulled up around the corner from the bus and turned off your car, turning in your seat to face Shawn in the process. 
“I had a really nice time today Shawn, thank you. It helped to clear my mind” you gratefully thanked him.
“Anytime, I’d love to do this again”. 
“Like…a date?” you questioned.
Shawn grinned down at you, “If that’s what you want”.
“I don’t know, I mean you’re friends with Connor and we only ended things yesterday” you murmured, looking down at your knees.
“Hey, hey, hey” Shawn cooed placing his hand on your back, “If you wanna just be friends then that’s fine, I just think you’re a great girl and I’d love to spend more time with you” he finished, tucking a piece of hair that dangled over your eyes behind your ear. 
“I’d like that” you replied, lifting your face up to meet Shawn’s.
You were interrupted when you heard several laughs coming from behind you, from your mirror you saw the boys walking up the street towards the bus. “Shit” you murmured under your breath.
“What is it?” Shawn asked worriedly, only stopping asking when he saw them getting closer and closer to the car.
“They can’t know I’m here Shawn!” you whispered.
You only stopped panicking when you saw a sight that could have ripped your heart from out of your chest.
“What the fuck” you could feel the tears sting at the corners of your eyes as Shawn stared out the window in bewilderment.
Accompanying the boys was a trio of girls, one of which had her head tucked into Connor’s neck as they laughed at eachother, his arm pulling her closer into him as he placed a kiss on her temple.
“I’m so sorry Y/N” Shawn murmured as he sympathetically stared down at you, his hand taking hold of yours, “I’m going to fucking kill him” he angrily let out under his breath, just loud enough for you to hear.
He proceeded to open the door, but stopping when you grabbed the back of his jumper and pulled him back, “Please don’t” you whispered, a single tear rolling down your cheek.
The sound of the door must have caught the attention of Brad as he had stopped dead in his tracks to face the car, or more specifically, you. 
Connor followed his gaze to the drivers seat, his face etched with guilt when he saw your forlorn face. He quickly removed his arm from around the blonde girl’s shoulders, her previously smug look now replaced with pure bitterness; he sauntered towards the car, his eyes never leaving you.
“I need to get out of here” you murmured, turning the keys as he approached. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you drove off, from the corner of your eye you saw Shawn’s jaw and fists clench with anger. You took one last look in the mirror and saw Connor standing in the middle of the road, his bandmates all stood dumbfounded around him. 

So sorry this has taken me so long, i’ve had a pretty awful week and haven’t had the time! Sorry if this is rubbish, due to the reason before and it’s 2am haha, please ignore any spelling mistakes! Feedback is greatly appreciated :) X